Team Hearthlytics

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Team Hearthlytics
Team Information
Location: United States of America
Number of Players: 2
Created: 2015-01-12
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Team Hearthlytics is an E-Sports organization that is centered around the game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

History[edit | edit source]

  • January 12th - Team Hearthlytics launch their website.
  • January 12th - JAB joins.
  • March 1st - Hearthlytics signs Muzzy.
  • March 14th - Hearthlytics signs Koroneko.
  • May 27th - itzBolt resigns.
  • May 28th - Hearthlytics signs PHONETAP.
  • Jul 12th - PHONETAP leaves.

Roster[edit | edit source]

Active[edit | edit source]

ID Name
USA JAB Justin Black
USA Muzzy Muzahidul I.
Canada APXVoid Jacob C.
USA fr0zen
USA chandyland Claire Chan

Former[edit | edit source]

ID Name
USA Javasocute Brian D.
Canada itzBolt Benton Chan
Japan Koroneko Kousuke Kanda
USA PHONETAP Christopher Huynh
Canada Kitkatz Andrew D.