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Missing cards[edit source]

Mistress of Pain is missing on the card list. - 16:42, 19 August 2016 (UTC)

This is because she's a Wild format card. This means she's not relevant for Standard format games (the game's default format), but if you're looking for Wild format lists, the link just above each card list will take you to a Wild format version of that page, where cards like Mistress of Pain are included. -- Taohinton (talk) 19:43, 19 August 2016 (UTC)

"Advanced rules" section[edit source]

I'm trying to write an "Advanced rules" section for all main events/sequences/phases in the game: unfortunately I don't have much spare time, so it will take a while ... Since they concern game mechanics and weird interactions between cards, they naturally feel "Wild" content more than "Standard" one: however, for now I am writing them in Standard pages since they are the most readed ones, but if you feel they should be moved somewhere else just do it.

About the card list queries at the end of the sections I wrote so far, they were not intended as a duplicate of the "related cards" list found on the same page, but as a list of what can trigger at any given time: since I didn't check the list on the damage page (only after you removed it I noticed there were mistakes: for example, Animated Armor should not have been there...), I'll talk about the one on the healing page as an example. What I meant was: since the whole section is very detailed (e.g., I tried to cover the proposed healing on all possible cases), when in the "Resolving Healing Events" paragraph I read "otherwise, on-heal triggers queue and resolve in play order" I expect a list of what can trigger then (thus, Wild-format cards including Shadowboxer, but not healing-related cards like Auchenai Soulpriest or Prophet Velen that do not trigger at that moment). This argument may seem not much relevant for damage and healing (since they are very simple events, with just one "triggering time"), but it gets more interesting for more complex Sequences like "Playing a minion", where I would like to list separately, after the text concerning each Step/Phase of the sequence (pre-summon, on-play phase, after-play phase, after-summon phase), what triggers during that Step/Phase. If you think visual lists will be too big and slow, maybe shall we add non-visual lists? I just feel that removing entirely the lists of triggered effects will break the "completeness" of those sections and create unaesthetisms (like having a detailed list of pre-damage triggers and then not even naming on-damage triggers). Elekim (talk) 05:13, 27 January 2017 (UTC)

I'm not sure I agree the sections would be incomplete with a list; they're "advanced rules" sections, and as such I'm not sure a list is essential. However, I can get the idea of providing smaller and more specific lists, as well as more complete ones including Wild cards; I didn't get your intentions entirely before now.
Regarding the other concerns, the first was the page load time; while the sections are valuable, the vast majority of readers are not at a level where they understand advanced rules, or probably have any wish to - consequently, the section shouldn't burden the rest of the page too much. Any query does increase the load time somewhat, with the more cards involved the longer the load. The problem with Wild lists is that they will grow and grow, with no cap or limit. Hypothetically, this means in time you would need to either move the advanced rules section to its own page, or remove the list. However, with improvements to the tech involved, the wiki continues to improve its load times, in which case this might not be such a big deal after all. In this case it comes down to aesthetics. IMO both approaches have their own strengths - a table is sortable, collapsible and less intrusive, but the card images are more immediate.
A second issue was with the previous use of tags, but you seem to have set up alternate tags for use in these tables, which I think is a decent solution. The previous setup had problems in terms of query limitations and duplication, which would have made it impossible or at least very annoying to list all of those specific cards, but using a separate tag gets around that. The one downside of adding an additional tag is that it will need to be added for each and every related card that is added to the game; another tag that will likely be forgotten in many cases, resulting in an incomplete list at times. This should be alright, it's just one more thing to keep an eye on.
The other point was simply a sense of redundancy; but given your explanation, I can see you're going for a slightly different focus than the related cards sections further down the page. Indeed, in theory you could use the advanced rules sections to provide more detailed breakdowns of trigger types (as was previously discussed elsewhere). (If you do, and end up using the existing triggered effect hiddentags for this, it's worth mentioning that the tags change and reproduce from time to time and using them on multiple pages will require a little care to ensure all lists involved stay up to date.) Regardless, as long as it doesn't interfere with the rest of the page too much or feel too weird it's all good.
Re: Standard, the main page is indeed the right place for info like this. The Wild page is really just for listing the spare cards, which as I say at least previously was a serious problem in terms of wiki loading capabilities. Keeping all the conversation on one page is much better for editors and readers alike. -- Taohinton (talk) 05:55, 1 February 2017 (UTC)