Razorpetal Lasher

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Razorpetal Lasher
Razorpetal Lasher(55579).png
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Razorpetal Lasher(55579) Gold.png
Set: Journey to Un'Goro
Type: Minion
Class: Rogue
Rarity: Common
Cost: 2
Attack: 2
Health: 2
Abilities: Battlecry, Generate
Tags: Spell-generating
Artist: Sojin Hwang

Battlecry: Add a Razorpetal to your hand that deals 1 damage.

The reason why there are no zombies in Un'goro.

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Razorpetal Lasher is a common rogue minion card, from the Journey to Un'Goro set.

How to get[edit | edit source]

Razorpetal Lasher can be obtained through Journey to Un'Goro card packs, or through crafting.

Card Crafting cost Disenchanting
Razorpetal Lasher 40 5
Golden Razorpetal Lasher 400 50

Generated cards[edit | edit source]


Strategy[edit | edit source]

The spell generated by this minion is fairly weak, but can be used to trigger Combos or spell synergies like Gadgetzan Auctioneer and Violet Teacher. It should be noted, though, that Razorpetal Volley is a probably more interesting choice in order to get cheap damage spells.

Lore[edit | edit source]

From Wowpedia:

A lasher is an ambulatory plant and often hostile. They can be found in the Wailing Caverns, Maraudon, Un'Goro Crater, and Dire Maul. Lashers are elementals in-game, but in lore they are just "plants".
The lashers in Un'Goro Crater are known as bloodpetals and grow in several different varieties.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This minion's flavor text is likely a reference to the tower defense video game Plants vs. Zombies.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Razorpetal Lasher, full art
A lasher in World of Warcraft

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