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dupes Q[edit source]

It would seem like the basic introduction to dusting is that you would want to dust any card which exceeded the "per deck" limit since you can't play them anyway.

I can't really seem to find many examples of that though: when we're given rewards is there some AI which prevents giving out cards you have at the max per-deck level?

If that's the case then avoiding dusting them seems like a way to guarantee you would get new cards rather than being rewarded with old cards you already received but then dusted and dropped below the per-game limit.

The only exception seems to be gold cards... that's the only instance where I actually so many that I can't play them all, namely I have Arcane Intellect normal x 2 and Golden x 2.

Tempting to dust two of them though it's hard to decide whether to dust the normal ones (enjoy shiny animation, get little dust) or the gold ones (get better reward but be left with boring cards).

For now I'll hang onto them because I want to see if either of them reach x3 some day. If neither does, I think that would support the idea that rewards are not given out that take you beyond the deck limit, whether that's x2 (as it seems for most) or x1 (which I think I've seen for some).

Is there nothing on cards showing whether they're 1 or 2 per deck? That's something that I only seem to be told when I actually click on a card to add it to one. Tycio (talk) 18:30, 4 February 2021 (UTC)