Team Ascension

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Team Ascension
Team Information
Location: United States of America
Sponsor: Discord,,, SCV Rush
Number of Players: 3
Created: 2014-05-31
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Founded by three friends in January 2010, Team Ascension has since then become a leading organization within the North American semipro scene. Boasting numerous wins in friendly and competitive environments, Team Ascension represents an active pursuit in achieving new heights.

History[edit | edit source]

Roster[edit | edit source]

Active[edit | edit source]

ID Name
Hong Kong Genius Evan Frawley
USA LBYS Matthew Teska
USA TunK Terrance Kelle

Former[edit | edit source]

ID Name
Canada Reignbeaux Julian Lee
Canada Bioice Jackson Wroblewski
USA Protect Nicholas Hung
USA SpArk Samuel Park
USA symetrik Jesse Warren
USA TheJordude Jordan
USA Yip Joseph Britt