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Notes on card pages[edit source]

I sympathise with the removal of notes from pages for cards that don't generate Excess Mana, noting that they don't generate Excess Mana. It feels redundant, and obviously we don't do that for most other card generation.

However, this is a special case. Firstly, Excess Mana is unique, and cards which generate it (and even those which newer players often expect to generate it) are quite few, making it harder for players to learn the rules for its generation, and making it a small deal to mark these pages. More importantly, this is a key subject of confusion for players. Whenever a new card which generates Mana Crystals is announced, a horde of players tweet the official accounts asking if it generates Excess Mana. The reason for this is that many players are not clear why some cards generate Excess Mana while others don't. This suggests a lot of players will be searching the wiki specifically for this information.

Education is arguably the main goal of the wiki, and Excess Mana is a common point of confusion, especially (but not only) for newer players. I've re-added the notes to those pages, but as a compromise I've trimmed the explanation of why that card doesn't generate it; this is less educational, but since this is spelled out on the Excess Mana page hopefully will suffice, while being less intrusive on those pages. -- Taohinton (talk) 20:12, 29 June 2016 (UTC)