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Aetherine/sandbox/Lord Jaraxxus

Acquiring[edit | edit source]

Lord Jaraxxus can be obtained in a pack or he can be crafted for 1600 Arcane Dust.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

When played, Lord Jaraxxus transforms your current hero into Lord Jaraxxus. Lord Jaraxxus changes multiple attributes and abilities of your hero when put into play:

INFERNO! allows Lord Jaraxxus to summon minions for extremely cheap, and Blood Fury gives Lord Jaraxxus the ability to attack for an extended period of time; together they add uncharacteristic value to a Warlock deck for a small amount of mana per turn.

Playing Lord Jaraxxus isn't without downsides. Playing Lord Jaraxxus gives your hero the subtype of Demon, and reduces your Health to 15 if it was above that. Lord Jaraxxus counts as a minion when played from your hand, and damage taken from Secrets before converting to a hero will carry over when Lord Jaraxxus replaces your current hero.

As a general strategy, Lord Jaraxxus can be played when your current hero has very little health, as an impromptu heal to extend a game or recover from a heavily-damaging turn.

Due to Lord Jaraxxus setting your maximum health to 15, Molten Giant cannot be played when Lord Jaraxxus is at full health for free; his cost-reducing trait treats your maximum health as 15 from the point which Lord Jaraxxus assumes your heroes place in the battle.

Card History[edit | edit source]

Lord Jaraxxus has seen blah blah blah, because blah blah, filler text for this entry.

Lore[edit | edit source]

"You face Jaraxxus, eredar lord of the Burning Legion!"

Lord Jaraxxus is an eredar lord of the Burning Legion and the second encounter of the Trial of the Crusader raid instance. Lord Jaraxxus is summoned by Grand Warlock Wilfred Fizzlebang when the gnome attempts to summon a Doomguard for the next challenge. Lord Jaraxxus kills Fizzlebang for his 'trifling' and 'arrogance'.

Art[edit | edit source]

The artist for Lord Jaraxxus card art is Alex Horley Orlandelli.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Some of Lord Jaraxxus audio from the Trial of the Crusader encounter have been reused as Jaraxxus emotes in Hearthstone. Several of the audio files were also featured in Mr.Voletron's "U Face Jaraxxus" remix.