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"Created by" sections[edit source]

Hey there :) Your recent edits to the Murloc pages such as this one have raised an interesting question regarding how the wiki handles this type of listing. I've created a discussion, and suggestion for a possible approach to take, at Hearthstone Wiki talk:Community portal#"Created by" sections.

Just to be clear, your edits are appreciated, and you've done nothing wrong. Nonetheless it would be appreciated if you could hold off on adding any more such sections until we decide on how to handle the subject. Thanks! -- Taohinton (talk) 04:15, 21 August 2015 (UTC)

Hi there! I'm so sorry about what I did! I apologize for the extra work I have created for you and the others, and for sure it was not my intention. I've just started editing when seeing there was a little missing information or details for some pages (like Sheep and Frog images in the Uncollectible Minions in each heroes pages) and some others (minor editions)... When editing some new interactions with the new murloc I had the idea to create the "Summoned by.." section. In the middle of that, I started to wonder what you wrote in the new topic, about all the spells and minions which can creates another cards and yes, I realized it would create a HUGE work to do.
I did it with my better intentions and actually I don't know very well how to handle in this page, how to contact people or create topics so that's why I didn't contact you. I really thank you for writing to me.
Well, I think we will discuss the "Created by..." section in the new topic.
Thanks and greetings. and again, my apologies! -- FeliasSnape 12:20, 21 August 2015 (UTC)
Do you receive a notification if I edit this? I wonder if you will read it.
That's no problem at all :) You didn't do anything wrong; wiki organisation is a complex matter, so sometimes it's necessary to consider the site-wide implications of a change even though in theory it should be a simple addition to the site!
If you're new to wikis, it probably will take a while to learn the ropes, but don't worry, other editors are usually willing to fix any errors, etc, and people mostly learn by example. Wiki-editing is a very collaborative process so things are always getting revised and reworked - just try not to get too attached! If you need to ask about a particular page you can post a message on that page's talk page, or otherwise on my talk page. People don't usually get notifications unless someone posts on their own talk page, but I tend to keep an eye on edits anyway ;)
Regarding card counts, I corrected the minion count to 642 (up from 640). While I'd love for the wiki to be a rock-solid source of such info, unfortunately fairly frequent caching errors and other issues mean you can't always trust counts like that from the wiki. Hearthead is a fairly good place to go to at least confirm the numbers presented by the wiki, although their sorting systems don't match ours precisely, and they have a few errors in there. I've also fixed the reason the wiki was incorrectly stating 640, so at least it proved useful! -- Taohinton (talk) 00:24, 22 August 2015 (UTC)