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Knights of the Frozen Throne logo.png The subject of this article is part of the
Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion.



Set: Knights of the Frozen Throne
Type: Hero
Class: Neutral
Health: 30
Artist: Alex Horley

The Lich King's pet frost wyrm is a chilling foe...

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For the card of the same name, see Sindragosa.
For the Battlegrounds hero, see Sindragosa (Battlegrounds).

Sindragosa is a boss found in the Knights of the Frozen Throne mission. She is the third and final boss of the mission's Upper Reaches wing and sixth boss of the mission overall.

Hero Power[edit | edit source]

Frost Breath(63125).png
Frost Breath(63126).png
Ice Claw(63127).png

Special cards[edit | edit source]

Block of Ice (63123).png
Unchained Magic(63122).png
Chromatic Dragonkin(14571).png

Deck[edit | edit source]

The below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.

Class Card Quantity
Boss Unchained Magic 4
Chromatic Dragonkin 2
Mage Dragon's Breath 2
Paladin Dragon Consort 2
Priest Twilight Whelp 2
Drakonid Operative 2
Dragonfire Potion 2
Warrior Alexstrasza's Champion 2
Neutral Blackwing Technician 2
Hungry Dragon 2
Twilight Guardian 2
Azure Drake 2
Bone Drake 2
The Black Knight 1
Chillmaw 1

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Sindragosa's deck is a dragon-themed deck. You can only play up to three minions at a time on the field because of to the 4 permanent Block of Ice, and her hero powers turn your minions into Block of Ice when her health is reduced below 20 and 10 health points. Keep that board cleared.

Because of the fact that your side of the board can become full very easily due to her hero power, a pirate warrior or rogue deck with lots of weapons works well here. The addition of the legendary rogue weapon Kingsbane helped to make this fight substantially easier (since you have a basically endless weapon), so if you have it, make sure to use it. Sindragosa also has a lot of medium size minions with 4-6 health and/or attack, so having minions or spells that work well against these will help greatly. Just be sure to keep your side of the board cleared as much as possible. Use your minions to clear her minions, then go face with your weapon. Once she gets below 10 health, however, her hero power becomes "Deal 2 damage". Dealing with your side of the board becoming irreversibly full will no longer be an issue, since her hero power has changed. At this stage, go for face with all of your minions as well as your hero, since chances are you can finish her off in two or three turns this late in the game, or even one turn if you set it up correctly.

An alternative strategy is to try and kill Sindragosa with a single attack that deals 21 or more damage, thus bypassing her hero power entirely; the Priest's Divine Spirit and Inner Fire/Topsy Turvy combination can accomplish this easily, provided that you can keep a minion healthy for one turn. A Dragon Priest deck is perhaps best suited for this, as it avoids the threat of Dragonfire Potion. Silence Priest can also work, as Sindragosa will almost always ignore minions that can't attack, like Humongous Razorleaf and Ancient Watcher.

Because she will most likely have more than one Unchained Magic cards in her opening hand, try to mulligan out any spells that you don't need for later. A common way that she starts the battle is by using Unchained Magic, then The Coin, then another Unchained Magic, which can be devastating for this early on in the game and can leave you at a serious disadvantage without any immediate healing options.

Boss completion[edit | edit source]

As the third and final boss of Upper Reaches, defeating Sindragosa unlocks the Frozen Throne and awards the player a Knights of the Frozen Throne card pack.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If C'Thun gets transformed by Frost Breath in the middle of its battlecry, the battlecry continues, and if it's enough to kill Sindragosa, it will kill it.
  • Mindbreaker does not work.
  • If you reduce its health below the threshold of any stage of its hero power (e.g. via Alexstrasza) and deal any damage to the boss (even damage that is not enough to trigger the threshold), its hero power will activate.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Before match

The Lich King
Sindragosa is my finisher! Stay away! You can not have her!


You are a fool to come to this place!

Emote Response

I tire of these games!

Turn 3

The Lich King
You may be wondering, "How do I get rid of these ice blocks?". The answer is: You can’t! *bwhahahahahahahaha*

Unchained Magic

Your pathetic magic betrays you!

Frost Breath

Feel my master's limitless power and despair. (With minions on your side of the board)
You have no more minions to hide behind. (With full board on your side)
The Lich King
What? No minions for Sindragosa to freeze? That's cold. (No minions on your side)

Player's cards

First minion
Choose your victims with care. The cold hand of death will claim you all.
Returning a friendly minion to your hand
Bring it back!
Sindragosa and Sindragosa
Our pathetic magic betrays us!
The Lich King
I have been betrayed!
Malygos... my old love!
Becoming a death knight
I serve only one master!


The Lich King


The Lich King
Your frozen remains will serve as a warning to the others...

Completing The Upper Reaches

The Lich King
You will NEVER defeat me! Not while this wing is locked, at least.

Lore[edit | edit source]

From Wowpedia:

"You are fools to have come to this place! The icy winds of Northrend will consume your souls!"
Sindragosa, formerly the prime consort of Malygos up until her death during the War of the Ancients, was a mighty frost wyrm raised by the Lich King himself to serve as the queen of the Frostbrood. She was ultimately defeated by a group of adventurers in Icecrown Citadel.
Long before the Great Sundering, Sindragosa was the beloved consort of Malygos, Aspect of the blue dragonflight and guardian of all arcane magic. During the War of the Ancients, Neltharion the Earth Warder, Aspect of the black flight, convinced his dragon brethren to empower a powerful artifact called the Dragon Soul, claiming that it would thwart the impeding invasion of the demonic Burning Legion. However, Neltharion betrayed his dragon allies during the Legion's assault, provoking an apocalyptic battle in the skies over the Well of Eternity. Malygos and Sindragosa joined the blue dragons in surrounding the Earth Warder and charged the black dragon. However, Neltharion used the might of the the Dragon Soul to strike out, decimating nearly all of the blue dragonflight. The blast mortally wounded Sindragosa and hurled her far across the land, deep into the frozen north.
Blinded and near death, Sindragosa sought desperately to reach the Dragonblight — the place where dragons instinctively travel to die. Weakened and no longer able to fly, Sindragosa plummeted to the cold earth in the peaks of Icecrown. The blue dragon gathered what remained of her energy and called out to Malygos for aid. Her only answer was the howling arctic wind as she struggled on, but the distance was far too great; agonizingly, she realized that her spirit would not find rest within the Dragonblight. Her life continued to fade away as her sanity deteriorated. In the midst of her delirium, Sindragosa's final thoughts turned to bitterness and hatred: hatred against the Legion, hatred against Neltharion, hatred even against Malygos. But most of all, hatred against the world of mortals. And in her dying moments, Sindragosa vowed revenge.
Thousands of years later, Arthas Menethil, the Lich King, awoke from his long dormancy and journeyed to Sindragosa's Fall, where he raised Sindragosa into undeath as a mighty skeletal frost wyrm and ordered her to lead the Frostbrood into war. The Lich King tore the spirits of Sindragosa's lost whelps into undeath in front of her skeletal form as a final affront to the great dragon. Arthas was known to use Sindragosa as a mount.
Sindragosa briefly appears in the Pit of Saron after the defeat of Scourgelord Tyrannus. While the leader of the army of liberated slaves (Martin Victus for the Alliance, Gorkun Ironskull for the Horde) commends the adventurers for their bravery, Sindragosa rises up from the pit behind them and unleashes her fury, killing the leader and their army. The adventurers are pulled back to the entrance tunnel by Jaina Proudmoore or Sylvanas Windrunner at the last second, saving them from a grisly death.
Sindragosa later retreated to her lair in the Frostwing Halls of Icecrown Citadel, where she continued to strengthen her brood with the help of Ymirheim's vrykul. After Valithria Dreamwalker was rescued by adventurers, she gave the heroes verdant life crystals to use during their battle with Sindragosa. Valithria instructed the champions to battle the Frost Queen until she was weakened, and then use the crystals to coax out the essence that was dormant within her. Similarly, Darion Mograine instructed would-be wielders of Shadowmourne to grant Shadow's Edge its final infusion of power by subjecting themselves to four of Sindragosa's frozen breath attacks before ultimately destroying her. Sindragosa was finally defeated by adventurers in Icecrown Citadel, and her crystalline essence was brought to Kalecgos at Wyrmrest Temple. Upon receiving the essence, Kalec stated "So much suffering, so much needless destruction. These have not been kind times for my brothers and sisters. But thanks to your efforts, brave adventurers, this darkened yet still noble soul may find peace at last. Rest now, Sindragosa. You are home...."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This boss is the first boss known to use Triggered Hero Power.
  • If Sindragosa is played against this boss, both the played card and the boss says "Our pathetic magic betrays us!"

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Sindragosa, full art

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