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How does the cost reduction applied? (New interaction with Hemet, Jungle Hunter?)[edit source]

So I've got all that knowledge that reads the following: Hemet will not destroy cards in the deck reduced to 0 mana cost by Barnabus the Stomper, if their base cost is 4 or greater.

This is likely because Hemet only looks at the base mana cost of cards in the deck, not modified costs.

Barnabus' own effect itself reduces the card cost to 0 if you draw a card, so each time you draw a card after Barnabus' battlecry, it's cost will be reduced to 0.

But I got stumpled upon a reddit thread which states that Hemet, Jungle Hunter will now remove all cards from your deck regardless of their costs:

Obviously, there is no proof by its author.

Is the buff now applies to the deck like The Mistcaller's buff does it?