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TAG TEXT COMMENT GLOBAL_BUTTON_YES Yes GLOBAL_BUTTON_NO No GLOBAL_BUTTON_OK Ok GLOBAL_BUTTON_NEXT Next GLOBAL_CARD_SET_CORE Basic GLOBAL_CARD_SET_EXPERT1 Classic GLOBAL_CARD_SET_REWARD Reward GLOBAL_CARD_SET_PROMO Promo GLOBAL_CARD_SET_NAXX Naxxramas GLOBAL_CARD_SET_NAXX_SEARCHABLE_SHORTHAND_NAMES Nax Naxx This is a space-separated list indicating all of the allowable search keywords that can be used in Collection Manager screen's text-search feature to narrow down the cards to this specific Card Set via shorthand names (note: the full name above is also used for this feature). Also note: letter case is ignored. GLOBAL_CARD_SET_GVG Goblins vs Gnomes GLOBAL_CARD_SET_GVG_SEARCHABLE_SHORTHAND_NAMES gvg This is a space-separated list indicating all of the allowable search keywords that can be used in Collection Manager screen's text-search feature to narrow down the cards to this specific Card Set via shorthand names (note: the full name above is also used for this feature). Also note: letter case is ignored. GLOBAL_CARD_SET_BRM Blackrock Mountain GLOBAL_CARD_SET_BRM_SEARCHABLE_SHORTHAND_NAMES brm This is a space-separated list indicating all of the allowable search keywords that can be used in Collection Manager screen's text-search feature to narrow down the cards to this specific Card Set via shorthand names (note: the full name above is also used for this feature). Also note: letter case is ignored. GLOBAL_CARD_SET_TGT The Grand Tournament GLOBAL_CARD_SET_TGT_SHORT Grand Tournament GLOBAL_CARD_SET_TGT_SEARCHABLE_SHORTHAND_NAMES tgt This is a space-separated list indicating all of the allowable search keywords that can be used in Collection Manager screen's text-search feature to narrow down the cards to this specific Card Set via shorthand names (note: the full name above is also used for this feature). Also note: letter case is ignored. GLOBAL_CARD_SET_DEBUG Slush GLOBAL_CARD_SET_LOE The League of Explorers GLOBAL_CARD_SET_LOE_SHORT League of Explorers GLOBAL_CARD_SET_LOE_SEARCHABLE_SHORTHAND_NAMES loe This is a space-separated list indicating all of the allowable search keywords that can be used in Collection Manager screen's text-search feature to narrow down the cards to this specific Card Set via shorthand names (note: the full name above is also used for this feature). Also note: letter case is ignored. GLOBAL_CARD_SET_OG Whispers of the Old Gods GLOBAL_CARD_SET_OG_SHORT Old Gods GLOBAL_CARD_SET_OG_RESERVE Old Gods Reserve GLOBAL_CARD_SET_OG_SEARCHABLE_SHORTHAND_NAMES tog wotog wog This is a space-separated list indicating all of the allowable search keywords that can be used in Collection Manager screen's text-search feature to narrow down the cards to this specific Card Set via shorthand names (note: the full name above is also used for this feature). Also note: letter case is ignored. For Whispers of the Old Gods, 'tog' should be available in all locales; wotog and wog are additional English shorthands, which should be replaced by locale specific variants. GLOBAL_CARD_SET_KARA Karazhan GLOBAL_CARD_SET_KARA_SHORT Karazhan GLOBAL_CARD_SET_KARA_RESERVE Karazhan Reserve GLOBAL_CARD_SET_GANGS Mean Streets of Gadgetzan GLOBAL_CARD_SET_GANGS_SHORT Gadgetzan GLOBAL_CARD_SET_GANGS_RESERVE Gangs Reserve GLOBAL_CARD_SET_GANGS_SEARCHABLE_SHORTHAND_NAMES msg msog This is a space-separated list indicating all of the allowable search keywords that can be used in Collection Manager screen's text-search feature to narrow down the cards to this specific Card Set via shorthand names (note: the full name above is also used for this feature). Also note: letter case is ignored. GLOBAL_CARDTYPE_ENCHANTMENT Enchantment GLOBAL_CARDTYPE_HERO Hero GLOBAL_CARDTYPE_HEROPOWER HeroPower GLOBAL_CARDTYPE_ITEM Item GLOBAL_CARDTYPE_MINION Minion GLOBAL_CARDTYPE_SPELL Spell GLOBAL_CARDTYPE_TOKEN Token GLOBAL_CARDTYPE_WEAPON Weapon GLOBAL_CLASS_DEATHKNIGHT Death Knight GLOBAL_CLASS_DRUID Druid GLOBAL_CLASS_HUNTER Hunter GLOBAL_CLASS_MAGE Mage GLOBAL_CLASS_NEUTRAL Neutral GLOBAL_CLASS_PALADIN Paladin GLOBAL_CLASS_PRIEST Priest GLOBAL_CLASS_ROGUE Rogue GLOBAL_CLASS_SHAMAN Shaman GLOBAL_CLASS_WARLOCK Warlock GLOBAL_CLASS_WARRIOR Warrior GLOBAL_BASIC_DECK_NAME {0} 0=class name GLOBAL_KEYWORD_BATTLECRY Battlecry GLOBAL_KEYWORD_BATTLECRY_TEXT Does something when you play it from your hand. GLOBAL_KEYWORD_CHARGE Charge GLOBAL_KEYWORD_CHARGE_TEXT Can attack immediately. GLOBAL_KEYWORD_DIVINE_SHIELD Divine Shield GLOBAL_KEYWORD_DIVINE_SHIELD_TEXT The first time this minion takes damage, ignore it. GLOBAL_KEYWORD_DIVINE_SHIELD_REF_TEXT The first time a Shielded minion takes damage, ignore it. GLOBAL_KEYWORD_ENRAGED Enrage GLOBAL_KEYWORD_ENRAGED_TEXT While damaged, this minion has a new power. GLOBAL_KEYWORD_FREEZE Freeze GLOBAL_KEYWORD_FREEZE_TEXT Frozen characters lose their next attack. GLOBAL_KEYWORD_FROZEN Frozen GLOBAL_KEYWORD_FROZEN_TEXT Misses its next attack. GLOBAL_KEYWORD_IMMUNE Immune GLOBAL_KEYWORD_IMMUNE_TEXT Can't be damaged. GLOBAL_KEYWORD_IMMUNE_REF_TEXT Immune characters can't be damaged. GLOBAL_KEYWORD_SECRET Secret GLOBAL_KEYWORD_SECRET_TEXT Hidden until a specific action occurs on your opponent's turn. GLOBAL_KEYWORD_SPELLPOWER Spell Damage GLOBAL_KEYWORD_SPELLPOWER_TEXT Your spell cards deal {0} extra damage. 0=amount of spell damage GLOBAL_KEYWORD_SPELLPOWER_REF_TEXT Your spells deal extra damage. GLOBAL_KEYWORD_STEALTH Stealth GLOBAL_KEYWORD_STEALTH_TEXT Can't be attacked or targeted until it deals damage. GLOBAL_KEYWORD_STEALTH_REF_TEXT Can't be attacked or targeted until it deals damage. GLOBAL_KEYWORD_TAUNT Taunt GLOBAL_KEYWORD_TAUNT_TEXT Enemies must attack this minion. GLOBAL_KEYWORD_TAUNT_REF_TEXT Enemies must attack minions that have Taunt. GLOBAL_KEYWORD_WINDFURY Windfury GLOBAL_KEYWORD_WINDFURY_TEXT Can attack twice each turn. GLOBAL_KEYWORD_DEATHRATTLE Deathrattle GLOBAL_KEYWORD_DEATHRATTLE_TEXT Does something when it dies. GLOBAL_KEYWORD_COMBO Combo GLOBAL_KEYWORD_COMBO_TEXT A bonus if you already played a card this turn. GLOBAL_KEYWORD_OVERLOAD Overload: X GLOBAL_KEYWORD_OVERLOAD_TEXT You have X less mana next turn. GLOBAL_KEYWORD_OVERLOAD_REF_TEXT Cards with Overload limit your mana next turn. GLOBAL_KEYWORD_SILENCE Silence GLOBAL_KEYWORD_SILENCE_TEXT Removes all card text and enchantments. GLOBAL_KEYWORD_COUNTER Counter GLOBAL_KEYWORD_COUNTER_TEXT A card that is Countered has no effect. GLOBAL_KEYWORD_AUTOCAST Auto-cast GLOBAL_KEYWORD_AUTOCAST_TEXT This Hero Power MUST be used every turn. GLOBAL_KEYWORD_SPAREPART Spare Parts GLOBAL_KEYWORD_SPAREPART_TEXT Spare Parts are 1-cost spells with minor effects. GLOBAL_KEYWORD_INSPIRE Inspire GLOBAL_KEYWORD_INSPIRE_TEXT Does something after you use your Hero Power. GLOBAL_KEYWORD_DISCOVER Discover GLOBAL_KEYWORD_DISCOVER_TEXT Choose one of three cards to add to your hand. GLOBAL_KEYWORD_CTHUN C'Thun, Old God GLOBAL_KEYWORD_CTHUN_TEXT C'Thun receives buffs no matter where it is, even in your deck! GLOBAL_KEYWORD_SHIFTING Shifter Zerus GLOBAL_KEYWORD_SHIFTING_TEXT Transforms into a new minion at the start of your turn. GLOBAL_KEYWORD_MINION_TYPE_REFERENCE Minion Type GLOBAL_KEYWORD_MINION_TYPE_REFERENCE_TEXT Beast, Demon, Dragon, Mech, Murloc, Pirate, and Totem. GLOBAL_KEYWORD_AUTOATTACK Auto-Attack GLOBAL_KEYWORD_AUTOATTACK_TEXT Can't attack, but does something at the end of your turn. GLOBAL_KEYWORD_JADE_GOLEM Jade Golem GLOBAL_KEYWORD_JADE_GOLEM_TEXT Each Jade Golem is +1/+1 bigger than the last. GLOBAL_KEYWORD_JADE_GOLEM_COLLECTION_TEXT Your first Jade Golem is 1/1. Each future one has +1/+1. GLOBAL_KEYWORD_GRIMY_GOONS Grimy Goons GLOBAL_KEYWORD_GRIMY_GOONS_COLLECTION_TEXT You can put this in Hunter, Paladin or Warrior decks. GLOBAL_KEYWORD_JADE_LOTUS Jade Lotus GLOBAL_KEYWORD_JADE_LOTUS_COLLECTION_TEXT You can put this in Druid, Rogue or Shaman decks. GLOBAL_KEYWORD_KABAL Kabal GLOBAL_KEYWORD_KABAL_COLLECTION_TEXT You can put this in Priest, Mage or Warlock decks. GLOBAL_ATTACK Attack GLOBAL_COST Cost GLOBAL_HEALTH Health GLOBAL_RACE_BLOODELF Blood Elf GLOBAL_RACE_DEMON Demon GLOBAL_RACE_DRAENEI Draenei GLOBAL_RACE_DRAGON Dragon GLOBAL_RACE_DWARF Dwarf GLOBAL_RACE_ELEMENTAL Elemental GLOBAL_RACE_GNOME Gnome GLOBAL_RACE_GOBLIN Goblin GLOBAL_RACE_HUMAN Human GLOBAL_RACE_MECHANICAL Mech GLOBAL_RACE_MURLOC Murloc GLOBAL_RACE_NERUBIAN Nerubian GLOBAL_RACE_NIGHTELF Night Elf GLOBAL_RACE_OGRE Ogre GLOBAL_RACE_ORC Orc GLOBAL_RACE_PET Beast GLOBAL_RACE_PIRATE Pirate GLOBAL_RACE_SCOURGE Scourge GLOBAL_RACE_TAUREN Tauren GLOBAL_RACE_TOTEM Totem GLOBAL_RACE_TROLL Troll GLOBAL_RACE_UNDEAD Undead GLOBAL_RACE_WORGEN Worgen GLOBAL_RARITY_COMMON Common GLOBAL_RARITY_EPIC Epic GLOBAL_RARITY_LEGENDARY Legendary GLOBAL_RARITY_RARE Rare GLOBAL_RARITY_FREE Free GLOBAL_SET_EXPERT1 Classic Set GLOBAL_SET_CORE Basic Set GLOBAL_WINS Wins GLOBAL_LOSSES Losses GLOBAL_MY_NUM_WINS {0} 0=number of games this player has won GLOBAL_HERO_WINS Wins: {0}/{1} 0=number of games this class has won 1=number of wins to get golden GLOBAL_HERO_WINS_PHONE Wins\n{0}/{1} 0=number of games this class has won 1=number of wins to get golden GLOBAL_PLAY Play GLOBAL_PLAY_RANKED Play Ranked GLOBAL_PLAY_STANDARD Play Standard GLOBAL_PLAY_WILD Play Wild GLOBAL_STANDARD Standard GLOBAL_WILD Wild GLOBAL_BACK Back GLOBAL_DONE Done GLOBAL_CANCEL Cancel GLOBAL_HELP Help GLOBAL_EXIT Exit GLOBAL_CONFIRM Confirm GLOBAL_OKAY OK GLOBAL_MORE More GLOBAL_QUIT Quit GLOBAL_LOGOUT Log Out GLOBAL_LOGIN Log In GLOBAL_LOGOUT_CONFIRM_TITLE Log Out? GLOBAL_LOGIN_CONFIRM_TITLE Log In? GLOBAL_MOBILE_LOG_IN_TOOLTIP Log in if you have an account! GLOBAL_MOBILE_LOGIN_POINTER Log In Here GLOBAL_OPTIONS Options GLOBAL_CONCEDE Concede GLOBAL_LEAVE_SPECTATOR_MODE Leave GLOBAL_RESUME_GAME Resume GLOBAL_RESTART Restart GLOBAL_GAME_MENU Game Menu GLOBAL_TAVERN_BRAWL Tavern Brawl GLOBAL_FRIEND_CHALLENGE_TITLE Friendly GLOBAL_FRIEND_CHALLENGE_HEADER Challenge GLOBAL_FRIEND_CHALLENGE_BODY1 You've been challenged by: GLOBAL_FRIEND_CHALLENGE_BODY1_WILD You've been challenged to a\nWild game by: GLOBAL_FRIEND_CHALLENGE_BODY1_STANDARD You've been challenged to a Standard game by: GLOBAL_FRIEND_CHALLENGE_BODY2 Do you accept? GLOBAL_FRIEND_CHALLENGE_NEARBY_PLAYER_NOTE You can turn off invites from nearby players in the options menu. GLOBAL_FRIEND_CHALLENGE_ACCEPT Accept GLOBAL_FRIEND_CHALLENGE_DECLINE Decline GLOBAL_FRIEND_CHALLENGE_OPPONENT_WAITING_RESPONSE You are waiting for {0} to respond to your challenge. 0=friend name GLOBAL_FRIEND_CHALLENGE_OPPONENT_WAITING_DECK You are waiting for {0} to select a deck. 0=friend name GLOBAL_FRIEND_CHALLENGE_OPPONENT_DECLINED {0} declined your challenge. 0=friend name GLOBAL_FRIEND_CHALLENGE_OPPONENT_FRIEND_REMOVED Challenge canceled because {0} is no longer your friend. 0=friend name GLOBAL_FRIEND_CHALLENGE_OPPONENT_CANCELED {0} canceled the challenge. 0=friend name GLOBAL_FRIEND_CHALLENGE_TAVERN_BRAWL_HEADER Tavern Brawl Challenge GLOBAL_FRIEND_CHALLENGE_TAVERN_BRAWL_BODY1 You've been challenged to a Tavern Brawl by: GLOBAL_FRIEND_CHALLENGE_TAVERN_BRAWL_RECIPIENT_NO_VALID_DECK_RECIPIENT {0} would like to Brawl with you! Create a Tavern Brawl deck to accept Brawl challenges. GLOBAL_FRIEND_CHALLENGE_TAVERN_BRAWL_RECIPIENT_NO_VALID_DECK_SENDER Your friend doesn't have a Tavern Brawl deck yet. Try again when they do! GLOBAL_FRIEND_CHALLENGE_TAVERN_BRAWL_RECIPIENT_NOT_UNLOCKED_SENDER Your friend hasn't unlocked Tavern Brawl yet. Try again when they do! GLOBAL_FRIEND_CHALLENGE_TAVERN_BRAWL_OPPONENT_WAITING_READY You are waiting for {0} to join the brawl. 0=friend name GLOBAL_ERROR_GENERIC_HEADER Error GLOBAL_ERROR_GAME_DENIED There was an error starting your game. Please wait a few minutes and try again. GLOBAL_ERROR_GAME_OPPONENT_TIMEOUT The game failed to start because your opponent failed to connect. Please try again. GLOBAL_ERROR_STREAMING_ASSET_TIMEOUT Timed out while waiting for streaming system. Was loading asset {0}. 0=asset name GLOBAL_ERROR_ASSET_NO_FILE_PATH Failed to find a file path for asset {0}. 0=asset name GLOBAL_ERROR_ASSET_DOWNLOAD_FAILED Failed to download asset {0}. 0=asset name GLOBAL_ERROR_ASSET_INCORRECT_DATA Asset {0} contained incorrect data. 0=asset name GLOBAL_ERROR_ASSET_CREATE_PERSISTENT_DATA_PATH Failed to create a folder for saving data at {0}. 0=folder path GLOBAL_ERROR_ASSET_LOAD_FAILED Failed to load asset {0}. 0=asset name GLOBAL_ERROR_CURRENCY_INVALID Client attempted to use an invalid currency to make a purchase. GLOBAL_ERROR_NETWORK_TITLE NETWORK ERROR GLOBAL_ERROR_NETWORK_GENERIC There was an internal network error. GLOBAL_ERROR_NETWORK_LOGIN_FAILURE The game was unable to log you in through Please wait a few minutes and try again. GLOBAL_ERROR_NETWORK_UTIL_TIMEOUT Your game timed out as it was requesting data from the Hearthstone utility service. Please relaunch Hearthstone to reconnect. GLOBAL_MOBILE_ERROR_NETWORK_UTIL_TIMEOUT Your connection timed out as it was requesting data from the Hearthstone servers. GLOBAL_ERROR_NETWORK_DISCONNECT You were disconnected from the service. Please relaunch Hearthstone to reconnect. GLOBAL_MOBILE_ERROR_NETWORK_DISCONNECT You were disconnected. GLOBAL_ERROR_NETWORK_DISCONNECT_GENERIC You were disconnected. GLOBAL_ERROR_NETWORK_DISCONNECT_GAME_SERVER You were disconnected from the Hearthstone game service. GLOBAL_ERROR_NETWORK_NO_CONNECTION Unable to connect. Please check your Internet connection. GLOBAL_ERROR_NETWORK_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT Your connection timed out. Please check your Internet connection. GLOBAL_ERROR_NETWORK_SPAM You were disconnected from the service for sending too many requests too quickly. Please relaunch Hearthstone to reconnect. GLOBAL_ERROR_NETWORK_NO_GAME_SERVER Oops! We were unable to start a game for you. Please try again. GLOBAL_MOBILE_ERROR_NETWORK_SPAM You were disconnected for sending too many requests too quickly. GLOBAL_MOBILE_ERROR_BREAKING_NEWS Breaking News:\n\n{0} GLOBAL_ERROR_NETWORK_DUPLICATE_LOGIN This account just logged into Hearthstone from another device.\n\nThis client was disconnected because only one connection is supported at a time. GLOBAL_ERROR_NETWORK_LOST_GAME_CONNECTION Your game has been disconnected from the game service. You can try to reconnect again by starting another game. GLOBAL_ERROR_NETWORK_INCORRECT_REGION Your account is not eligible to participate in this region's Hearthstone beta test. Once the Hearthstone beta is available in your home region, please try again! GLOBAL_ERROR_NETWORK_ACCOUNT_SUSPENDED Your account has been suspended. GLOBAL_ERROR_NETWORK_ACCOUNT_BANNED Your account has been banned. GLOBAL_ERROR_NETWORK_RISK_ACCOUNT_LOCKED We've locked your account! Go to and search 7537 to find out what happened! GLOBAL_ERROR_NETWORK_PARENTAL_CONTROLS Access to this account is currently restricted by parental controls. GLOBAL_ERROR_NETWORK_PHONE_LOCK Please call your Phone Lock number to allow this login.\nTaiwan: 0800-303-585\nHong Kong: 396-54666 GLOBAL_ERROR_NETWORK_UNAVAILABLE_UPGRADE Hearthstone has been updated! Please download the latest version. GLOBAL_ERROR_NETWORK_UNAVAILABLE_OFFLINE Hearthstone is offline. Please wait a few minutes and try again. GLOBAL_ERROR_NETWORK_UNAVAILABLE_UNKNOWN Oops! Playful sprites have disrupted Hearthstone as it was connecting to our servers. Please wait a few minutes for them to disperse and try again. GLOBAL_ERROR_ACCOUNT_LICENSES We had some trouble checking what you own, so some things might be missing. Sorry about that! We'll try again next time you log on. GLOBAL_ERROR_NO_MAGE_PRECON We just ran into a network problem as we were loading up all the cards in your collection. Please relaunch Hearthstone to access your collection and resume your duels! GLOBAL_MOBILE_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_IOS_PHONE_DETECTED Sorry, Hearthstone requires an iPhone 4s or iPod Touch 5 or later. GLOBAL_MOBILE_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_IOS_TABLET_DETECTED Sorry, Hearthstone requires an iPad 2 or later. GLOBAL_MOBILE_ERROR_ANDROID_PHONE_DETECTED Sorry, Hearthstone currently only runs on Android tablets 6" or larger. GLOBAL_SEASON_END_WELCOME Welcome GLOBAL_SEASON_END_NEW_SEASON The {0} has begun! 0=season name GLOBAL_SEASON_END_NEW_CARD_BACK You have earned a new card back GLOBAL_SEASON_END_RANK_LABEL You have achieved the rank of GLOBAL_SEASON_END_PERCENTILE_LABEL That puts you in the top {0}% of our ranked play players! 0=rank percentile GLOBAL_SEASON_END_BONUS_STAR_TITLE Your rank from last season earned you GLOBAL_SEASON_END_BONUS_STARS_LABEL Bonus |4(Star,Stars) GLOBAL_SEASON_END_BONUS_STAR_BOOST Your bonus stars boost you to GLOBAL_SEASON_END_NEW_CARDBACK_TITLE New Season Card Back! GLOBAL_SEASON_END_NEW_CARDBACK_TITLE_PHONE New Season\nCard Back! GLOBAL_SEASON_END_CHEST_INSTRUCTIONS Click to open. GLOBAL_SEASON_END_CHEST_INSTRUCTIONS_TOUCH Tap to open. GLOBAL_MEDAL_REWARD_CONGRATULATIONS Congratulations! GLOBAL_MEDAL_REWARD_DESCRIPTION Medal earned last week GLOBAL_MEDAL_TOOLTIP_HEADER {0} Medal 0=medal name GLOBAL_MEDAL_TOURNAMENT_TOOLTIP_BODY Top {0}% in ranked play mode this season 0=rank percentile GLOBAL_MEDAL_TOOLTIP_BODY Win games to advance to the next rank! GLOBAL_MEDAL_TOOLTIP_BEST_RANK_STANDARD Your best current rank is Standard. GLOBAL_MEDAL_TOOLTIP_BEST_RANK_WILD Your best current rank is Wild. GLOBAL_MEDAL_TOOLTIP_BODY_LEGEND You're a legend! Your position in this rank will change with each game. GLOBAL_MEDAL_ARENA_TOOLTIP_BODY This is the best key you've earned in the Arena.\nWins: {0} 0=num wins GLOBAL_MEDAL_TOOLTIP_BODY_ARENA_GRAND_MASTER You are a champion of The Arena! GLOBAL_DATETIME_FRIENDREQUEST_SECONDS less than a minute ago GLOBAL_DATETIME_FRIENDREQUEST_MINUTES {0} |4(minute,minutes) ago GLOBAL_DATETIME_FRIENDREQUEST_HOURS {0} |4(hour,hours) ago GLOBAL_DATETIME_FRIENDREQUEST_DAY yesterday GLOBAL_DATETIME_FRIENDREQUEST_DAYS {0} |4(day,days) ago GLOBAL_DATETIME_FRIENDREQUEST_WEEKS {0} |4(week,weeks) ago GLOBAL_DATETIME_FRIENDREQUEST_MONTH more than a month ago GLOBAL_DATETIME_LASTONLINE_SECONDS Last online less than a minute ago GLOBAL_DATETIME_LASTONLINE_MINUTES Last online {0} |4(minute,minutes) ago GLOBAL_DATETIME_LASTONLINE_HOURS Last online {0} |4(hour,hours) ago GLOBAL_DATETIME_LASTONLINE_DAY Last online yesterday GLOBAL_DATETIME_LASTONLINE_DAYS Last online {0} |4(day,days) ago GLOBAL_DATETIME_LASTONLINE_WEEKS Last online {0} |4(week,weeks) ago GLOBAL_DATETIME_LASTONLINE_MONTH Last online more than a month ago GLOBAL_DATETIME_AFK_SECONDS Away for less than a minute GLOBAL_DATETIME_AFK_MINUTES Away for {0} |4(minute,minutes) GLOBAL_DATETIME_AFK_HOURS Away for {0} |4(hour,hours) GLOBAL_DATETIME_AFK_DAY Away for over a day GLOBAL_DATETIME_AFK_DAYS Away for {0} |4(day,days) GLOBAL_DATETIME_AFK_WEEKS Away for {0} |4(week,weeks) GLOBAL_DATETIME_AFK_MONTH Away for more than a month GLOBAL_DATETIME_SPLASHSCREEN_SECONDS < 1 min GLOBAL_DATETIME_SPLASHSCREEN_MINUTES {0} |4(min,mins) GLOBAL_DATETIME_SPLASHSCREEN_HOURS {0} |4(hour,hours) GLOBAL_DATETIME_SPLASHSCREEN_DAY > 1 day GLOBAL_DATETIME_SPLASHSCREEN_DAYS {0} |4(day,days) GLOBAL_DATETIME_SPLASHSCREEN_WEEKS {0} |4(week,weeks) GLOBAL_DATETIME_SPLASHSCREEN_MONTH > 1 month GLOBAL_DATETIME_SPINNER_SECONDS {0} |4(sec,secs) GLOBAL_DATETIME_SPINNER_MINUTES {0} |4(min,mins) GLOBAL_DATETIME_SPINNER_HOURS {0} |4(hour,hours) GLOBAL_DATETIME_SPINNER_DAY > 1 day GLOBAL_DATETIME_SPINNER_DAYS {0} |4(day,days) GLOBAL_DATETIME_SPINNER_WEEKS {0} |4(week,weeks) GLOBAL_DATETIME_SPINNER_MONTH > 1 month GLOBAL_APPROXIMATE_DATETIME ~{0} 0=time string GLOBAL_APPROXIMATE_DATETIME_RANGE ~{0} - {1} 0=min seconds 1=max seconds string GLOBAL_REMAINING_DATETIME {0} left 0=time string GLOBAL_GAME_QUEUE_WAIT_TIME Wait Time GLOBAL_GAME_QUEUE_TIME_IN_QUEUE Time In Queue GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_REQUEST_SENT_TIME Sent: {0} 0=one of the GLOBAL_DATETIME_ELAPSED_ strings GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_REQUESTS_HEADER FRIEND REQUESTS - {0} 0=number of received friend requests GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_CURRENT_GAMES_HEADER CURRENT GAMES - {0} 0=number of friends you have unfinished games with GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_FRIENDS_HEADER FRIENDS - {0}/{1} Online 0=number of online friends 1=number of offline friends GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_FRIENDS_HEADER_ALL_ONLINE FRIENDS - {0} Online GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_NEARBY_PLAYERS_HEADER NEARBY PLAYERS - {0} 0=number of players GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_ADD_FRIEND_BUTTON Add GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_REMOVE_FRIEND_BUTTON Remove GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_REMOVE_FRIEND_ALERT_MESSAGE Are you sure you want to remove {0}? 0=friend name GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_MYSTATUS ONLINE GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_BUSYSTATUS Busy GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_LASTPLAYED Last Played: GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_CHALLENGE_BUTTON_HEADER Friendly Challenge GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_CHALLENGE_BUTTON_IM_UNAVAILABLE You can't challenge {0} right now. Return to the main menu. 0=player name GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_CHALLENGE_BUTTON_THEYRE_UNAVAILABLE You can't challenge {0} right now. Wait for them to return to the main menu. 0=player name GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_CHALLENGE_BUTTON_AVAILABLE Challenge {0} to a game of Hearthstone. 0=player name GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_CHALLENGE_MENU_STANDARD_DUEL_BUTTON Standard Duel GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_CHALLENGE_MENU_WILD_DUEL_BUTTON Wild Duel GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_CHALLENGE_MENU_DUEL_BUTTON Duel GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_CHALLENGE_CHALLENGEE_NO_STANDARD_DECK This player has no Standard decks. GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_CHALLENGE_CHALLENGEE_USER_IS_BUSY This player is busy at this time. GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_CHALLENGE_CHALLENGEE_NO_DECK This player has no decks. GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_CHALLENGE_CHALLENGEE_NO_TAVERN_BRAWL_DECK This player hasn't created a deck for the Tavern Brawl yet. GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_CHALLENGE_CHALLENGEE_TAVERN_BRAWL_LOCKED This player hasn't unlocked Tavern Brawls yet. GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_CHALLENGE_CHALLENGEE_NOT_SEEN_WILD That player has no Wild cards. GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_CHALLENGE_CHALLENGER_NO_STANDARD_DECK You don't have any Standard decks. GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_CHALLENGE_CHALLENGER_NO_DECK You need to build a deck first. GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_CHALLENGE_CHALLENGER_NO_TAVERN_BRAWL_DECK You need to build a deck for this week's Brawl. GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_CHALLENGE_CHALLENGER_TAVERN_BRAWL_LOCKED Unlock Tavern Brawl by reaching level 20 with any class. GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_CHALLENGE_TOOLTIP_NO_TAVERN_BRAWL Tavern Brawl is not available right now. Check back soon! GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_CHALLENGE_TOOLTIP_TAVERN_BRAWL_NOT_CHALLENGEABLE Friendly Challenge is not available for this Tavern Brawl. GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_SPECTATE_TOOLTIP_AVAILABLE_HEADER Spectate this Game GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_SPECTATE_TOOLTIP_AVAILABLE_TEXT Click to begin spectating this player's game. GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_SPECTATE_TOOLTIP_AVAILABLE_TEXT_TOUCH Tap here to begin spectating this player's game. GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_SPECTATE_TOOLTIP_RECEIVED_INVITE_TEXT {0} has invited you to be a spectator. Click here to begin spectating. GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_SPECTATE_TOOLTIP_RECEIVED_INVITE_TEXT_TOUCH {0} has invited you to be a spectator. Tap here to begin spectating. GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_SPECTATE_TOOLTIP_KICK_HEADER Kick GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_SPECTATE_TOOLTIP_KICK_TEXT {0} is spectating you. Click here to remove this spectator. GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_SPECTATE_TOOLTIP_KICK_TEXT_TOUCH {0} is spectating you. Tap here to remove this spectator. GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_SPECTATE_TOOLTIP_INVITE_HEADER Invite to Spectate GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_SPECTATE_TOOLTIP_INVITE_TEXT Invite {0} to spectate you. 0=player name GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_SPECTATE_TOOLTIP_INVITED_HEADER Invited to Spectate GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_SPECTATE_TOOLTIP_INVITED_TEXT Invite sent to {0} to begin spectating. 0=player name GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_SPECTATE_TOOLTIP_INVITE_OTHER_SIDE_HEADER Spectating Opponent GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_SPECTATE_TOOLTIP_INVITE_OTHER_SIDE_TEXT Click to reveal your own cards to {0} as well. 0=player name GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_SPECTATE_TOOLTIP_INVITE_OTHER_SIDE_TEXT_TOUCH Tap to reveal your cards to {0}. 0=player name GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_SPECTATE_TOOLTIP_SPECTATING_HEADER In Spectator Mode GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_SPECTATE_TOOLTIP_SPECTATING_TEXT You are currently spectating this player. GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_SPECTATE_TOOLTIP_PREVIOUSLY_KICKED_HEADER Cannot Spectate GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_SPECTATE_TOOLTIP_PREVIOUSLY_KICKED_TEXT You've been previously removed from spectating this player. You cannot attempt to spectate again. GLOBAL_SPECTATOR_LEAVE_PROMPT_HEADER Leave Spectator Mode GLOBAL_SPECTATOR_LEAVE_PROMPT_TEXT Are you sure you want to stop spectating? GLOBAL_SPECTATOR_KICK_PROMPT_HEADER Remove Spectator GLOBAL_SPECTATOR_KICK_PROMPT_TEXT Are you sure you want to remove {0} from spectating? If you turn off 'Allow Friends to Spectate my Games' in Options Menu, you can prevent others from spectating. 0=player name GLOBAL_SPECTATOR_REMOVED_PROMPT_HEADER Removed GLOBAL_SPECTATOR_REMOVED_PROMPT_TEXT You have been removed from spectating. GLOBAL_SPECTATOR_SERVER_REJECTED_HEADER Spectator Disconnected GLOBAL_SPECTATOR_SERVER_REJECTED_TEXT The game you attempted to spectate may be full or already finished, or it may have been recently closed to spectators. GLOBAL_SPECTATOR_COUNT_PANEL_HEADER Spectators Watching GLOBAL_SPECTATOR_COUNT_PANEL_TEXT_ONE {0} is spectating you. 0=player name, this is shown when there's only 1 person spectating you. GLOBAL_SPECTATOR_MODE_INDICATOR_TEXT Spectator Mode text that shows up on the bottom left of screen showing that you're currently in Spectator Mode. GLOBAL_SPECTATOR_WAITING_FOR_NEXT_GAME_HEADER Spectator Mode GLOBAL_SPECTATOR_WAITING_FOR_NEXT_GAME_TEXT Waiting for next game to start.\n\n{0} is {1} 0=player name, 1=player's current activity -- will be filled in with values PRESENCE_STATUS_* and PRESENCE_SCENARIO_*_NORMAL_SCENARIO_* from PRESENCE.txt (e.g. "Jane Doe is Heading into Play Mode") GLOBAL_SPECTATOR_WAITING_FOR_NEXT_GAME_TEXT_ENTERING Waiting for next game to start.\n\n{0} is entering {1} 0=player name, 1=player's current activity -- will be filled in with values PRESENCE_ADVENTURE_MODE_* from PRESENCE.txt (e.g. "Jane Doe is entering Naxxramas") GLOBAL_SPECTATOR_WAITING_FOR_NEXT_GAME_TEXT_BATTLING Waiting for next game to start.\n\n{0} is Battling {1} 0=player name, 1=player's current activity -- will be filled in with values PRESENCE_SCENARIO_*_HEROIC_* from PRESENCE.txt (e.g. "Jane Doe is Battling Heroic Gothik the Harvester") GLOBAL_SPECTATOR_WAITING_FOR_NEXT_GAME_TEXT_PLAYING Waiting for next game to start.\n\n{0} is playing {1} 0=player name, 1=player's current activity -- will be filled in with values PRESENCE_SCENARIO_*_CLASS_CHALLENGE_* from PRESENCE.txt (e.g. "Jane Doe is playing Naxxramas Paladin Challenge") GLOBAL_SPECTATOR_WAITING_FOR_NEXT_GAME_TEXT_OFFLINE Waiting for next game to start.\n\n{0} is Offline 0=player name; same string as above, except shown when player is offline. GLOBAL_SPECTATOR_WAITING_FOR_NEXT_GAME_TIMEOUT The player you are spectating took too long to start the next game. Spectator Mode has been canceled. GLOBAL_SPECTATOR_ERROR_CREATE_PARTY_TEXT An error occurred attempting to create Spectator party. GLOBAL_SPECTATOR_ERROR_LEAVE_FOR_SPECTATE_PLAYER_TEXT An error occurred attempting to leave a previous party to spectate {0}. 0=player name GLOBAL_ADDFRIEND_HEADER Add a Friend GLOBAL_ADDFRIEND_INSTRUCTION Enter a BattleTag or email address. GLOBAL_ADDFRIEND_SENT_CONFIRMATION Friend request sent. GLOBAL_ADDFRIEND_ERROR_ALREADY_FRIEND That person is already your friend. GLOBAL_ADDFRIEND_ERROR_MALFORMED You must enter an email address or Battle Tag. GLOBAL_MOBILECHAT_RETURN_TO_MENU Return to menu GLOBAL_MOBILECHAT_RETURN_TO_GAME Close GLOBAL_MOBILECHAT_NOTIFICATION_MULLIGAIN Game started! GLOBAL_MOBILECHAT_NOTIFICATION_YOUR_TURN Your turn! GLOBAL_MOBILECHAT_NOTIFICATION_TURN_COUNTDOWN Running out of time! GLOBAL_PROGRAMNAME_HEARTHSTONE Hearthstone GLOBAL_PROGRAMNAME_WOW World of Warcraft GLOBAL_PROGRAMNAME_DIABLO3 Diablo III GLOBAL_PROGRAMNAME_STARCRAFT2 StarCraft II GLOBAL_PROGRAMNAME_PHOENIX GLOBAL_PROGRAMNAME_HEROES Heroes of the Storm GLOBAL_PROGRAMNAME_OVERWATCH Overwatch GLOBAL_OFFLINE Offline GLOBAL_DEFAULT_ALERT_HEADER Alert GLOBAL_FORGE_END_TITLE Arena Complete GLOBAL_FORGE_END_DONE Done GLOBAL_FORGE_END_JOKE_0 That was spicy! GLOBAL_FORGE_END_JOKE_1 There are no words! GLOBAL_FORGE_END_JOKE_2 I don't believe it! GLOBAL_FORGE_END_JOKE_3 You really got something special. GLOBAL_FORGE_END_JOKE_4 Can you ever do this well again? GLOBAL_FORGE_END_JOKE_5 That was jig-worthy! GLOBAL_FORGE_END_JOKE_6 That one turn was amazing! GLOBAL_FORGE_END_JOKE_7 BEHOLD! GLOBAL_FORGE_END_JOKE_8 It's not over yet! Oh wait, yeah it is. GLOBAL_RANK_WIN_STREAK Win Streak - Bonus star! GLOBAL_RANK_SCRUB_RANK_DESC You can't lose stars at this rank. GLOBAL_MEDAL_0 Legend GLOBAL_MEDAL_1 Innkeeper GLOBAL_MEDAL_2 Black Knight GLOBAL_MEDAL_3 Molten Giant GLOBAL_MEDAL_4 Mountain Giant GLOBAL_MEDAL_5 Sea Giant GLOBAL_MEDAL_6 Ancient of War GLOBAL_MEDAL_7 Sunwalker GLOBAL_MEDAL_8 Frostwolf Warlord GLOBAL_MEDAL_9 Silver Hand Knight GLOBAL_MEDAL_10 Ogre Magi GLOBAL_MEDAL_11 Big Game Hunter GLOBAL_MEDAL_12 Warsong Commander GLOBAL_MEDAL_13 Dread Corsair GLOBAL_MEDAL_14 Raid Leader GLOBAL_MEDAL_15 Silvermoon Guardian GLOBAL_MEDAL_16 Questing Adventurer GLOBAL_MEDAL_17 Tauren Warrior GLOBAL_MEDAL_18 Sorcerer's Apprentice GLOBAL_MEDAL_19 Novice Engineer GLOBAL_MEDAL_20 Shieldbearer GLOBAL_MEDAL_21 Southsea Deckhand GLOBAL_MEDAL_22 Murloc Raider GLOBAL_MEDAL_23 Argent Squire GLOBAL_MEDAL_24 Leper Gnome GLOBAL_MEDAL_25 Angry Chicken GLOBAL_ARENA_MEDAL_0 Novice Key GLOBAL_ARENA_MEDAL_1 Apprentice Key GLOBAL_ARENA_MEDAL_2 Journeyman Key GLOBAL_ARENA_MEDAL_3 Copper Key GLOBAL_ARENA_MEDAL_4 Silver Key GLOBAL_ARENA_MEDAL_5 Gold Key GLOBAL_ARENA_MEDAL_6 Platinum Key GLOBAL_ARENA_MEDAL_7 Diamond Key GLOBAL_ARENA_MEDAL_8 Champion Key GLOBAL_ARENA_MEDAL_9 Ruby Key GLOBAL_ARENA_MEDAL_10 Frostborn Key GLOBAL_ARENA_MEDAL_11 Molten Key GLOBAL_ARENA_MEDAL_12 Lightforge Key GLOBAL_FEATURE_DISABLED_TITLE Disabled GLOBAL_FEATURE_DISABLED_MESSAGE_FORGE Sorry, the Arena is currently disabled. GLOBAL_FEATURE_DISABLED_MESSAGE_PRACTICE Sorry, Practice mode is currently disabled. GLOBAL_FEATURE_DISABLED_MESSAGE_PLAY Sorry, Play mode is currently disabled. GLOBAL_FEATURE_DISABLED_MESSAGE_COLLECTION Sorry, the Collection is currently disabled. GLOBAL_CHAT_NO_FRIENDS_ONLINE You don't have any friends online right now. GLOBAL_CHAT_NO_RECENT_CONVERSATIONS Use the friends menu to start a conversation with a friend. GLOBAL_CHAT_RECEIVER_ONLINE {0} is online. 0=player name GLOBAL_CHAT_RECEIVER_OFFLINE {0} is offline. 0=player name GLOBAL_CHAT_CHALLENGE Challenge GLOBAL_CHAT_BUBBLE_RECEIVER_NAME To: {0} 0=player name GLOBAL_SOCIAL_TOAST_FRIEND_ONLINE <color=#{0}>{1}</color> has come online. 0=name color,1=player name GLOBAL_SOCIAL_TOAST_FRIEND_OFFLINE <color=#{0}>{1}</color> has gone offline. 0=name color,1=player name GLOBAL_SOCIAL_TOAST_FRIEND_REQUEST <color=#{0}>{1}</color> has sent you a friend invite. 0=name color,1=player name GLOBAL_SOCIAL_TOAST_RECENT_OPPONENT_FRIEND_REQUEST A recent opponent would like to be your friend! GLOBAL_SOCIAL_TOAST_FRIEND_ARENA_COMPLETE <color=#{0}>{1}</color> just finished an Arena run. ({2}-{3}) 0=name color,1=player name,2=Arena Wins,3=Arena Losses GLOBAL_SOCIAL_TOAST_FRIEND_ARENA_START <color=#{0}>{1}</color> started a new Arena run. 0=name color,1=player name GLOBAL_SOCIAL_TOAST_FRIEND_ARENA_START_WITH_MANY_WINS <color=#{0}>{1}</color> has just started an Arena match with {2} wins already! 0=name color,1=player name,2=Arena Wins GLOBAL_SOCIAL_TOAST_FRIEND_GOLDEN_LEGENDARY <color=#{0}>{1}</color> opened a <color=#{3}>Golden {2}</color>! 0=name color,1=player name,2=card name,3=Golden Color GLOBAL_SOCIAL_TOAST_FRIEND_LEGENDARY <color=#{0}>{1}</color> opened <color=#{3}>{2}</color>! 0=name color,1=player name,2=card name GLOBAL_SOCIAL_TOAST_FRIEND_GAINED_RANK <color=#{0}>{1}</color> just hit rank {2}! 0=name color,1=player name,2=medal rank GLOBAL_SOCIAL_TOAST_FRIEND_RANK_LEGEND_WILD <color=#{0}>{1}</color> has attained the Rank of LEGEND in Wild! 0=name color,1=player name GLOBAL_SOCIAL_TOAST_FRIEND_GAINED_RANK_WILD <color=#{0}>{1}</color> just hit rank {2} in Wild! 0=name color,1=player name,2=medal rank GLOBAL_SOCIAL_TOAST_FRIEND_RANK_LEGEND <color=#{0}>{1}</color> has attained the Rank of LEGEND! 0=name color,1=player name GLOBAL_SOCIAL_TOAST_FRIEND_ILLIDAN_COMPLETE <color=#{0}>{1}</color> defeated Illidan Stormrage! 0=name color,1=player name GLOBAL_SOCIAL_TOAST_FRIEND_MAGE_LEVEL <color=#{0}>{1}</color> became a Level {2} Mage. 0=name color,1=player name,2=level GLOBAL_SOCIAL_TOAST_FRIEND_PALADIN_LEVEL <color=#{0}>{1}</color> became a Level {2} Paladin. 0=name color,1=player name,2=level GLOBAL_SOCIAL_TOAST_FRIEND_DRUID_LEVEL <color=#{0}>{1}</color> became a Level {2} Druid. 0=name color,1=player name,2=level GLOBAL_SOCIAL_TOAST_FRIEND_ROGUE_LEVEL <color=#{0}>{1}</color> became a Level {2} Rogue. 0=name color,1=player name,2=level GLOBAL_SOCIAL_TOAST_FRIEND_HUNTER_LEVEL <color=#{0}>{1}</color> became a Level {2} Hunter. 0=name color,1=player name,2=level GLOBAL_SOCIAL_TOAST_FRIEND_SHAMAN_LEVEL <color=#{0}>{1}</color> became a Level {2} Shaman. 0=name color,1=player name,2=level GLOBAL_SOCIAL_TOAST_FRIEND_WARRIOR_LEVEL <color=#{0}>{1}</color> became a Level {2} Warrior. 0=name color,1=player name,2=level GLOBAL_SOCIAL_TOAST_FRIEND_WARLOCK_LEVEL <color=#{0}>{1}</color> became a Level {2} Warlock. 0=name color,1=player name,2=level GLOBAL_SOCIAL_TOAST_FRIEND_PRIEST_LEVEL <color=#{0}>{1}</color> became a Level {2} Priest. 0=name color,1=player name,2=level GLOBAL_HEALTHY_GAMING_TOAST 게임을 플레이한지 {0}시간 지났습니다. 과도한 게임이용은 정상적인 일상생활에 지장을 줄 수 있습니다 GLOBAL_HEALTHY_GAMING_TOAST_OVER_THRESHOLD You have been playing for {0} |4(hour,hours). This is way, way too long 0=hours GLOBAL_SOCIAL_TOAST_SPECTATOR_INVITE_SENT Spectator invite sent to <color=#{0}>{1}</color>. 0=name color,1=player name GLOBAL_SOCIAL_TOAST_SPECTATOR_INVITE_RECEIVED <color=#{0}>{1}</color> invites you to spectate the game! 0=name color,1=player name GLOBAL_SOCIAL_TOAST_SPECTATOR_ADDED <color=#{0}>{1}</color> has begun spectating you. 0=name color,1=player name GLOBAL_SOCIAL_TOAST_SPECTATOR_REMOVED <color=#{0}>{1}</color> is no longer spectating you. 0=name color,1=player name GLOBAL_SHUTDOWN_TOAST <color=#{0}> will be shutting down in {1} |4(minute,minutes)</color> 0=color, 1=minutes GLOBAL_OPTIONS_SOUND_LABEL Sound GLOBAL_OPTIONS_SOUND_MASTER_VOLUME_LABEL Master Volume GLOBAL_OPTIONS_SOUND_MUSIC_VOLUME_LABEL Music Volume GLOBAL_OPTIONS_SOUND_IN_BACKGROUND Sound In Background GLOBAL_OPTIONS_GRAPHICS_LABEL Graphics GLOBAL_OPTIONS_GRAPHICS_RESOLUTION_LABEL Resolution GLOBAL_OPTIONS_GRAPHICS_FULLSCREEN_LABEL Fullscreen GLOBAL_OPTIONS_GRAPHICS_QUALITY_LOW Low GLOBAL_OPTIONS_GRAPHICS_QUALITY_MEDIUM Medium GLOBAL_OPTIONS_GRAPHICS_QUALITY_HIGH High GLOBAL_OPTIONS_GRAPHICS_QUALITY_LABEL Quality GLOBAL_OPTIONS_MISCELLANEOUS_LABEL Miscellaneous GLOBAL_OPTIONS_PREFERENCES_LABEL Preferences GLOBAL_OPTIONS_CREDITS Credits GLOBAL_OPTIONS_CINEMATIC Cinematic GLOBAL_OPTIONS_PUBLIC_CHAT_ENABLED Unfriendly Chat GLOBAL_OPTIONS_CARDBACK_LABEL Choose Your Card Back GLOBAL_OPTIONS_NEARBY_PLAYERS Enable Challenging Nearby Players - Friends List GLOBAL_OPTIONS_SPECTATOR_OPEN_JOIN Allow Friends to Spectate my Games GLOBAL_OPTIONS_CHOOSE_CARD_BACK Choose Card Back GLOBAL_REWARD_BOOSTER_HEADLINE_GENERIC Pack earned! GLOBAL_REWARD_BOOSTER_HEADLINE_MULTIPLE {0} |4(Pack,Packs) earned! GLOBAL_REWARD_BOOSTER_HEADLINE_OUT_OF_BAND Card Pack granted! GLOBAL_REWARD_BOOSTER_HEADLINE_OUT_OF_BAND_MULTI Card Packs granted! GLOBAL_REWARD_BOOSTER_DETAILS_OUT_OF_BAND {0} |4(pack was,packs were) added to your account from outside of the game. 0=count GLOBAL_REWARD_BOOSTER_DETAILS_PRESALE_OUT_OF_BAND Your web purchase of {0} |4(pack,packs) will be available soon! 0=count GLOBAL_REWARD_CARD_HEADLINE Reward! GLOBAL_REWARD_CARD_COUNT_MULTIPLIER x GLOBAL_REWARD_CARD_BACK_HEADLINE Card back earned! GLOBAL_REWARD_ARCANE_DUST_HEADLINE Arcane Dust earned! GLOBAL_REWARD_GOLD_HEADLINE Gold earned! GLOBAL_REWARD_FORGE_UNLOCKED_HEADLINE Arena Unlocked! GLOBAL_REWARD_FORGE_UNLOCKED_SOURCE Awarded for entering the Arena GLOBAL_REWARD_FORGE_HEADLINE Arena Entry Granted GLOBAL_REWARD_FORGE_DETAILS_OUT_OF_BAND {0} arena |4(admission was,admissions were) added to your account from outside of the game. 0=count GLOBAL_REWARD_ARENA_TICKET_HEADLINE Free Arena Run! GLOBAL_REWARD_ARENA_TICKET_LABEL The Arena GLOBAL_REWARD_HEARTHSTEED_HEADLINE Hearthsteed Mount GLOBAL_REWARD_HEROES_CARD_MOUNT_HEADLINE Hearthstone Card Mount GLOBAL_REWARD_GOLDEN_HERO_HEADLINE Golden Hero Unlocked GLOBAL_REWARD_HERO_HEADLINE {0} Unlocked GLOBAL_REWARD_HERO_DETAILS {0}/{1} Heroes Unlocked GLOBAL_REWARD_HERO_SOURCE Unlocked by defeating a {0} 0=class GLOBAL_REWARD_CORE_CARD_DETAILS {0}/{1} {2} Cards Unlocked 0=# cards unlocked, 1=# cards possible to unlock, 2=class GLOBAL_REWARD_CARD_DETAILS_TUTORIAL01 Oh yeah! GLOBAL_REWARD_CARD_DETAILS_TUTORIAL02 This is quite impressive. GLOBAL_REWARD_CARD_DETAILS_TUTORIAL03 You are on a roll! GLOBAL_REWARD_CARD_DETAILS_TUTORIAL04 That was incredible. GLOBAL_REWARD_CARD_DETAILS_TUTORIAL05 Magnificent! GLOBAL_REWARD_CARD_DETAILS_TUTORIAL06 Hot hot hot! GLOBAL_REWARD_CARD_LEVEL_UP Unlocked by hitting level {0} as a {1} 0=# level, 1=class GLOBAL_REWARD_GOLD_SOURCE_IGR Awarded for logging in from an IGR GLOBAL_REWARD_GOLD_SOURCE_IGR_DATED Awarded for logging in from an IGR on {0} 0=GLOBAL_CURRENT_DATE GLOBAL_REWARD_GOLD_SOURCE_TOURNEY Awarded for winning {0} |4(game,games) in Tavern Brawl or Play mode GLOBAL_REWARD_CLASS_CHALLENGE_HEADLINE Class |4(Challenge,Challenges) Unlocked GLOBAL_REWARD_CLASS_CHALLENGE_DETAIL {0} 0=first class GLOBAL_REWARD_CLASS_CHALLENGE_DETAIL_DOUBLE {0} and {1} 0=first class, 1=second class GLOBAL_REWARD_ARENA_TICKET_ADMIT ADMIT the word 'admit' in capital letters - displayed like "Admit 1" and looks like a movie/fair ticket. this is the Arena Ticket reward visual. GLOBAL_REWARD_ARENA_TICKET_ENTRANT Entrant a label that shows up in the Arena Ticket under the Player's name to say this person is allowed entrance into the Arena. GLOBAL_REWARD_ARENA_TICKET_AUTHORIZED_BY Authorized By a label that shows up in the Arena Ticket under the Player's name indicating this ticket reward was granted by some guy. GLOBAL_BETA_REIMBURSEMENT_HEADLINE Account Wipe Credit GLOBAL_BETA_REIMBURSEMENT_DETAILS This gold is a credit for your past purchases. Thank you! GLOBAL_PRACTICE_MAX_LEVEL_REACHED Max Practice Level GLOBAL_SCREENSHOT_COMPLETE Screenshot saved to desktop GLOBAL_QUEST_PROGRESS_COUNT {0}/{1} 0=progress,1=max progress GLOBAL_HERO_LEVEL_NEXT_REWARD_TITLE Next reward at level {0} 0=level GLOBAL_HERO_LEVEL_REWARD_GOLDEN_CARD {0} {1} 0=flair 1=card name GLOBAL_HERO_LEVEL_REWARD_BOOSTER {0} booster pack 0=booster type GLOBAL_HERO_LEVEL_REWARD_ARCANE_DUST {0} arcane dust 0=amount GLOBAL_HERO_LEVEL_REWARD_GOLD {0} gold 0=amount GLOBAL_GOLD_REWARD_ALREADY_CAPPED You have already earned {0} gold today. GLOBAL_GOLD_REWARD_BAD_RATING You or your opponent do not meet the rating requirements to earn gold. GLOBAL_GOLD_REWARD_SHORT_GAME_BY_TIME Your game did not meet the time requirement to earn gold. GLOBAL_GOLD_REWARD_OVER_CAIS You cannot gain any more gold due to CAIS. GLOBAL_FRIENDLYCHALLENGE_QUEST_REWARD_AT_LIMIT You reached the daily limit for Friend Challenge quest rewards. GLOBAL_FRIENDLYCHALLENGE_REWARD_CONCEDED_YOURSELF You left the game too early to earn rewards. GLOBAL_FRIENDLYCHALLENGE_REWARD_CONCEDED_YOUR_OPPONENT Your opponent left the game too early for you to earn rewards. GLOBAL_COLLECTION_GOLDEN Golden GLOBAL_SPLASH_CLOSED_SIGN_TITLE Closed GLOBAL_ERROR_INACTIVITY_KICK It's been a while since your last Hearthstone action and your connection was shut down. Relaunch the game when you're ready! GLOBAL_MOBILE_ERROR_LOGON_WEB_TIMEOUT It's been a while since your last Hearthstone action and your connection was shut down. GLOBAL_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ERROR Oops! Playful sprites have disrupted Hearthstone as it was linking up to the service. Please wait a few minutes for them to disperse and try re-launching the game. GLOBAL_CLICK_TO_CONTINUE Click to continue GLOBAL_CLICK_TO_CONTINUE_TOUCH Tap to continue GLOBAL_TOOLTIP_MENU_HEADER Game Menu GLOBAL_TOOLTIP_MENU_DESC Take a look at the Options, Quit the Game, and more. GLOBAL_TOOLTIP_FRIEND_BUTTON_HEADER Friends GLOBAL_TOOLTIP_FRIEND_BUTTON_DESC Chat with and challenge your friends. GLOBAL_HEALTHY_GAMING_CHINA_LESS_THAN_THREE_HOURS 您累计在线时间已满{0}小时。 GLOBAL_HEALTHY_GAMING_CHINA_THREE_HOURS 您累计在线时间已满{0}小时,请您下线休息,做适当身体活动。 GLOBAL_HEALTHY_GAMING_CHINA_THREE_TO_FIVE_HOURS 您已经进入疲劳游戏时间,您的游戏收益将降为正常值的0%,为了您的健康,请尽快下线休息,做适当身体活动,合理安排学习生活。 GLOBAL_HEALTHY_GAMING_CHINA_THREE_TO_FIVE_HOURS_PHONE 您已经进入疲劳游戏时间,您的游戏收益将降为正常值的0%,为了您的健康,\n请尽快下线休息,做适当身体活动,合理安排学习生活。 GLOBAL_HEALTHY_GAMING_CHINA_MORE_THAN_FIVE_HOURS 您已进入不健康游戏时间,为了您的健康,请您立即下线休息。如不下线,您的身体将受到损害,您的收益已降为零,直到您的累计下线时间满5小时后,才能恢复正常。 GLOBAL_HEALTHY_GAMING_CHINA_MORE_THAN_FIVE_HOURS_PHONE 您已进入不健康游戏时间,为了您的健康,请您立即下线休息。如不下线,您的身体将受到损害,\n您的收益已降为零,直到您的累计下线时间满5小时后,才能恢复正常。 GLOBAL_CURRENT_TIME {0:h:mm tt} see GLOBAL_CURRENT_DATE {0:MM/dd/yy} see GLOBAL_HEALTHY_GAMING_KOREA_STARTUP_MESSAGE 본 게임물은 만 12세 이용가 게임으로서 해당 연령 미만의 청소년이 이용하기에 부적절합니다. 반드시 보호자의 지도 감독이 필요합니다. GLOBAL_HEALTHY_GAMING_CHINA_STARTUP_MESSAGE 抵制不良游戏,拒绝盗版游戏。\n注意自我保护,谨防上当受骗。\n适度游戏益脑,沉迷游戏伤身。\n合理安排时间,享受健康生活。 GLOBAL_HEALTHY_GAMING_CHINA_CAIS_ACTIVE CAIS Active GLOBAL_LANGUAGE_CHANGE_CONFIRM_TITLE Change Language? GLOBAL_LANGUAGE_CHANGE_CONFIRM_MESSAGE This will interrupt your current activity. Are you sure? GLOBAL_LOGIN_CONFIRM_MESSAGE You will lose your current progress. Are you sure? GLOBAL_LOGOUT_CONFIRM_MESSAGE Are you sure? GLOBAL_LANGUAGE_NATIVE_DEDE Deutsch The name of the language IN THAT LANGUAGE. GLOBAL_LANGUAGE_NATIVE_ENUS English The name of the language IN THAT LANGUAGE. GLOBAL_LANGUAGE_NATIVE_ESES Español (España) The name of the language IN THAT LANGUAGE. GLOBAL_LANGUAGE_NATIVE_ESMX Español (Latinoamérica) The name of the language IN THAT LANGUAGE. GLOBAL_LANGUAGE_NATIVE_FRFR Français The name of the language IN THAT LANGUAGE. GLOBAL_LANGUAGE_NATIVE_ITIT Italiano The name of the language IN THAT LANGUAGE. GLOBAL_LANGUAGE_NATIVE_KOKR 한국어 The name of the language IN THAT LANGUAGE. GLOBAL_LANGUAGE_NATIVE_PLPL Polski The name of the language IN THAT LANGUAGE. GLOBAL_LANGUAGE_NATIVE_PTBR Português (Brasil) The name of the language IN THAT LANGUAGE. GLOBAL_LANGUAGE_NATIVE_RURU Русский The name of the language IN THAT LANGUAGE. GLOBAL_LANGUAGE_NATIVE_ZHCN 中文(简体) The name of the language IN THAT LANGUAGE. GLOBAL_LANGUAGE_NATIVE_ZHTW 繁體中文(台灣) The name of the language IN THAT LANGUAGE. GLOBAL_LANGUAGE_NATIVE_JAJP 日本語 The name of the language IN THAT LANGUAGE. GLOBAL_LANGUAGE_NATIVE_THTH ภาษาไทย The name of the laugnage IN THAT LANGUAGE. GLOBAL_LANGUAGE_DROPDOWN Language GLOBAL_LANGUAGE_DOWNLOAD_VOICE_PACK (DEV) Downloaded Voice Pack GLOBAL_REGION_AMERICAS Americas & Southeast Asia GLOBAL_REGION_EUROPE Europe GLOBAL_REGION_ASIA Asia GLOBAL_REGION_CHINA China GLOBAL_RECONNECT_RECONNECTING_HEADER Reconnecting GLOBAL_RECONNECT_RECONNECTING_LOGIN You were disconnected from your last game. Reconnecting... GLOBAL_RECONNECT_RECONNECTING You were disconnected from your game. Reconnecting... GLOBAL_RECONNECT_TIMEOUT_HEADER Error GLOBAL_RECONNECT_TIMEOUT Unable to reconnect to your game. GLOBAL_RECONNECT_RECONNECTED_HEADER Reconnected GLOBAL_RECONNECT_RECONNECTED_LOGIN You were reconnected to your last game. Resuming... GLOBAL_RECONNECT_RECONNECTED You were reconnected to your game. Resuming... GLOBAL_RECONNECT_EXIT_BUTTON Exit Game GLOBAL_VERSION Version GLOBAL_MOBILE_TAP_TO_RECONNECT Tap anywhere to reconnect GLOBAL_MOBILE_TAP_TO_UPDATE Tap anywhere to update GLOBAL_SPLASH_CLOSED_RECONNECTING Reconnecting... GLOBAL_ADVENTURE_TRAY_HEADER Choose an Adventure GLOBAL_ADVENTURE_DESC_HEADER Adventure GLOBAL_ADVENTURE_CHOOSE_BUTTON_TEXT Choose GLOBAL_CHOOSE_PAYMENT Choose Payment GLOBAL_PLAYER_PLAYER Player this is the word for generic "Player" - this will be used when there a player's name is unknown at the time. GLOBAL_STORE_MOBILE_NAME_DEFAULT the Blizzard store GLOBAL_STORE_MOBILE_NAME_APPLE the Apple App Store GLOBAL_STORE_MOBILE_NAME_GOOGLE Google Play GLOBAL_STORE_MOBILE_NAME_AMAZON the Amazon Appstore GLOBAL_SUPPORT Support GLOBAL_ON On GLOBAL_OFF Off GLOBAL_TUTORIAL_HEALTH Health GLOBAL_TUTORIAL_ATTACK Attack GLOBAL_TUTORIAL_MINION Minion GLOBAL_TUTORIAL_COST Cost GLOBAL_TUTORIAL_YOUR_MANA Your Mana GLOBAL_TUTORIAL_ATTACKER Attacker GLOBAL_TUTORIAL_DEFENDER Defender GLOBAL_TUTORIAL_TAUNT Taunt GLOBAL_TUTORIAL_TAUNT_DESCRIPTION Enemies must attack this minion GLOBAL_TUTORIAL_HERO_POWER Hero Power GLOBAL_TUTORIAL_USED Used GLOBAL_TUTORIAL_YOUR_TURN Your Turn GLOBAL_DEMO_DISCLAIMER This version of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft has been created specifically for demonstration purposes. GLOBAL_DEMO_COMPLETE_HEADER Congratulations! GLOBAL_DEMO_COMPLETE_BODY Thanks for playing this demo of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft! GLOBAL_DEMO_LEARN_MORE Learn More GLOBAL_SHOW Show GLOBAL_HIDE Hide GLOBAL_TAVERN_BRAWL_ERROR_SEASON_INCREMENTED Sorry. This Tavern Brawl Event is over. Another one is coming up soon! GLOBAL_TAVERN_BRAWL_ERROR_NOT_ACTIVE Sorry. This Tavern Brawl is not currently active. Please wait a few minutes and try again. GLOBAL_REWARD_CHEST_INSTRUCTIONS Open your chest at the end of the season.\nImprove your rank to upgrade your chest! GLOBAL_REWARD_CHEST_TIER4 Shieldbearer's Footlocker GLOBAL_REWARD_CHEST_TIER3 Guardian's Chest GLOBAL_REWARD_CHEST_TIER2 Ogre Magi's Stash GLOBAL_REWARD_CHEST_TIER1 Sea Giant's Treasure GLOBAL_REWARD_CHEST_TIER4_EARNED You have earned the Shieldbearer's Footlocker! GLOBAL_REWARD_CHEST_TIER3_EARNED You have earned the Guardian's Chest! GLOBAL_REWARD_CHEST_TIER2_EARNED You have earned the Ogre Magi's Stash! GLOBAL_REWARD_CHEST_TIER1_EARNED You have earned the Sea Giant's Treasure! GLOBAL_CREATE Create GLOBAL_RETURNING_PLAYER_GENERATED_DECK Innkeeper's Deck GLOBAL_ERROR_FIND_GAME_SCENARIO_NO_DECK_SPECIFIED There was an error starting your game. No deck specified by player(s). GLOBAL_ERROR_FIND_GAME_SCENARIO_MISCONFIGURED There was an error starting your game. Scenario data is misconfigured. GLOBAL_ERROR_FIND_GAME_SCENARIO_INCORRECT_NUM_PLAYERS There was an error starting your game. The scenario has unexpected number of players. GLOBAL_CONTINUE Continue GLOBAL_SOCIAL_TOAST_FRIEND_HEROIC_BRAWL_START_WITH_MANY_WINS <color=#{0}>{1}</color> has just started a heroic brawl match with {2} wins already! 0=name color,1=player name,2=Heroic brawl Wins GLOBAL_SOCIAL_TOAST_FRIEND_HEROIC_BRAWL_COMPLETE <color=#{0}>{1}</color> just finished a heroic brawl. ({2}-{3}) 0=name color,1=player name,2=Heroic brawl Wins,3=Heroic brawl Losses GLOBAL_SOCIAL_TOAST_FRIEND_HEROIC_BRAWL_START <color=#{0}>{1}</color> started a new heroic brawl. 0=name color,1=player name GLOBAL_HEROIC_BRAWL Heroic Brawl GLOBAL_LOGO_COPYRIGHT 炉石传说 - 魔兽英雄传 ©2016 暴雪娱乐股份有限公司版权所有 由上海网之易网络科技发展有限公司运营