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Rise of Shadows logo.png The subject of this article is part of the
Rise of Shadows's The Dalaran Heist.

Ungan Oddkind
Ungan Oddkind.png
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Ungan Oddkind Gold.png
Set: Rise of Shadows
Type: Hero
Class: Hunter
Health: 40 / 55
Artist: E. Kenji & M. Azevedo

He conjures up animals. And insults. And insulting animals.

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Ungan Oddkind is a boss that can be encountered in The Dalaran Heist.

Hero Power[edit | edit source]

Normal Heroic
Summon Companion.png
Summon Companions.png

Deck[edit | edit source]

These decks correspond only to level 6. If this boss is encountered on level 5, his deck will be missing 5 random cards.

Level 5-6
Normal Heroic
Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity
Hunter On the Hunt 1 Hunter Arcane Shot 1
Rapid Fire 1 Candleshot 1
The Beast Within 2 On the Hunt 1
Tracking 1 Secret Plan 1
Cat Trick 2 The Beast Within 1
Goblin Prank 1 Bear Trap 1
Hunter's Mark 2 Cat Trick 1
Lock and Load 2 Dart Trap 1
Snake Trap 2 Explorer's Hat 1
Venomstrike Trap 2 Explosive Trap 1
Wandering Monster 2 Freezing Trap 1
Animal Companion 1 Hunter's Mark 1
Deadly Shot 1 Quick Shot 1
Kill Command 1 Snake Trap 1
Unleash the Hounds 1 Wandering Monster 1
Dire Frenzy 1 Animal Companion 1
Marked Shot 2 Infest 1
Multi-Shot 1 Kill Command 1
Cobra Shot 1 Unleash the Hounds 1
Lesser Emerald Spellstone 1 Flanking Strike 1
Unleash the Beast 1 Marked Shot 1
Rhok'delar 1 Baited Arrow 1
Cobra Shot 1
Explosive Shot 1
Ball of Spiders 1
Lesser Emerald Spellstone 1
To My Side! 1
Crushing Walls 1
Rhok'delar 1
Call of the Wild 1

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Ungan Oddkind runs a spell hunter deck, in order to keep up you have to keep dropping minions on the board to exhaust his arsenal.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Before match

Arch-Villain Rafaam
Ungan is crude but we can learn much from the artistry of his verbal abuse.


vs. Rakanishu
Ungan Oddkind
C'mere ya wee fire-footed flicker-faced soot-fer-brains!
I didn't understand half of that, but I know I don't like it.
vs. Vessina
Let us resolve this quickly.
Ungan Oddkind
C'mere ya sneaky sissy sandy-scaled snivelin' shaman!
vs. Ol' Barkeye
Ol' Barkeye
Locksed up and loaderted!
Ungan Oddkind
C'mere ya wee blathering animal cracker!
vs. Kriziki
Ungan Oddkind
C'mere ya beaky flappy-jack feather-flinger!
Ra-ak! Cannot flap.
vs. Captain Eudora
Ungan Oddkind
Go ahead ya cape-wearin' blatherer, make my day!
Captain Eudora
vs. Mr. Chu
Mr. Chu
You are in my way.
Ungan Oddkind
C'mere ya big bloated bear-brained bar bouncer!
vs. Squeamlish
Me Squeamlish, Druid of the Rat!
Ungan Oddkind
Go ahead ya cape-wearin' blatherer, make my day!
vs. Tekahn
Ungan Oddkind
C'mere ya four-legged asphalt-faced pyramid-pounder!
vs. George the Fallen
George the Fallen
I'm here. For revenge!
Ungan Oddkind
C'mere ya surly light-waving hammer-headed hooligan!

Emote Response

Ungan Oddkind
Ye, ye, keep on talkin'!

Hero Power

Ungan Oddkind
C'mon, let's maul 'em!
Get to it!
Time fer yer lunch!


Ungan Oddkind
I get to borrow Misha every other week.
My pets are rearin' to go!
Thanks for givin' me time to reload.

Player deals first damage to Ungan

Ungan Oddkind
Ye drew first blood!

Boss cards

Ungan Oddkind
Kill Command
Go for the throat!
Unleash the Hounds
What's wrong? Scared of a few wee dogs?

Player's cards

Ungan Oddkind
Minion for 0-2 mana
Set 'em up and I'll knock 'em down!
Oh, a beastie battle it is, then!
Big Game Hunter
Ha! You're hunting big game with THAT peashooter?
Equip a Hunter's weapon
We're to have a duel then?
Equip Hyperblaster
Now that's a fine weapon!


Ungan Oddkind


Ungan Oddkind
Yer gonna be pet food.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Ungan Oddkind is original to Heathstone.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Ungan Oddkind, full art

Patch changes[edit | edit source]