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Unpublished art is the term given for hearthstone artwork that is backed by its creators as official Hearthstone art but has never been used on a card. The difference between Removed cards and Unpublished Art is that the only available resource is the artwork.

Cards[edit | edit source]

Beauty Succubus.png
Blood Weaver.png
Clean Up Bot.png
Clockwork Goblin (unpublished).png
Dalaran Bank.png
Gangsta Wolf Brother.png
Gangsta Wolves.png
Guardian (unpublished).png
Hazardous Workplace.png
Hunker Down.png
Lab Spy.png
Mana Surge Wyrm.png
Mech Chicken.png
Modulator Summon.png
Murloc Muncher.png
Nano Swarm.png
Panda Fu.png
Phase Glaive.png
Raptor Strike.png
Unpublished Shield Warrior.png
Soul Siphon.png
Suspicious Vendor.png
Terror from Above.png
The Claw.png
Tough Guy.png
Toxic Murloc.png
Unpublished Fire Elemental.png
Unpublished Goblin.png
Unpublished Kobold Spell.png
Unpublished Portal.png
Unpublished Purple Dinosaur.png
Unpublished Saurok.png
Unpublished Saurok Hunter.png
Unpublished Tar Monster.png
Unpublished Water Elemental.png
Unpublished Worgen.png
Uplink (Unpublished).png
Violet Hold.png
Volcano Spewer.png
Warbot Defender.png
Worgen Gilneas Commander.png
Worker Bot.png