The Lich King (Battlegrounds)

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The Lich King

The Lich King(127375).png

Set: Battlegrounds
Type: Hero
Health: 40
Artist: Glenn Rane

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For the minion of the same name, see The Lich King.
For the boss of the same name, see The Lich King (boss).

The Lich King is a hero that the player can pick in Battlegrounds.

For more information, see Battlegrounds.

Hero Power[edit | edit source]

Reborn Rites(127410).png

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Lich King's Hero Power give a backline minion an extra bit of survivability, making builds that rely on support minions to buff your board like Mama Bear less likely to get shut down. It's best used on a minion with built-in Taunt and Divine Shield like Psych-o-Tron, giving the minion two extra hits to survive, or on a powerful Deathrattle minion like Ghastcoiler to double its Deathrattle. Alternatively, it can be used on a support minion to allow them to survive longer if you expect the opponent to have something that can bypass Taunts like Zapp Slywick and Kaboom Bot, or even on Maexxna if you are facing an opponent where your raw stats are not enough to kill an opponent's minions.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The Lich King, full art

Patch changes[edit | edit source]