The League of Explorers enchantment list

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The following page lists all known enchantments related to the The League of Explorers adventure. For basic information on enchantments, see Enchantment.

Note that some of the associations between enchantments and their related cards may be incorrect, since there is no way to determine this for certain without extensive in-game testing. Because of the way the wiki imports data, some enchantment data may also be out of date, and may therefore not match the stated effects of the related card, or that shown on the enchantment in-game. Editors are free to correct incorrect or out of date information, but should only do so if the correct information has been clearly witnessed in-game.

Regular play[edit | edit source]

Related card Enchantment Text
Anubisath Sentinel Power of the Titans +3/+3.
Cursed Blade Cursed Blade Double all damage dealt to your hero.
Everyfin is Awesome Mrglllraawrrrglrur! +2/+2.
Explorer's Hat Explorer's Hat +1/+1. Deathrattle: Add an Explorer's Hat to your hand.
Fossilized Devilsaur Fossilized Has Taunt.
Keeper of Uldaman Watched Stats changed to 3/3.
Lantern of Power Lantern of Power +10/+10.
Reliquary Seeker Sinister Power +4/+4.
Tunnel Trogg Trogg No Stupid Increased Attack.
Unearthed Raptor Unearthed Raptor Copied Deathrattle from CARD_NAME.

Removed[edit | edit source]

These enchantments are believed to relate to removed cards and effects, or reflect earlier versions of existing enchantments.

Related card Enchantment Text
This may represent a previous name/concept for what became Unearthed Raptor. The surviving "Unearthed Raptor" enchantment has precisely the same text. Tomb Explorer Copied Deathrattle from CARD_NAME

Boss[edit | edit source]

Related boss Related card Enchantment Text
Sun Raider Phaerix Rod of the Sun Heroic Mode +3/+3 if Phaerix controls the Rod.
Temple Escape - Escape Enchant(27318) Temple Escape Enchant [no text]
- Escape Enchant(27319) Temple Escape Enchant [no text]
Chieftain Scarvash - Animated +1/+1 and Taunt.
- Animated +3/+3 and Taunt.
Lord Slitherspear Enraged! Enraged +2 Attack
Enraged! (removed) Enraged +5 Attack
Getting Hungry Famished/Famished Quite Hungry.
Cauldron Cauldron [no text]
Rafaam Unleashed Blessing of the Sun Blessing of the Sun Immune.
Unknown. Possibly Blessing of the Sun, or removed? Blessed Immune this turn.
Putress' Vial Putressed Attack and Health swapped.
Unknown Unknown Hollow Stats copied.