Totemic Might

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Totemic Might
Totemic Might(367).png
Totemic Might(367) Gold.png
Set: Basic
Type: Spell
Class: Shaman
Cost: 0
Abilities: Increment attribute
Tags: Totem-related
Artist: Trent Kaniuga

Give your Totems +2 Health.

Totem-stomping is no longer recommended.

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Totemic Might is a shaman spell card, from the Basic set.

How to get[edit | edit source]

Two copies of Totemic Might are a reward for raising a shaman to level 6.

Two Golden copies of Totemic Might are a reward for raising a shaman to levels 28 and 30.

Totemic Might is uncraftable and cannot be crafted or disenchanted.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Totemic Might works by placing enchantments on each card affected, so the effect can be silenced.
  • This card will affect all friendly Totem minions on the battlefield. This makes the card far more valuable if you have several in play. Totemic Might enchants totems summoned by Totemic Call as well as the collectible totems, Flametongue Totem, Mana Tide Totem, Vitality Totem and Totem Golem.[1][2]
  • Totemic Might is able to be cast even if the player has no Totem minions in play.
  • Totemic Might will no longer be offered for selection in Arena, since the 15th of September 2016.[3] However, it is still obtainable in Arena matches through random effects, such as Spellslinger.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

This card can be used to protect your totems by giving them more Health, allowing them to survive longer to make use of their effects. Since most totems have 0 Attack, this effect is more useful when combined buffs like Stormwind Champion or even Flametongue Totem, which in combination can quickly turn a row of ineffectual totems into a mass of sturdy attackers.

However, Totemic Might is a very niche card with a small impact, and is inefficient to use even in Totem synergy decks.

Totem-related cards from The Grand Tournament expansion did give this card some use however, particular with Totem Golem and Thunder Bluff Valiant. A Turn 2 3/6 is very hard to remove with most classes, and while +2 Health to a couple of 0-Attack utility totems (or the 1/1 Searing Totem) may not be much use, when you have a small army of totems gaining +2 Attack every turn, this buff can double their survivability.

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Totemic Might, full art

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