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This template is deprecated. Please use the artist parameter on {{Card infobox}} instead.

This is a simple template to set the Has artist property for a card. This property is used by {{List cards/Artist}} to add the card to the relevant artist's page, and in turn to the main Artist page. The template then displays a link to the artist's page.

The full name of the artist/s should be entered, taking care to use the correct (and consistent) spelling. Two special values also exist:

  • unknown - lists this card on the special Unknown artist page, and links to that page. This is the usual value for new and upcoming cards.
  • none - does not display a link, and adds the page to a special list separate to the rest of the artist data system. Used only for non-regular cards (mostly internal and debug cards) that lack art entirely, or have no art uploaded to the wiki.

This template normally appears in an "Artist" section near the bottom of card pages, but in the case of the none value, can simply be inserted after the lead section.

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