Tekahn, Plague Lord of Flame

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Saviors of Uldum logo.png The subject of this article is part of the
Saviors of Uldum's Tombs of Terror.

Tekahn, Plague Lord of Flame

Tekahn, Plague Lord of Flame(92718).png

Set: Saviors of Uldum
Type: Hero
Class: Warlock
Health: 300
Artist: Jaemin Kim

The fifth plague, Tekhan laid claim: behold the mighty Lord of Flame!

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Tekahn, Plague Lord of Flame is the final boss of Tombs of Terror. The player needs to complete all first four chapters of Tombs of Terror to unlock this boss fight.

Hero Powers[edit | edit source]

Difficulty Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
Awaken the Flame(92719).png
Curse of Flame(92720).png
Soul Pyre(92722).png
Heroic Awaken the Flame 0-mana.png Curse of Flame 0-mana.png
Soul Pyre(92722).png

Special cards[edit | edit source]

Demonic Presence(42189).png
Sanctum Golem(92329).png
Enflamed Golem(92330).png
The Final Plague-!(92723).png

Decks[edit | edit source]

Player[edit | edit source]

Elise Starseeker
Class Card Quantity
Druid Crystal Merchant 1
Dreamway Guardians 2
Power of the Wild 1
Wrath 2
Blessing of the Ancients 1
Lifeweaver 1
Mark of Nature 2
Hidden Oasis 2
The Forest's Aid 1
Priest Embalming Ritual 1
Extra Arms 1
Velen's Chosen 1
High Priest Amet 1
Holy Champion 1
Holy Nova 1
Priest of the Feast 1
Psychopomp 2
Lyra the Sunshard 1
Sandhoof Waterbearer 2
Holy Fire 1
Prophet Velen 1
Neutral Archmage Vargoth 1
Sir Finley
Class Card Quantity
Paladin Brazen Zealot 2
Competitive Spirit 1
Micro Mummy 2
Sword of Justice 1
Ancestral Guardian 2
Murloc Knight 2
Bolvar Fordragon 1
Pharaoh's Blessing 1
Sunkeeper Tarim 1
Vinecleaver 1
Lay on Hands 1
Shaman Evolve 1
Finders Keepers 2
Ancestral Knowledge 1
Ghost Light Angler 2
Sandstorm Elemental 2
Soul of the Murloc 2
Flametongue Totem 2
Mana Tide Totem 1
Bloodlust 2
Brann Bronzebeard
Class Card Quantity
Hunter Springpaw 2
Tracking 1
Animal Companion 2
Desert Spear 1
Hunter's Pack 2
Spider Bomb 1
Dire Frenzy 1
Swarm of Locusts 1
Unleash the Beast 2
Warrior Town Crier 2
Battle Rage 1
Frightened Flunky 2
Redband Wasp 1
Rabid Worgen 2
Shield Block 1
Restless Mummy 2
Darius Crowley 1
Direhorn Hatchling 2
Tomb Warden 2
The Boom Reaver 1
Reno Jackson
Class Card Quantity
Mage Arcane Artificer 1
Pyros 1
Sorcerer's Apprentice 2
Arcane Intellect 2
Dune Sculptor 2
Flame Ward 1
Flamewaker 2
Fireball 1
Ethereal Conjurer 2
Archmage Antonidas 1
Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron 1
Rogue Pharaoh Cat 2
Cheat Death 1
Clever Disguise 2
Eviscerate 2
Shiv 1
Blink Fox 1
Headcrack 1
Sahket Sapper 1
Shadow of Death 2
Thistle Tea 1

Tekahn, Plague Lord of Flame[edit | edit source]

The below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.


Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity
Boss Rakanishu 1 Warlock Plague of Flames 2 Boss The Final Plague?! 1
Sanctum Golem 8 Corrupting Mist 2 Warlock Queen of Pain 2
Priest EVIL Conscripter 2 Defile 2 Duskbat 2
Rogue EVIL Miscreant 2 Ratcatcher 2 Nethersoul Buster 2
Heistbaron Togwaggle 1 Lord Godfrey 1 Diseased Vulture 2
Shaman Sludge Slurper 2 Twisting Nether 2 Deathweb Spider 2
EVIL Totem 2 Neutral Serpent Egg 2 Floating Watcher 2
Warlock Plague of Flames 2 Sunfury Protector 2 Siphon Soul 2
Sinister Deal 2 Devilsaur Egg 2 Demonbolt 2
The Soularium 1 Baron Rivendare 1 DOOM! 1
EVIL Genius 2 Defender of Argus 2 Neutral Violet Illusionist 2
EVIL Recruiter 2 Spiritsinger Umbra 1 Lifedrinker 2
Eager Underling 1 Weaponized Piñata 1 Bloodworm 2
Shadowflame 1 Feugen 1 Rotten Applebaum 2
Bane of Doom 2 Stalagg 1 Khartut Defender 2
Glinda Crowskin 1 Tomb Lurker 2 Countess Ashmore 1
Fel Lord Betrug 1 Bone Drake 2 Chromaggus 1
Neutral EVIL Cable Rat 2 Piloted Sky Golem 2 Ragnaros the Firelord 1
Nerubian Egg 2 Sylvanas Windrunner 1 The Lich King 1
Cult Master 2 The Skeleton Knight 1 Anubisath Warbringer 2
Arch-Thief Rafaam 1 Dr. Boom 1 Hakkar, the Soulflayer 1
Kel'Thuzad 1 Yogg-Saron, Hope's End 1
Octosari 1 Arcane Giant 2
Sneed's Old Shredder 1 Molten Giant 2
Splitting Festeroot 2
Colossus of the Moon 1
N'Zoth, the Corruptor 1


Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity
Boss Rakanishu 1 Boss Demonic Presence 3 Boss Demonic Presence 3
Demonic Presence 2 Druid Hadronox 1 The Final Plague?! 2
Sanctum Golem 10 Hunter Abominable Bowman 2 Druid Hadronox 1
Hunter Toxmonger 2 Priest Catrina Muerte 1 Hunter Abominable Bowman 2
Priest EVIL Conscripter 4 Obsidian Statue 2 Priest Obsidian Statue 2
Obsidian Statue 2 Plague of Death 4 Plague of Death 2
Rogue EVIL Miscreant 4 Rogue Plague of Madness 2 Grave Horror 2
Shaman Sludge Slurper 4 Blade of C'Thun 4 Rogue Blade of C'Thun 2
EVIL Totem 4 Shaman Al'Akir the Windlord 1 Shaman Grumble, Worldshaker 1
Warlock Glinda Crowskin 1 Shudderwock 1 Walking Fountain 2
Twisting Nether 2 Warlock Rin, the First Disciple 1 Shudderwock 2
Neutral Gluttonous Ooze 2 Twisting Nether 1 Warlock Curse of Rafaam 2
Magic Carpet 2 Neutral Disciple of C'Thun 4 Hellfire 1
C'Thun's Chosen 4 Twisting Nether 1
Khartut Defender 3 DOOM! 1
Sylvanas Windrunner 1 Neutral Gluttonous Ooze 1
Doomcaller 2 Violet Illusionist 4
Kel'Thuzad 1 Khartut Defender 2
C'Thun 1 Doomcaller 2
N'Zoth, the Corruptor 1 C'Thun 1
Frost Giant 2
Arcane Giant 2

Rules[edit | edit source]

  • At the start of the battle, you will get to choose one of four heroes and one of three Hero Power of them. Each hero has 50 health.
  • After choosing, all hero's Signature Treasures the player has collected will be shuffled into deck.
  • If a hero loses all health, at the start of the player's turn, he/she gets to choose one of the remaining heroes the player has not chosen yet. It repeats until all heroes lose, then the game is over.
  • After choosing a hero, the current deck is replaced by the chosen hero's deck listed above along with shuffled Signature Treasures cards, then the player draws a predetermined number of cards until their hand is full (without being milled).
  • The number of turns is unlimited in this encounter.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Tekahn's Hero Power and deck depends on their current Health.
    • If it is between 201-300, it uses Phase 1's Hero Power and deck.
    • If it is between 101-200, it uses Phase 2's.
    • If it is 100 or below, it uses Phase 3's.
    • During the phase change, Tekahn will draw extra cards until his hand has 9 cards.
    • If its Health is "set" by Flex-plosion, its Hero Power and deck stays the same until it is damaged by any means.
  • Unlike other Plague Lords, Tekahn does not keep persistent health even if the player loses (His health is restored to 300 when restarted).
    • However, like other Plague Lords, Tekahn changes his maximum health to the upper limit of his Phase. His maximum health changes to 200 in Phase 2 and 100 in Phase 3. This matters for effects that restore heroes to full health (Tree of Life, Nozari).
  • If the player runs out of health due to the effect of "Soul Pyre" while there are still unused heroes, the encounter will end as a loss rather than letting the player continue as a remaining hero.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Tekahn can either be a walk in the park, or brutally difficult, depending on how prepared you are for him.

All signature treasures that you have collected, for a particular hero, will be shuffled into your deck at the start of the game, so obtaining as many of these treasures as you can is recommended for a higher chance of success.

Tekahn uses a Zoo Warlock deck, and always puts down Rakanishu whenever he has 2 mana to give his Lackeys a 4/4 buff, then obtains Lackeys to put on the battlefield via Lackey-generating cards like EVIL Totem and EVIL Conscripter.

Try to focus on trading often so that Tekahn's minions can't get a clear shot on your hero, and attack Tekahn himself if you're sure that you can take the damage if you don't trade.

In the first phase of the battle, Tekahn can put down Sanctum Golems and use Awaken the Flame to make them a nuisance. The Enflamed Golem's deathrattle, which deals 3 damage to all minions and summons a Sanctum Golem, may not be a big problem if your board is full of big minions, but Tekahn can continue doing this as long as you leave at least one Sanctum Golem alive. Therefore, destroy the Sanctum Golems before Tekahn can manipulate them.

His second phase is pretty easy to work around, and you can even use it to your advantage. Should you be faced in a situation where one of your minions is afflicted with Curse of Flame, and Tekahn's board is full of healthy minions, you can leave that minion alive so that Curse of Flame wipes out Tekahn's board. Try not to allow the effect to wipe out your own board, though. If necessary, use your other minions to trade so that the Curse of Flame can destroy them.

In his final phase, cut back on high-cost cards, and only play them if necessary or if you can take the hit. Tekahn himself will also take damage by his Hero Power, and while you cannot control which cards he plays, you can use it as a vantage point to finish him off when you get the chance.

At the start of this phase, he always plays The Final Plague?!, one of the most powerful cards in his deck. It summons all four Old Gods, C'Thun, Yogg-Saron, Hope's End, N'Zoth, the Corruptor and Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound. While the former three Gods aren't that big of a threat, since most their power comes from their battlecries, Y'Shaarj is the one you have to worry about. Destroy it as quickly as you can, before its end-of-turn effect turns the game in Tekahn's favor. Deal with the other three Old Gods as though they were regular minions.

The order in which you pick your heroes is important as well. If done correctly, you can unleash powerful synergies between them. For instance, using Brann first and summoning many King Krush copies with Brann's Epic Egg, allowing them to die, and then using Staff of Renewal as Elise to resurrect them all, resulting in a potential 56 damage to the enemy hero.

Another good tactic is to save Reno for last, casting as many spells as all other heroes as possible, and then using all those spells as fuel for The Gatling Wand.

Sir Finley is useful in the first phase of the battle, with the ability to swarm the board with Murlocs with Scales of Justice, weakening the enemy board in the process.

Elise is the team's healer, buffing minions and helping them withstand otherwise devastating AoE damage from Enflamed Golem and Curse of Flame.

Reno, as the spellslinger, can damage the enemy board using his damaging spells such as The Gatling Wand and Flamestrike, meaning that he won't have to weaken his own board by trading just to rid the board of enemies. As he is also part Rogue, he is capable of cost reduction, which can make Soul Pyre more surmountable.

Brann is capable of summoning large minions with Brann's Epic Egg, simply by damaging it with Spread Shot or other spells that will also damage his own board, effectively turning weakness into strength.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Tekahn, Plague Lord of Flame, full art
The Final Plague?! summons four Old Gods

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Tekahn, Plague Lord of Flame
You are out of your depth, treasure-hunter.
My vast power will obliterate you!
You stand on the precipice of failure!
The final battle is upon us...
Reno Jackson
I don't know what your endgame is, Tekahn, but I know it ends here!
Sir Finley
You will be destroyed, Tekahn, or my name isn't Sir Finley Mrrgglton!
Elise Starseeker
The League is ready for you, Tekahn. Your plagues will come to an end!
Brann Bronzebeard
Yer first, Tekahn. Then we're comin' after yer boss!
Tekahn, Plague Lord of Flame
I am the Plague of Fire, flames incarnate!
I am reborn—the greatest of Plague Lords, the Dark Pharaoh of Azeroth!
A pity. I was certain I had seen the last of you.
Just how many explorers are in that league of yours?
More kindling for my fire?
Is there no end to your provocations?!
Your persistence will not change the outcome.
Fools know nothing. (vs. Reno Jackson)
They... They knighted you? Seriously? (vs. Sir Finley)
We shall see. (vs. Elise Starseeker)
I answer to no one! (vs. Brann Bronzebeard)

Battle[edit | edit source]

Player select a hero

Elise Starseeker
The treasures I've collected should help.
Sir Finley
Ah, the treasures I've collected. Very good.
Brann Bronzebeard
Ah-hah! There's the artifacts I collected earlier.
Reno Jackson
My treasures! I'm glad I collected these.

Emote Response

Tekahn, Plague Lord of Flame
Rafaam told me you would beg.

Hero Power

Tekahn, Plague Lord of Flame
Phase 1
Feel the fury of the flames!
Go in a blaze of glory!
The fires rise!
I hold a torch for you.
Phase 2
Behold the dance of smoke and flame!
Burn before my watchful gaze...
You will pay dearly for this intrusion!
My patience wanes!
Phase 3
Fall to ash!
How much can you endure?
A sacrificial fire...
Writhe in your misery!
All will be devoured in dark fire!


Tekahn, Plague Lord of Flame
I am the true heir of the titans.
None have felt such power!
Now is the inferno of my discontent made glorious bright by the plague of flames.
I did not make questionable deals with Rafaam to be foiled by explorers!
Time and again, I rise from the ashes. When you are forgotten, I will be a legend.
The League of Explorers? Bah. A comedy troupe.

Phase changing

Tekahn, Plague Lord of Flame
Transition to Phase 2
My will is stone! I must triumph!
Transition to Phase 3
The Dark Pharaoh is immortal, inextinguishable!

The Final Plague?!

Tekahn, Plague Lord of Flame
You have witnessed the power of … the Final Plague.

50 health left

Tekahn, Plague Lord of Flame
This is not what was to be… Rafaam! What about our deal!?
Arch-Villain Rafaam
The deal stands. Unleash the plagues, and Uldum is yours... if you can keep it!
I've got what I needed. Good luck with those explorers.
Tekahn, Plague Lord of Flame

Boss cards

Tekahn, Plague Lord of Flame
The flames bend to my will!
You bore me!
Forbidden Flame
Roast until nothing remains!
The sea of flames engulfs you!
Obsidian Destroyer
My soldiers are as numerous as the sands.
Plague of Flames
None escape the inferno!
Come, spirit of the flame!
(dies) No! Do not tell Togwaggle.
Your souls will make fine embers.

Player's cards

Tekahn, Plague Lord of Flame
Any Jr. Explorer card
You send an amateur against me?
King Phaoris
You would ally with this filth!?
Sunkeeper Tarim
Repent, you traitor!
Zephrys the Great
Ah, there's the djinn...
Map of Uldum
What kind of explorer needs a map?


Tekahn, Plague Lord of Flame
Reno Jackson
We did it! We saved the world! We’re THAT good!
Elise Starseeker
What did Tekahn mean about the “Final Plague"?
Brann Bronzebeard
And where did Rafaam run off to? Dalaran is gone!
Sir Finley
Indeed, my friends. I hazard that this ordeal is not… quite… over.

A hero defeated

Tekahn, Plague Lord of Flame
I suppose you can explore the afterlife now...
You withstood more than most, I grant you that.

All heroes defeated

Tekahn, Plague Lord of Flame
At last, Uldum is mine! But... ravaged by plagues. Hm.
Elise Starseeker
Explorers... regroup! We are beaten this day, but maybe we can return when we are stronger...

Lore[edit | edit source]

From Wowpedia:

Dark Pharaoh Tekahn is the king of the Neferset tribe, a faction of tol'vir who regained their stone skins (lost to the Curse of Flesh) in exchange for their obedience to Deathwing and his ally, Al'Akir, lord of the winds. He is in control of the immortal colossi, and with his death, they will crumble.

In Tombs of Terror, Rafaam has rewarded Tekahn for his servitude by granting him control of the Plague of Flames. As a result, Tekahn has become one of the sources of the plagues of Uldum, being the embodiment of the Plague of Flame.

Known bugs[edit | edit source]

Patch changes[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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