Vesh, Plague Lord of Murlocs

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Vesh, Plague Lord of Murlocs

Vesh, Plague Lord of Murlocs(92623).png

Set: Saviors of Uldum
Type: Hero
Class: Shaman
Health: 300
Artist: Unknown artist

The first plague is a finful
pox: Beware, beware
the Lord of 'Locs.

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Vesh, Plague Lord of Murlocs is the final boss in Chapter 1 of Tombs of Terror.

Hero Powers[edit | edit source]

Difficulty Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
Made of Murlocs(92628).png
Ashes Anew(92629).png
Passive Auto-cast
Made of Murlocs(92628).png
Ashes Anew(92631).png
Passive Auto-cast

Special cards[edit | edit source]

Scaly Golem(92626).png
Demonic Presence(42189).png
Looming Presence(27480).png
Mrgl Mrgl Nyah Nyah(27415).png
Mrgl Mrgl Nyah Nyah(27416).png

Decks[edit | edit source]

This boss has 30 cards for each of three phases. When you move on to the next phase, Vesh's deck changes and he topdecks five extra cards before his main deck. But if you continue a fight after defeat in the second or third phase, Vesh won't have extra cards in the second or third phase respectively.

Normal[edit | edit source]

Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity
Boss Mrgl Mrgl Nyah Nyah 1 Boss Demonic Presence 2 Boss Mrgl Mrgl Nyah Nyah 2
Paladin Tip the Scales 1 Mrgl Mrgl Nyah Nyah 2 Megafin 2
Anyfin Can Happen 1 Megafin 3 Giantfin 2
Shaman Primalfin Totem 2 Paladin Murloc Knight 2 Paladin Tip the Scales 2
Underbelly Angler 2 Anyfin Can Happen 2 Anyfin Can Happen 2
Plague of Murlocs 2 Shaman Crushing Hand 2 Shaman Underbelly Angler 2
Call in the Finishers 2 Primalfin Totem 1 Plague of Murlocs 2
Scargil 1 Plague of Murlocs 2 Scargil 2
Earthquake 1 Scargil 1 The Mistcaller 1
Neptulon 1 Everyfin is Awesome 1 Everyfin is Awesome 2
Warlock Seadevil Stinger 1 Neutral Fishflinger 1 Neptulon 1
Warrior Fool's Bane 2 Coldlight Oracle 2 Neutral Murmy 2
Neutral Murmy 2 Murloc Tastyfin 2 Fishflinger 2
Blowgill Sniper 1 Old Murk-Eye 2 Coldlight Oracle 2
Fishflinger 2 Finja, the Flying Star 1 Primalfin Lookout 1
Murloc Warleader 2 Mukla's Champion 2 Murloc Tastyfin 1
Primalfin Lookout 2 Corrupted Seer 2 Old Murk-Eye 1
Old Murk-Eye 1 Extra cards

in 35-deck

Fishflinger 1 Finja, the Flying Star 1
Finja, the Flying Star 1 Mrgl Mrgl Nyah Nyah 1 Extra cards

in 35-deck

Mrgl Mrgl Nyah Nyah 1
Corrupted Seer 2 Plague of Murlocs 1 Plague of Murlocs 1
Earthquake 1 Primalfin Lookout 1
Everyfin is Awesome 1 Murloc Tastyfin 1
Earthquake 1

Heroic[edit | edit source]

Phase 1 (23) Phase 2 Phase 3
Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity
Boss Mrgl Mrgl Nyah Nyah 4 Boss Mrgl Mrgl Nyah Nyah 4 Boss Looming Presence 2
Megafin 1 Megafin 2 Mrgl Mrgl Nyah Nyah 4
Paladin Tip the Scales 1 Paladin Tip the Scales 2 Megafin 4
Shaman Underbelly Angler 3 Anyfin Can Happen 2 Paladin Tip the Scales 3
Plague of Murlocs 2 Shaman Underbelly Angler 4 Shaman Underbelly Angler 4
Scargil 2 Plague of Murlocs 2 Plague of Murlocs 2
Everyfin is Awesome 1 Scargil 2 Everyfin is Awesome 2
Warrior Fool's Bane 3 Everyfin is Awesome 1 Neutral Murloc Warleader 4
Neutral Rockpool Hunter 2 Neutral Murloc Warleader 3 Old Murk-Eye 2
Murloc Warleader 3 Gentle Megasaur 1 Sea Giant 3
Gentle Megasaur 1 Old Murk-Eye 1 Extra cards

in 35-deck

Mrgl Mrgl Nyah Nyah 1
Mukla's Champion 2 Tip the Scales 1
Sea Giant 4 Plague of Murlocs 1
Extra cards

in 35-deck

Mrgl Mrgl Nyah Nyah 1 Earthquake 1
Plague of Murlocs 1 Sea Giant 1
Earthquake 1
Anyfin Can Happen 1
Sea Giant 1

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • As a Plague Lord boss:
    • If the player loses against a Plague Lord, its current Health will be its new maximum Health should the player encounter it again.
    • Plague Lord's Hero Power and deck depend on their current Health.
      • If it is between 201-300, it uses Phase 1's Hero Power and deck.
      • If it is between 101-200, it uses Phase 2's.
      • If it is below 100, it uses Phase 3's.
      • During the phase change, the Plague Lord will draw extra cards. Their deck is also completely replaced by a new one. Only Surprise! Murlocs! stay in its deck.
      • If its Health is "set" by Flex-plosion, its Hero Power and deck stay the same until it is damaged by any means.
      • If a phase change occurs while drawing Corrupted Blood (from Hakkar, the Soulflayer), then the whole deck will still be replaced in the very moment the life of the Plague Lord drops below 100/200, but for each Corrupted Blood drawn until that point, 2 copies will be placed into the new deck. Hence any strategy of killing a Plague Lord involving Hakkar, the Soulflayer should try to maximize the number of Corrupted Bloods the Plague Lord draws that turn. Example: If a Plague Lord has only bloods in his deck, but starts his turn with 102 health, then one blood is drawn, then the deck is replaced, the hand is refilled and finally 2 new bloods will be placed into the remaining deck. If the Plague Lord has say 16 bloods and 120 health at the start of his turn, then he will draw 7 of the 16 bloods, shift to the new phase, replace his deck, refill his hand and finally 14 new bloods are placed into the remaining deck.
  • "Gnomebliterator" sets Vesh's health decreased instead of dealing damage if he is Immuned by Made of Murlocs.
  • Vesh's Ashes Anew (Heroic) sometimes prefers to target his friendly Murloc even if there's a Murloc on the player's side with better stats.
  • Once used, Mur-nado (Heroic)'s base cost will be increased by 1 and reset the reduction effect

Strategy[edit | edit source]

As a plague lord, Vesh has 300 HP and if you die during his fight, the next time you encounter him he will have the remaining health from your last encounter. He starts a new phase every 100 HP he loses. Additionally, once he changes phase, he cannot heal back above that health (ie. once he reaches 2nd phase, cannot heal above 200).

Since you can damage Vesh through more battles, the best strategy is to create a solid board during his first phase, then use it to clean his board in phase 2 or, if you're taking too much damage, try to play more defensively to regain the board. In the last phase a huge board would be useless, so you should remove just the dangerous minions he summons in order to do the most damage you can 'til he or you die.

If you start encounter from first phase, Vesh won't have Surprise! Murlocs! in his deck of third phase, which greatly facilitates the fight. Having a draw cards (Coldlight Oracle, Demonic Presence, Tip the Scales) in Vesh's deck, and also your hiring the minions in Bob's Tavern, makes possible victory with first try, and even easier, if you have a lot of AoE, strong minions / generate them or at least having Rocket Backpacks passive. For example, extremely powerful anti-fatigue Runaway Gyrocopter, endless Truesilver Lance with Lifesteal, Arcane Craftiness which also can clear all the board like Defile.

If you can get Stolen Titan Secrets, you can try to use it on an AoE Hero Power like Mur-nado, Fireshaper, Burst of Light or Massive Tentacles. Alternatively for Heroic, you can copy Ashes Anew and destroy your opponent's Murlocs, but unless you have plenty of Murlocs, this could help him more than harm him by buffing his Murlocs to help Vesh.

If you are using Reno and choose to copy Ashes Anew, you can use cards to steal from Vesh's deck, such as Reno's Crafty Lasso and Stone Fox Statue. If you are lucky enough to steal Megafin, you can easily take advantage of the Scaly Golems.

If you choose to unlock Chapter 2 first, you can use Sir Finley's Murloc deck to make use of Vesh's Scaly Golems. This can backfire as he can buff his Old Murk-Eye and use Mur-nado faster. However, this is the best to copy Heroic Ashes Anew.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Vesh, Plague Lord of Murlocs
Come to stop us, have you?
We are the tide that will rend you asunder.
You will not stop us! You cannot contain the plagues!
We are not impressed with your "magic." (vs. Reno Jackson)
You are one of us... join usss... (vs. Sir Finley)
In all of your research, did you encounter that such as us? (vs. Elise Starseeker)
You thirst for adventure. We hunger for total destruction. (vs. Brann Bronzebeard)
Reno Jackson
Who's up for a fish-fry!?
Sir Finley
A plague of murlocs? Insufferable! Why not a garden party?
Elise Starseeker
This... being... is comprised of murlocs... don't let Finley get too close!
Brann Bronzebeard
A plague of murlocs... insidious!

Player's returning after defeat

Vesh, Plague Lord of Murlocs
Back for more? We will oblige...
Does the violence of a thousand waves not deter you?
Have you come to face our horde again?
We march onward to the end of Azeroth.
You have hurt us. We will obliterate you!
You return for more? We are impressed.

Battle[edit | edit source]

Emote Response

Vesh, Plague Lord of Murlocs
<Murloc Sounds> ... ahem.

Hero Power

Vesh, Plague Lord of Murlocs
Made of Murlocs
No matter. There are many more of us.
We are more than the sum of our scales.
You cull only the weak.
You cut through us. And we keep coming.
Ashes Anew (Heroic)
A vulgar display of power is required.
From stone we rise.
Our stone will grind your bones.
The tide marches on...
Mur-nado (Heroic)
A storm of scales... we will tear you apart!
A whirlwind of fang and fin...
Our powers are unbound, your end is nigh.
With wind and claw, we shall grind you to bits!
Reno Jackson
Is that... a Murloc-nado...? That is the scariest thing I have ever seen.


Vesh, Plague Lord of Murlocs
There are approximately 3,482 of us, if you were wondering.
Too scared to strike us?
We are ever-shifting. Ever-consuming.
We are more than a fish. We are more than a man.
We will consume all that lives.
What hope do you have against the plagues themselves?
You are fortunate we are first. We will grant you a quick demise.

Phase changing

Vesh, Plague Lord of Murlocs
Transition to Phase 2
We did not need them. We have other more suitable champions.
Transition to Phase 3
Flesh can be weak. We will crush yours.

Surprise! Murlocs! triggers

Vesh, Plague Lord of Murlocs
This city is ours...
We are everywhere...
You cannot escape us...

Boss cards

Vesh, Plague Lord of Murlocs
We who have fallen will rise again.
Crushing Hand
We will crush you.
We will feed you, then destroy you.
Call in the Finishers
You shall drown in our numbers.
Everyfin is Awesome
Empower that which binds us to this realm.
Tip the Scales
More of us to grind your bones...

Player's cards

Vesh, Plague Lord of Murlocs
Any Murloc card
We will assimilate that one.
Hungry Crab
Hahaha! WE are that which hungers!
Zephrys the Great
Not even you can stop us, Zephrys.
Plague of Murlocs
You cannot control us! We are the plague itself!
Any other Plague card
You would use the other's power? You are desperate...


Vesh, Plague Lord of Murlocs
The others... will... succeed...


Vesh, Plague Lord of Murlocs
The scales of time have tipped in our favor.
With the tide, comes extinction.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Vesh is unique to Hearthstone. It is an entity with a body made entirely out of murlocs, bound together by mummy wraps. It refers to itself with the pronoun "we", as Vesh is not an individual being, but rather the minds of many different murlocs assimilated into a single, horrifying monster. This is likely as murloc decks tend to swarm the field with murlocs. Vesh is the embodiment of the Plague of Murlocs.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Vesh, Plague Lord of Murlocs, full art

Patch changes[edit | edit source]

  • Saviors of Uldum logo.png Hotfix (2019-09-21): Fixed the issue causing Plague Lord presistent health fail to save.[1]
  • Saviors of Uldum logo.png Patch (2019-09-10): Added.

References[edit | edit source]

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