The Whisperer

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The Witchwood logo.png The subject of this article is part of
The Witchwood Monster Hunt.

The Whisperer

The Whisperer(89676).png

Set: The Witchwood
Type: Hero
Class: Rogue
Health: 25
Artist: Phil Saunders

Do you hear the echoes of his whispers?

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The Whisperer is a boss that can be encountered during the Monster Hunt.

Hero Power[edit | edit source]

Echoes of the Witchwood(89677).png

Special card[edit | edit source]


Deck[edit | edit source]

The below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.

Class Card Quantity
Druid Mark of the Lotus 1
Wrath 1
Hunter Hunting Mastiff 1
Animal Companion 1
Deadly Shot 1
Mage Unstable Portal 1
Paladin Divine Strength 1
Sound the Bells! 1
Priest Spirit Lash 1
Squashling 1
Rogue Backstab 1
Shaman Evolve 2
Devolve 1
Warlock Curse of Rafaam 1
Warrior Whirlwind 1
Neutral Arcane Anomaly 1
Echoing Ooze 1
Mana Addict 2
Stonesplinter Trogg 2
Phantom Militia 1
Saboteur 1
Walnut Sprite 1
Burly Rockjaw Trogg 2
Azure Drake 1
Loatheb 1
Troggzor the Earthinator 1

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Encounter[edit | edit source]

Before match

Hagatha the Witch
In dead of night and dark of wood, the whispers whisper back.


The Whisperer
This mist calls...

Emote Response

The Whisperer

Player plays the echo of a card

The Whisperer


The Whisperer


The Whisperer
Better to burn out than fade away...

Strategy[edit | edit source]

If you can get a zero-mana spell that does damage, the battle is won--just keep spamming it until everyone is dead.

  • For example, it is possible for the tracker to win as early as turn 1 by using her (treasure enhanced) hero power for a 0 cost stone and echoing it over and over again.
  • Similarly, if Toki has a mana-reduction effect (like Khadgar's Scrying Orb or a Sorcerer's Apprentice) and has a 1-point damage-dealing spell (like Arcane Missiles), the round is won. Or if she has any zero-cost spell and can put a Flamewaker on the board.
  • Likewise, if you can get a zero-cost attack buff and clear away any Taunt minions, you can just spam the buff to turn a minion into a one-shot hero killer. Or if you have a Mana Wyrm or Questing Adventurer on the board, any zero-cost spell will work--just keep casting it until the minion is powerful enough.

Darius Crowley[edit | edit source]

You should use your taunt minions to draw out his spells. When you have a sort of wall, you may start being aggressive.

Houndmaster Shaw[edit | edit source]

The Whisperer relies on the fact that he can cast a spell twice. To counter this, try dropping powerful minions to bait him into emptying his hand.

Toki, Time-Tinker[edit | edit source]

If Toki can get get several low cost spells and a spell reducer, she can use an Arcane Missiles. Alternatively, if you have enough spells you can turn the bosses hero power against him by dealing with his minions.

Tess Greymane[edit | edit source]

If you play Tess you've already won, Simply use your hero power and use A Small Rock.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The Whisperer, full art

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