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Positional effect[edit source]

I think only playing the minion from the hand allows for choosing where it goes on the board, which is of course what I was trying to say ;P -- Karol007 (talk) 22:40, 6 August 2015 (UTC)

Sure, but that isn't what you actually said ;) -- Taohinton (talk) 01:11, 8 August 2015 (UTC)

Return to hand[edit source]

I'm considering changing this page/ability from "return" to "return to hand". I created it as the former back in 2013 since 'return' was almost a keyword for this very special behaviour, and the game was much more limited at the time. Since then we have gained many more cards using the "put into hand", "put into battlefield" and "shuffle into deck" abilities, which match the longer phrasing and are obviously also very similar to return effects in what they are doing, making the longer phrasing make sense. "return to hand" is also much clearer for newer players, and is stated on all such cards (albeit with other words in the way - "return to hand" are the three words which always feature, Alarm-o-Bot aside). The downside is it's longer and a bit more cumbersome.

Thoughts? -- Taohinton (talk) 02:49, 24 December 2015 (UTC)

I like it, it indeed is much clearer for newer players and forgetful old hands. -- Karol007 (talk) 23:32, 24 December 2015 (UTC)

Return to hand and Crystal Core[edit source]

I should mention that return to hand works differently in eliminating modifications if Crystal Core has been played. As Hearthstone - Quest Rogue After the Nerf shows Patches the pirate retains its 5/5 states even when returned to the hand by Youthful Brewmaster.--Necronmaximara (talk) 22:58, 23 November 2017 (UTC)