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Problems to fix or delete[edit source]

This page has numerous issues.

  • It duplicates a lot of information from removal. It could be re-written to be a strategy guide that refers to the removal page (or the specific effects that do removal). Or some of the info on it could be added to the removal page as "alternatives to removal" or something similar.
  • It consists mainly of hand-picked cards which are hard to maintain, are incomplete, and duplicate lists on other pages. Lists of cards should generally be objective, whereas this topic is somewhat subjective (different people may disagree about which cards are helpful against big minions). If it is to become a strategy guide-type of subjective page, it should focus less on card listings and more on explanation of strategies, linking to related topics or lists or inserting new lists as necessary.
  • The writing that is present has an inconsistent style, especially in continuing thoughts that were interrupted by long card lists.
  • If this is to remain as a strategy article rather than being merged into another page, it should be moved (renamed) to something more accurate, like "Dealing with big minions".

As it is now this is not high enough quality to keep on the wiki, but there are some good ideas such as listing the stat-changing effects, subcategorizing certain removal effects, etc. Hope someone has some time to integrate/revise this. - jerodast (talk) 00:37, 23 April 2017 (UTC)

I agree that most of the information on this page is also on removal. This page does add some value by providing a list of cards per removal method on the page itself, however the removal page has links to pages with full lists. I think the benefit of having access to a full list that is dynamically generated outweights the maintenance nightmare of having selected examples on page that need to be updated with every new expansion.
However, this page does include some additional methods for dealing with big minions that are not in the removal page, and might not fit there. The last group of four cards ("just shrink it and then kill it") are strictly speaking not removal. (And after setting attack to 1, removal is sometimes no longer needed at all). I don't know if there are other pages in this Wiki where that information would fit?
I think that a strategy page on Dealing with big minions would be an excellent idea. Instead of duplicating content from Removal, it should just link there as one of the options, and then present "shrinking" (is there a more official term for this?) as a second option. It should also include further strategies such as playing a taunt minion to protect more valuable minions and your face; or freezing it (or returning it to hand) while preparing to deal with it on a later turn.
BigHugger (talk) 10:39, 23 April 2017 (UTC)