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The Great Amalgamation

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Tavern Brawl - promo.png The subject of this article is part of the
Tavern Brawl game mode.

The Great Amalgamation.jpg
"What horror has science wrought!? Build a deck, all minions count as Elementals, Mechs, Demons, Murlocs, Dragons, Beasts, Pirates, and Totems!"

The Great Amalgamation is a Tavern Brawl. It debuted on August 21st, 2019.

History[edit | edit source]

Tavern Brawl Start End
219 August 21, 2019 August 28, 2019

Overview[edit | edit source]

This Tavern Brawl sees players doing battle with custom decks. All minions are considered to have the All subtype, just like Nightmare Amalgam.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The rules only include actual subtypes, not psuedo-types like Silver Hand Recruit and Treant.
  • Minions do not actually have the All tag written on them, but are always treated as having all types.
  • All minions have this effect, whether they started in your deck, generated, or summoned by another card.
  • Cards that generate specific minion subtypes (Underbelly Angler, Netherspite Historian, ect) will still only generate minions that have it naturally. Nightmare Amalgam can be generated by anything as usual.
  • Minions with abilities that usually wouldn't need to except themselves (Cogmaster, Gentle Megasaur, ect) will benefit from their own abilities. Cards that do except themselves (Murloc Warleader, Southsea Captain, ect) still will not.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Paladin and Shaman are best for this brawl, thanks to their hero powers summoning All-type minions. Shaman in particular has cheap synergies for both Totems and Murlocs.

Since every minion has all types, tribal synergy is extraordinarily powerful. Since tribal synergy is usually balanced around only affecting specific minions, this allows to player to use fast aggro decks. Cards like Mechwarper, Thing from Below, Ship's Cannon, Underbelly Angler and Old Murk-Eye are incredibly strong when they affect and gain from all minions.

This also makes anti-tribal cards powerful as well. Hungry Crab and Golakka Crawler can destroy any minion and summon a cheap 3/4, while Sacrificial Pact can destroy any minion for free and restore 5 health. Dragonslayer, E.M.P. Operative, and Hemet Nesingwary are also options, but are far less powerful.

Specific tribal synergies are much more powerful. Since all minions count as Mechs, Magnetic cards can be attached to anything. Elementals like Blazecaller and Arcanosaur will almost always have their effects active. Any in-hand Dragon synergies can be satisfied with any minion in hand.

One possible OTK is combining Scargil, Mechwarper, Stonetusk Boar, and SN1P-SN4P. Simply Magnetize SN1P-SN4P to the boar until you have lethal damage.