Waste Wanderer Cardish

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Waste Wanderer Cardish

Waste Wanderer Cardish(92502).png

Set: Saviors of Uldum
Type: Hero
Class: Hunter
Health: 60
Artist: Unknown artist

Even if he bombs, he's having a blast freelancing for E.V.I.L.

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Waste Wanderer Cardish is a boss that can be encountered initially in Chapter of Tombs of Terror. After completing Chapter 2, this boss encounter will be available in any chapter.

Hero Powers[edit | edit source]

Normal Heroic
Boom Bullets(92503).png
Boom Bullets(92504).png

Decks[edit | edit source]

The below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.

Level 7
Total cards Normal Heroic
Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity
30 Hunter Rapid Fire 2 Hunter Bomb Toss 6
Bomb Toss 1 Feign Death 1
Pressure Plate 2 Fireworks Tech 2
Snipe 2 Metaltooth Leaper 2
Hunter's Pack 2 Spider Bomb 2
Hyena Alpha 1 Ursatron 2
Marked Shot 2 Marked Shot 1
Rogue EVIL Miscreant 2 Boommaster Flark 1
Neutral Goblin Bomb 1 Neutral Goblin Bomb 5
EVIL Cable Rat 2 Mechwarper 2
Injured Tol'vir 2 Whirliglider 2
Kobold Sandtrooper 2 SN1P-SN4P 1
Loot Hoarder 2 Explodinator 2
Neferset Ritualist 2 Wargear 1
Acolyte of Pain 2
Explodinator 1
Sunstruck Henchman 2

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Waste Wander Cardish revolves almost entirely around face damage. Whether or not you target his minions, their deathrattles will trigger, collectively dealing large amounts of damage to your hero. Due to his cheap cards and hero power, he gains a huge advantage in tempo over the player. His main weaknesses are Mass Dispel, Addarah and House Special (Band of Scarabs also can slow down his hero power). An aggro deck with the treasures Tracking Device, Alchemist's Stone, Primordial Bulwark or Crook and Flail may give you a better chance at beating him. However,it is unlikely that you've built a deck that can easily take him on, and you might struggle more in Heroic.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]


Waste Wanderer Cardish
I got something special to deal with you.
I thought the murlocs were on our side! (vs. Sir Finley)
Reno Jackson
Hey! That big smile... that's my thing!

Emote Response

Waste Wanderer Cardish
Keep on yapping...

Hero Power

Waste Wanderer Cardish
Direct hit!
How 'bout some BOOMshot?
Oh yeah! Keep lining up for me!
This's why they pay me the big bucks!


Waste Wanderer Cardish
At least E.V.I.L..'s got good dental...
Do these clowns really think they can stop us?
Jokes on you, I don't even KNOW the secret plan...

Boss cards

Waste Wanderer Cardish
Get out there and do some evil!
Rapid Fire
This thing shoots fast, too!
Pressure Plate reveals
Ooh watch your step, hahaha.
Marked Shot
Right between the eyes...

Player's cards

Waste Wanderer Cardish
Goblin Bomb
Those ain't yours! Knock it off!
Brought a gun to a gun fight, then?
The Gatling Wand
Hey! That's not standard issue! Where'd you get it?!


Waste Wanderer Cardish


Waste Wanderer Cardish
Time for a name change: League of Losers!

Lore[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Waste Wanderer Cardish, full art

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