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Aggro Druid

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Expect to see a lot of these.

Aggro Druid (Also known as Token Druid, Zoo Druid or Egg Druid in wild) is an Aggressive Druid deck type that utilizes low-cost minions and Druid's various area of effect buffs to create large powerful boards quickly and overwhelm the opponent.

Aggro Druid is weak to decks that can efficiently keep the board clear, lowering the value of their wide buffs and running them out of steam.

Some decks opt to run the Treant package for its synergy effects with Treespeaker, Mulchmuncher, or Dendrologist.

Common cards[edit | edit source]

The following cards are usually in the deck.

Core cards[edit | edit source]

The following cards are played in most or all versions of the deck:

Dreamway Guardians(90563).png
Keeper Stalladris(90585).png
Power of the Wild(165).png
Savage Roar(329).png
Blessing of the Ancients(90645).png
Archmage Vargoth(90615).png
Soul of the Forest(311).png
The Forest's Aid(90547).png

Optional cards[edit | edit source]

The following cards are played more than occasionally, but not always:

Floop's Glorious Gloop(89898).png
Crystalsong Portal(90586).png
Dire Wolf Alpha(305).png
EVIL Cable Rat(90574).png
Microtech Controller(89932).png
Wardruid Loti(90223).png
Garden Gnome(90810).png
Mark of the Loa(90244).png
Violet Teacher(523).png
Wispering Woods(89349).png
Anubisath Defender(90771).png
Leeroy Jenkins(674).png
Force of Nature(237).png
Tending Tauren(89900).png
Eccentric Scribe(90671).png

Wild cards[edit | edit source]

Wild cards that fit well into this deck type:

Snowflipper Penguin(62839).png
Acherus Veteran(62948).png
Dire Mole(76996).png
Dragon Egg(14442).png
Enchanted Raven(42024).png
Fire Fly(55466).png
Living Roots(22329).png
Mark of the Lotus(49642).png
Sir Finley Mrrgglton(27215).png
Haunted Creeper(7756).png
Druid of the Swarm(62905).png
Mark of Y'Shaarj(33151).png
Nerubian Egg(7738).png
Echoing Ooze(7754).png
Boisterous Bard(76999).png
Crypt Lord(62860).png
Tar Creeper(55456).png
Vicious Fledgling(55584).png
Branching Paths(76870).png
Evolving Spores(55513).png
Saronite Chain Gang(62901).png
Arcane Tyrant(76910).png
Bittertide Hydra(55570).png
Cobalt Scalebane(62851).png
Living Mana(55491).png
Spreading Plague(62841).png
Corridor Creeper(77000).png
Malfurion the Pestilent(62904).png
Ultimate Infestation(62879).png