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Bear Trap[edit source]

I suspect this could interact with Bear Trap, for instance by triggering both and then letting enemy Knife Jugglers throw knives off the Bear. If they are truly in the same trigger step, then Bear Trap played first should mean knives hit the Illusionist (and it would be interesting to see if the Illusionist could still transform if it took lethal damage from that). Conversely if the Illusionist was played first then it should transform first and the new minion would would get knifed. Unfortunately I can't test this myself.[verification requested]

Side note, I believe this and possibly Piranha Launcher interacting with Bear Trap are the first possible interactions during this step, since Bear Trap is the only defensive trigger and most others either don't affect the board or require hitting minions. - jerodast (talk) 13:29, 3 April 2017 (UTC)