The Dragonflights

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Descent of Dragons Galakrond's Awakening logo.png The subject of this article is part of the
Galakrond's Awakening adventure.

The Dragonflights

The Dragonflights(184876).png

Set: Galakrond's Awakening
Type: Hero
Class: Druid
Abilities: Permanent
Artist: Unknown artist

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The Dragonflights is a boss encounter in Galakrond's Awakening adventure. It is the third and final encounter of Chapter 3 of E.V.I.L. campaign: Air Battle Over Dragonblight.

The boss for this encounter is The Dragonflights, while the hero the player controls in Story mode is The Slipstream.

Boss Hero Power[edit]

Story Heroic

Boss special cards[edit]


Boss decks[edit]

The below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.

Story (27/30) Heroic
Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity
Druid Breath of Dreams 2 Druid Breath of Dreams 1
Emerald Explorer 2 Emerald Explorer 1
Ysera, Unleashed 1 Ysera, Unleashed 1
Hunter Primordial Explorer 1 Hunter Corrosive Breath 1
Mage Arcane Breath 1 Primordial Explorer 1
Azure Explorer 1 Emeriss 1
Malygos, Aspect of Magic 1 Mage Arcane Breath 1
Dragoncaster 2 Azure Explorer 1
Paladin Sand Breath 1 Paladin Sand Breath 1
Bronze Explorer 1 Bronze Explorer 1
Bronze Herald 1 Bronze Herald 2
Dragon Consort 2 Amber Watcher 2
Priest Breath of the Infinite 1 Dragon Consort 2
Shaman Lightning Breath 1 Priest Breath of the Infinite 1
Squallhunter 2 Shaman Lightning Breath 1
Warrior Dragon Roar 1 Warrior Dragon Roar 2
Neutral Brightwing 1 Neutral Brightwing 1
Hoarding Dragon 2 Evasive Feywing 2
Twin Tyrant 2 Cobalt Scalebane 2
Dragonqueen Alexstrasza 1 Evasive Drakonid 2
Twin Tyrant 2
Onyxia 1

Story mode[edit]

Player's hero[edit]

The Slipstream(184869).png
Prepare the Cannons!(184872).png

Player's special cards[edit]

From deck only
Ready, Aim, FIRE!(184868).png
Death Ray Mk II(184875).png
From Hero Power and deck
Heavy Cannon(184861).png
Bomb Flinger(184865).png
Rocket Launcher(184862).png
Missile Pod(184864).png
Upgraded Cannon(184866).png

Player's decks[edit]

Class Card Quantity
Boss Heavy Cannon 2
Greasemonkey 1
Ready, Aim, FIRE! 4
Rocket Launcher 1
Missile Pod 1
Upgraded Cannon 1
Rogue Bloodsail Flybooter 2
Evasion 1
Eviscerate 2
Sap 2
Skyvateer 2
Sudden Betrayal 1
Fan of Knives 2
Sahket Sapper 2
Warrior Sky Raider 2
Skybarge 2
Neutral Parachute Brigand 2


  • The boss starts with 2 Mana Crystals instead of 0 in both Story and Heroic mode.
  • Unlike most boss encounters, The Dragonflights does not have Health. To win this encounter, the player needs to survive in 10 opponent's turns.


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Risky Skipper(184970).png
Boompistol Bully(184983).png


The captain controlling The Slipstream is Captain Eudora.

Story mode[edit]

Before encounter

Eudora! You're the only one left out there. Hold them off!


The Slipstream
Steady on, crew! We're the last line of defense!

Turn 1

The Slipstream
Shiverin' tailfur, that's a lot of dragons.

Turn 1 - boss

Keep them at bay, Eudora. Our moment of triumph is near!
The Slipstream
Can ya triumph a little faster over there?

Turn 2

The Slipstream
Don't give up! We just need to hold them off for - what!?
…oh come on! Stupid time dragons!!

Turn 2 - boss

The Slipstream
Rafaam! There are more dragons out here than… not dragons!
I place my trust in you, Eudora! Plus, everyone else has been eaten.

Turn 3

The Slipstream
Okay… okay… Maybe we gotta play dirty? I do dirty!

Turn 3 - boss

The Slipstream
I want these dragons OFF the deck of my SHIP!

Turn 4

The Slipstream
Dragons… everywhere… RAFAAM!
You're fine, Eudora! I think.
From here, all I can see is an enormous cloud of angry dragons.

Turn 4 - boss

The Slipstream
I've gotta find a new evil league. This one stinks.

Turn 5

The Slipstream
Booby-trap the decks! Un-moor the cannons! Turn this ship into a dragon-trap!

Turn 5 - boss

The Slipstream
Rafaam - how's that master plan coming along?
We do not rush master plans! They are done when they are done.

Turn 10

The Slipstream
I'm done! I'm out! Next time you form an evil league, find a different pirate!
Eudora - Get back here! You haven’t tried fighting them with your fists yet!

Player's Hero Power

The Slipstream
I need backup!
Beat to quarters!
All hands on deck!

The Dragonflights[edit]

The Dragonflights, full art


<Multiple Dragon Roars>

A Dragon dies

<Petulant roar>
<Snappy roar>
<Long, aggravated roar!>

Emote Response

<Confused roar>


<Angry roar!>



The Slipstream[edit]

The Slipstream, full art
Type Emote
Thanks Uh, thank you?
Well Played I love a good exchange of fire.
Greetings Ahoy over there!
Wow Brilliant!
Oops Aye, quite the blunder.
Threaten I'm fixin' to fill that heap fulla holes!
Attack Eat grapeshot, mongrel!
Concede Everyone, bail!
Death (yells)
Almost out of cards My hoard's running low.
Out of cards Outta cards. Better get pillaging.
Running out of time '
Error: Generic '

Patch changes[edit]