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Descent of Dragons Galakrond's Awakening logo.png The subject of this article is part of the
Galakrond's Awakening adventure.



Set: Galakrond's Awakening
Type: Hero
Class: Hunter
Health: 40
Armor: 30 Armor.png (Heroic)
Artist: Dave Allsop

Brann thinks this monstrous rotting beast can be tamed!
Brann brought this dragon to heel. Can you?

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Rotwing is a boss encounter in Galakrond's Awakening adventure. It is the first encounter of Chapter 3 of Explorers campaign: Clash at Wyrmrest.

The boss for this encounter is Rotwing, while the hero the player controls in Story mode is Dragonrider Brann.

Boss Hero Power[edit]

Story Heroic
Rot Aura(184809).png

Boss special cards[edit]


Boss decks[edit]

The below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.

Story Heroic
Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity
Hunter Fiery Bat 2 Hunter Fiery Bat 2
Infested Wolf 2 Play Dead 2
Priest Twilight Whelp 2 Exploding Bloatbat 2
Chronobreaker 1 Necromechanic 2
Neutral Runic Egg 2 Priest Mindflayer Kaahrj 1
Bloodmage Thalnos 1 Twilight's Call 2
Haunted Creeper 2 Convincing Infiltrator 2
Lost Spirit 2 Coffin Crasher 2
Nerubian Egg 1 Neutral Nerubian Egg 2
Unstable Ghoul 2 Serpent Egg 2
Acolyte of Pain 1 Devilsaur Egg 2
Shallow Gravedigger 2 Chromatic Egg 2
Hoarding Dragon 1 Carnivorous Cube 2
Infested Tauren 2 Mechanical Whelp 2
Abomination 1 Sylvanas Windrunner 1
Chromatic Egg 2 Sneed's Old Shredder 1
Skelemancer 1 N'Zoth, the Corruptor 1
Bone Drake 2
Chillmaw 1

Story mode[edit]

Player's hero[edit]

Dragonrider Brann(184723).png
Trusty Whip(184724).png

Player's special cards[edit]

Ol' Faithful(92403).png

Player's decks[edit]

Class Card Quantity
Boss Dragonbreath 1
Ol' Faithful 1
Hunter Clear the Way 2
Corrosive Breath 2
Fresh Scent 2
Diving Gryphon 2
Hunter's Pack 2
Primordial Explorer 2
Veranus 1
Warrior Dragon Roar 2
Neutral Helpless Hatchling 2
Dragon Breeder 2
Tasty Flyfish 2
Brightwing 1
Hippogryph 2
Big Ol' Whelp 2
Evasive Wyrm 2


  • There is no special rule of this encounter in Story and Heroic mode.


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Rotnest Drake(184985).png


Story mode[edit]

Before encounter

Brann! Get airborne - what do you see up there?


Dragonrider Brann
That's one BIG beastie! Ah'm gonna be ridin' this one home!

Turn 1

Dragonrider Brann
If ye've tamed one dragon, ye've pretty much tamed 'em all, right?

Turn 1 - boss

Your traitorous dragons will learn their place.

Turn 2

My rotten legions will crush you.
We rule the skies, dwarf.
Dragonrider Brann
Just like tamin' a dino. But bigger. And they fly. And talk.

Turn 3 - boss

The dragonflights' overconfidence will be their destruction.

Player's Dragonbreath

Dragonrider Brann
Let's roast 'em, big boy!
Whew! Now that's toasty!


Dragonrider Brann
Easy there… easy! You know, we might have a use for a rotting dragon.
Wait… what is that saddle?!

Unused dialogues

Brann, about Reno... Does it seem strange how quickly he took to magic?
Dragonrider Brann
Oh aye, but, Reno’s always been a bit of an odd sock.
Dragonrider Brann
Go get ‘em, Rotwing! Oh, what a fine beastie. Despite the holes in the wings.


Rotwing, full art


Death will rule the skies on this day!

Hero Power

Rot away!
Fall to pieces!
Embrace the gift of death…

Emote Response

This is war, not a debate!


You will NOT tame me, dwarf! (Normal mode only)
Failures are forgotten, do not worry.
You will witness Galakrond's return, your armies will not stop us!
Despite my name, my wings are actually quite nicely groomed.


Wither before me!

Player's Rotnest Drake

My kin turn against me.



Dragonrider Brann[edit]

Dragonrider Brann, full art

All of the emotes are the same as Brann Bronzebeard's in Tombs of Terror adventure.

Type Emote
Thanks Thanks fer that!
Well Played Oh, THAT'S how it's done!
Greetings Aye, hello!
Wow By Magni's diamond beard!
Oops No one has to know about that mistake.
Threaten Ye won't be able ta stop me!
Attack You're history!
Concede The others will avenge me!
Death It was in… my grasp…
Thinking [1] Hmm…
Thinking [2] …maybe it's a trap…
Thinking [3] …think, Brann, think…
Almost out of cards I need to find some cards.
Out of cards I'm all outta cards!
Error: Too many minions I have too many minions.
Error: Generic I can't do that.
Error: Hand already full My hand is full!
Error: Hero already attacked I already attacked.
Error: Minion not ready That minion needs time to get ready.
Error: Minion exhausted That minion already attacked.
Error: Not enough mana I'm gonna need more mana for that.
Error: Need a weapon I need a weapon.
Error: Can't play that card I can't play that.
Error: Can't target stealthed minions That minion has stealth.
Error: Not a valid target Give me a target!
Error: Must attack taunt minion A minion with Taunt is in the way.

Patch changes[edit]