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Wild format
Wild icon.png
With the rotation of Reno Jackson at the beginning of the Year of the Mammoth, and Kazakus at the beginning of the Year of the Raven, Reno Warlock became a wild-exclusive archetype. For more information, see Game format.
You're gonna be rich! ...Or dead, if you're the opponent.

Reno Warlock, often shortened to Reno Lock or Renolock, is a Warlock deck built around Reno Jackson and often Kazakus.

Reno Lock was originally invented in League of Explorers with the release of Reno Jackson, and got significantly stronger in Mean Streets of Gadgetzan with the release of Kazakus. It became a Wild deck with the start of the Year of the Mammoth and Reno Jackson's removal from Standard format.

Deck type[edit | edit source]

Reno Lock is a control deck, and uses similar cards to other control Warlock decks, such as Twilight Drake, Mountain Giant and Lord Jaraxxus. Life Tap is an essential part of Reno Lock, as drawing Reno Jackson as early as possible is important for countering aggro decks.

Common Cards[edit | edit source]

Wild icon.png  This section contains information exclusive to Wild format.

The following cards are usually in the deck.

Core cards[edit | edit source]

The following cards are played in most or all versions of the deck:

Mortal Coil(43).png
Dark Pact(76977).png
Mistress of Mixtures(49646).png
Kobold Librarian(76926).png
Dirty Rat(49673).png
Shadow Bolt(647).png
Tar Creeper(55456).png
Brann Bronzebeard(27214).png
Twilight Drake(360).png
Lesser Amethyst Spellstone(76924).png
Antique Healbot(12227).png
Skull of the Man'ari(76930).png
Emperor Thaurissan(14454).png
Possessed Lackey(76948).png
Reno Jackson(27228).png
Siphon Soul(573).png
Sylvanas Windrunner(33).png
Abyssal Enforcer(49691).png
Twisting Nether(398).png
Bloodreaver Gul'dan(62934).png
Mountain Giant(264).png

Optional cards[edit | edit source]

The following cards are played more than occasionally, but not always:

Power Overwhelming(170).png
Dark Peddler(27243).png
Sunfury Protector(372).png
Earthen Ring Farseer(557).png
Imp Gang Boss(14443).png
Voodoo Doll(89404).png
Piloted Shredder(12191).png
Blastcrystal Potion(49741).png
Faceless Shambler(33133).png
Possessed Lackey(76948).png
Tar Lurker(55578).png
Despicable Dreadlord(62903).png
Sludge Belcher(7749).png
Faceless Manipulator(450).png
Leeroy Jenkins(674).png
Dr. Boom(12182).png
Krul the Unshackled(49744).png
Lord Jaraxxus(482).png
N'Zoth, the Corruptor(33134).png

Variants[edit | edit source]