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Card infobox/layout

This is the actual infobox used by {{Card infobox}}, as that template is actually responsible for finding data pages to acquire data from, automatic categorization, and setting of properties allowing the data to appear in automated lists throughout the wiki.

This basic template does none of that, simply displaying an infobox according the values given to its parameters. It can therefore be used directly whenever any of those side effects are not desirable.


{{Card infobox/layout
  |name=the name of the card, uses the page name if not provided
  |link=Hearthpwn URL without the http://www.hearthpwn.com part
  |image=image filename for the regular card without the File: prefix
  |has_gold=true if there is a gold version, false otherwise
  |gold_image=image filename for the gold card without the File: prefix
  |set=names of any sets this card is a part of, separated by commas
  |type=the type of the card, such as Equipment, Spell, or Minion
  |subtype=the subtype of the card, typically for minions
  |class=the class of the card
  |rarity=the rarity of the card
  |cost=the mana cost of the card, defaults to 0 if not provided
  |attack=the attack value of the card
  |hp=the health of the card
  |heroichp=the health of the heroic version
  |armor=the armor of the card
  |heroicarmor=the armor of the heroic version
  |abilities=the abilities of the card, separated by commas
  |tags=the card's tags, separated by commas
  |artist=the card's artist
  |voice actor=the card's voice actor
  |desc=the card's text description
  |flavor=the card's flavor text