Sated Threshadon (Battlegrounds)

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Sated Threshadon
BG Regular
Sated Threshadon (Battlegrounds).png
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Sated Threshadon(55534).png
Sated Threshadon(55534) Gold.png
BG Gold
Sated Threshadon (Battlegrounds, golden).png
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Set: Battlegrounds
Type: Minion
Subtype: Beast
Class: Neutral
Rarity: Common
Cost: 7
Attack: 5
Health: 7
Abilities: Deathrattle, Summon
Tags: Murloc-generating
Artist: James Ryman

Deathrattle: Summon three 1/1 Murlocs.

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Sated Threshadon was a Tier 5 minion in the Battlegrounds game mode.

Summoned minions[edit | edit source]

Primalfin (Battlegrounds).png

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Despite being a Beast that summons Murlocs, Sated Threshadon struggled to find a place in either strategy.

Murlocs lack minions that buff themselves in combat, aside from a trivial +3 Attack buff on Murloc Tidecaller, meaning that the only possible niche for this card's Murloc tokens was breaking Divine Shields and diverting attacks.

Beast warbands, on the other hand, favoured Savannah Highmane and Rat Pack due to their tokens being Beasts themselves, which benefitted from all the same synergies as the original minion including receiving buffs from Mama Bear, Pack Leader, and feeding Scavenging Hyena when they die.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Sated Threshadon, full art

Patch changes[edit | edit source]