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Descent of Dragons Galakrond's Awakening logo.png The subject of this article is part of the
Galakrond's Awakening adventure.

United Sr. Explorers

United Sr. Explorers(184846).png

Set: Galakrond's Awakening
Type: Hero
Class: Priest
Health: 40
Armor: 20 Armor.png (Heroic)
Artist: James Ryman

Join Kronx on a remorseless rampage against those snooping explorers.
Kronx could crush all four. Can you take them on?

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United Sr. Explorers is a boss encounter in Galakrond's Awakening adventure. It is the second encounter of Chapter 2 of E.V.I.L. campaign: Clash at Wyrmrest.

The boss for this encounter is United Sr. Explorers, while the hero the player controls in Story mode is Kronx Dragonhoof.

Boss Hero Power[edit | edit source]

Story Heroic

Boss special cards[edit | edit source]

From Hero Power
Reno's Lucky Hat(92381).png
Reno's Magical Torch(92383).png
Finley's Pith Helmet(92417).png
Scales of Justice(92306).png
Starseeker's Tools(92396).png
Elise's Machete(92399).png
Ol' Faithful(92403).png
Titan-Forged Grapnel(92409).png
From deck
Sr. Camel(184849).png
Uldum Treasures
Crusty the Crustacean(368883).png
Kodo Hide Whip(92380).png
Amakir the Light(92292).png
Bob's Bouncer(92369).png
Staff of Ammunae(92343).png
Runaway Gyrocopter(92332).png
Staff of Scales(92302).png
Book of the Dead(368888).png

Boss decks[edit | edit source]

The below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.

故事 Heroic
Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity
Boss Sr. Camel 1 Boss Sr. Camel 2
Druid Secure the Deck 1 Druid Secure the Deck 1
Strength in Numbers 1 Hunter Toxic Reinforcements 1
Mage Learn Draconic 1 Mage Learn Draconic 1
Paladin Righteous Cause 1 Paladin Divine Strength 2
Righteous Protector 2 Righteous Cause 1
Sanctuary 2 The Last Kaleidosaur 1
Potion of Heroism 2 Potion of Heroism 2
Primalfin Champion 1 Primalfin Champion 2
Aldor Peacekeeper 2 Sanctuary 1
Bronze Explorer 2 Aldor Peacekeeper 2
Muster for Battle 2 Muster for Battle 2
Silvermoon Portal 1 Seal of Champions 2
Warrior Frightened Flunky 2 Silvermoon Portal 2
Neutral Licensed Adventurer 2 Spikeridged Steed 2
Questing Explorer 3 Neutral Licensed Adventurer 2
Questing Adventurer 2 Questing Explorer 2
Bright-Eyed Scout 1 Questing Adventurer 2

Story mode[edit | edit source]

Player's hero[edit | edit source]

Kronx Dragonhoof(184850).png
Galakrond's Vanguard(184852).png

Player's decks[edit | edit source]

Class Card Quantity
Rogue Praise Galakrond! 2
Warlock Veiled Worshipper 1
Warrior Ritual Chopper 4
Awaken! 2
Shield Block 2
Molten Breath 2
Scion of Ruin 2
War Master Voone 1
Emberscale Drake 2
Neutral Acolyte of Pain 2
Hench-Clan Thug 2
Devoted Maniac 4
Dragonmaw Scorcher 2
Shield of Galakrond 2

Notes[edit | edit source]

Story mode
Heroic mode

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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Rewards[edit | edit source]


Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Story mode[edit | edit source]

Before encounter

Some explorers are snooping around the temple. Kronx! Destroy them.


Kronx Dragonhoof
These "explorers" will not get in the way of Master's return!
Sr. Excavator
Whoa! Who is this big fella?!
Sr. Navigator
He looks like he means business. Be on your guard!

Turn 1

Kronx Dragonhoof
It is foolish for you to intervene here, explorers.

Turn 2

Kronx Dragonhoof
Galakrond's resurrection will spell doom for all of Azeroth!

Turn 3

The final plague is ready, Kronx. Stop playing and find the remains of Galakrond!

Turn 5

Kronx Dragonhoof
Rafaam thinks he can control my master… he must be a fool.

Turn 6

Kronx Dragonhoof
My people have waited for this for so very long.

Sr. Camel

Kronx Dragonhoof
Is that… a camel? In Northrend?

Boss at 10 health left

Kronx Dragonhoof
The sun has set for you.

United Sr. Explorers[edit | edit source]

United Sr. Explorers, full art

Introduction in Heroic mode

Sr. Excavator
Whoa! Who are you?
Sr. Navigator
Whoever they are, they look like trouble!

Hero Power

Sr. Excavator
All together now!
Sr. Navigator
With our power combined!
Sr. Tomb Diver
Go Team Explorers!
Sr. Scout
Teamwork makes the dream work!

Emote Response

Sr. Excavator
I'm a full-fledged explorer, ya can't scare me!
Sr. Navigator
We've got some exploring to do. Please step aside!
Sr. Tomb Diver
Hmm. Is that a clue?
Sr. Scout
You lookin' for a fight? We can fight!


Sr. Excavator
Brann's been teachin' me patience… it ain't workin'!
Sr. Navigator
We REALLY need to get moving!
Sr. Tomb Diver
There must be something about this guy that we can learn…
Sr. Scout
Let's finish this fight already!

Sr. Camel

Sr. Tomb Diver
The… camel?! Why would you bring the camel?!
Sr. Scout
I thought it could help us! And it did!


(one of the four explorers yells)


Sr. Excavator
We are the…
Sr. Navigator
Explorer's League!
Sr. Tomb Diver
And we are in need…
Sr. Scout
Of explorers!

Kronx Dragonhoof[edit | edit source]

Kronx Dragonhoof, full art
Type Emote
Thanks That will do.
Well played Galakrond smiles upon this.
Greetings A greeting before your demise.
Wow Most impressive.
Oops Hm. For shame.
Threaten You stand against Galakrond's fist.
Attack <Attack>
Concede Galakrond will forgive me… I hope…
Death For… Galakrond…
Thinking [1] Hmmm…
Thinking [2] How shall I best serve the Master…?
Thinking [3] How long until he returns?
Running out of time I must be swift. There is much to do.
Almost out of cards I am nearly out of cards.
Out of cards My deck is empty. Disappointing.
Error: Generic That will not work.

Patch changes[edit | edit source]