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WANTED!(89363) Gold.png

Deal 3 damage to a minion. If that kills it, add a Coin to your hand.

Wanted: Dead or Undead.

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WANTED! is an epic rogue spell card, from the The Witchwood set.

How to get[edit]

WANTED! can be obtained through The Witchwood card packs, or through crafting.

Card Crafting cost Disenchanting
WANTED! 400 100
Golden WANTED! 1600 400

Generated cards[edit]

The Coin(141).png


WANTED! is at first glance lackluster, as it is basically 3 mana to deal up to 3 damage to a minion. However, the Rogue class is able to use Coins for greater effect than other classes can, as Tomb Pillager and Counterfeit Coin demonstrated. Though this card is abysmal removal for Rogues compared to Vilespine Slayer and Eviscerate, the extra Coin can be used to get extra draws from Gadgetzan Auctioneer in Miracle Rogue, activate Combo effects, and boost Edwin VanCleef.


WANTED!, full art

Patch changes[edit]