Razorgore the Untamed

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Blackrock Mountain logo.png The subject of this article is part of the
Blackrock Mountain adventure.

Razorgore the Untamed

Razorgore the Untamed.png

Set: Blackrock Mountain
Type: Hero
Health: 30 (Normal)
30 (Heroic)
Armor: 15 Armor.png (Heroic)
Artist: Mauricio Herrera

You're in Nefarian's lair now! Razorgore and his corrupted eggs block your path!

Razorgore the Untamed is a boss encounter found in the Blackrock Mountain adventure. It is the first encounter of the adventure's fourth wing, Blackwing Lair.

Hero Power[edit | edit source]

Normal Heroic
The Rookery(14541).png
The Rookery(14543).png

Special cards[edit | edit source]

Contrary to speculation, it seems Razorgore's Claws is not used by Razorgore in either Normal or Heroic mode. It therefore seems likely the card was removed from the adventure prior to release.

Chromatic Drake(14546).png
Corrupted Egg(14544).png
Chromatic Drake(14547).png
Corrupted Egg(14545).png

Deck[edit | edit source]

The below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.

Normal and Heroic
Class Card Quantity
Boss Flameheart 2
Mage Dragon's Breath 2
Paladin Dragon Consort 1
Priest Twilight Whelp 2
Shaman Bloodlust 2
Warlock Corruption 2
Warrior Cruel Taskmaster 2
Neutral Faerie Dragon 2
Frostwolf Grunt 2
Blackwing Technician 2
Wolfrider 2
Hungry Dragon 2
Azure Drake 1
Blackwing Corruptor 2
Drakonid Crusher 2
Volcanic Drake 2

Starting board[edit | edit source]

Regardless of mode, Razorgore starts with a Corrupted Egg (Heroic) already on the board.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Normal mode[edit | edit source]

Razorgore's Normal mode hero power The Rookery increases the health of his Corrupted Eggs, then summons another one. These seemingly harmless 0-Attack Eggs will hatch at 4 Health, producing Chromatic Drake.

A good class against this is priest with Silence, Mass Dispel or Cabal Shadow Priest to steal the Eggs. The player can then use Health-boosting effects like Velen's Chosen, Divine Spirit, Temple Enforcer's Battlecry and Dark Cultist's Deathrattle to cause the Eggs to hatch, producing a Chromatic Drake under the control of the player. Shadow Word: Death and Big Game Hunter can be used to kill his Chromatic Drakes, while Shadow Word: Pain can be used to destroy his Corrupted Eggs before they can hatch.

Warrior is also a good choice since AoE attacks such as Whirlwind can be used to reduce the Corrupted Eggs' Health, and also damage/Enrage minions such as Grim Patron, Raging Worgen, Axe Flinger and Acolyte of Pain at the same time. If you are using warlock, you can use Corruption on an Egg on turn 2 (not sure what will happen if used at turn 3) as it will not live to hatch. Paladin with Humility is another option for countering Razorgore's Drakes.

Strong cards include Silence effects, Mass Dispel, Velen's Chosen, Cabal Shadow Priest, Dark Cultist, Inner Fire, Northshire Cleric, Divine Spirit, Power Word: Shield, Shadow Word: Pain, Shadow Word: Death, Shadow Word: Horror, Mossy Horror, Grim Patron, Enrage minions, Rampage, Big Game Hunter, Nerubian Egg, Whirlwind, Execute, Mind Control Tech, Wild Pyromancer, Shadowboxer and Crazed Alchemist.

Another approach is a simple face rogue deck. You'll need the tempo (e.g. Backstab, Shiv, Fan of Knives, Assassinate, Deadly Poison, Sap) to clear the Corrupted Eggs before they get bigger. Combine this with a good mana curve of cheap, effective/Deathrattle minions, weapons and finally expensive efficient minions like Chillwind Yeti, Loatheb, Sludge Belcher and Boulderfist Ogre to defeat Razorgore.

While Silence effects can be very useful for defusing individual Eggs, beware that Razorgore's Bloodlust will still allow him to make use of these seemingly useless minions, making ignoring them entirely a risky strategy unless the player can defeat Razorgore quickly. Alternatively, if you have enough Silences, you can clog his field with the Eggs while providing low attack minions on the field, but having so many Silences whilst fighting off the other minions is hard. Counterspell can also be used by Mages, though Mages can only reliably obtain 2 Silencing cards (from Neutrals).

Heroic mode[edit | edit source]

The strategy for Heroic mode is much like that for Normal mode, except that the Eggs are a far more potent threat. The immediate presence of a 0/3 Corrupted Egg means you'll need some form of early game removal/minions to prevent a 7/7 Chromatic Drake on Razorgore's turn 2 (followed another each turn after). This forces a more aggressive approach, and requires some early game options. However, Razorgore will often use cheap minions like Wolfrider, Twilight Whelp and Cruel Taskmaster to remove your minions before they can damage the Eggs.

Removal like Shadow Word: Death is essential to handle the odd Drake that you can't prevent from spawning. During the early game this can give you breathing room to start populating the board, while in the late game high-powered removal can also be used on Drakonid Crushers and Volcanic Drakes. AoE like Lightning Storm and Flamestrike can be useful for removing several Eggs at once, but be aware that each turn The Rookery will grant any surviving Eggs additional Health, potentially undoing your efforts.

While silences such as Mass Dispel can be very effective in preventing Eggs from hatching, much like in the Garr encounter, Razorgore has the potential to use Bloodlust to deal enormous amounts of damage to the player, making this at best a temporary solution. The upside is silences will also remove the Eggs' bonus Health, making them easier to remove, but they remain at best an emergency option. However, since Razorgore summons an Egg at the start of each turn, with numerous silences and enough Taunts to protect your other minions from Bloodlust, this could be an effective trick to clog his board and prevent him from playing any other minions.

As in Normal mode, mind control effects are extremely powerful. Mind Control Tech is a star player, especially with Razorgore supplementing his Egg forces with other minions, and can even be used to snag Chromatic Drakes and other powerful minions. Once you've stolen an Egg, you can simply wait for The Rookery to hatch it, or you can use more direct Health-increasing means like Power Word: Shield and Temple Enforcer to pop it manually. Priests excel in both stealing and hatching Eggs, due to their range of mind control and Health-boosting effects.

A basic strategy for the encounter is to focus on removing/stealing the Eggs each turn, while slowly building your presence on the board. Razorgore's general forces are not especially impressive, and with a solid deck you should be able to gain dominance quite easily - provided you can handle the Eggs. Razorgore doesn't have any AoE removal spells, and only a few direct damage/destroy options like Cruel Taskmaster, Blackwing Corruptor, Wolfrider and Corruption. This makes it relatively safe to leave damaged minions on the board, allowing you to use weakened minions to trade for Eggs or go face, and higher Health minions to trade with Razorgore's other minions.

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Rewards[edit | edit source]


Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Before match

You want to come into MY HOUSE? Fine. Razorgore! Destroy this ungrateful brat.


Razorgore the Untamed
Behold. The corrupted eggs of our new dragonflight.

Turn 1

Razorgore the Untamed
These eggs will be your undoing.

Emote Response

Razorgore the Untamed
I will scramble you!

Hero Power

Razorgore the Untamed
Stay away from those eggs!

Destroying the Corrupted Eggs

Razorgore the Untamed
Fools! These eggs are more precious than you know!
No! Not another one! I'll have your heads for this atrocity!
You'll pay for this!


Razorgore the Untamed
Those eggs were meant for glorious experiments!

Lore[edit | edit source]

Blackrock Mountain[edit | edit source]

Watching eggs is a full-time responsibility. It doesn’t leave poor Razorgore much time to do important things like get a degree, socialize, or do fun, destructive dragon stuff. This unfortunate situation has only worsened his historically poor temperament. Razorgore’s glad you’re stopping by to help him work off some stress![1]

World of Warcraft[edit | edit source]

From Wowpedia:

Razorgore the Untamed is a black dragonflight dragonspawn and the first boss of Blackwing Lair.

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Razorgore the Untamed, full art

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