Rastakhan's Rumble enchantment list

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The following page lists all known enchantments related to Rastakhan's Rumble expansion. For basic information on enchantments, see Enchantment.

Regular play[edit | edit source]

Related card Enchantment Text
Akali, the Rhino Rhino Skin +5/+5.
Arena Fanatic WHOOOOO! +1/+1.
Auchenai Phantasm Dark Soul Your healing effects are dealing damage.
Bananas (Banana Buffoon) Bananas Has +1/+1.
Big Bad Voodoo Voodoo Deathrattle: Summon a minion that costs (1) more.
Belligerent Gnome Belligerent +1 Attack.
Bloodsail Howler Bloody Sails Increased stats.
Bog Slosher Sloshed +2/+2.
Da Undatakah Undatakah Deathrattles
Daring Fire-Eater Flameweaving Your next Hero Power deals 2 more damage.
Dozing Marksman Wrong Side of Da Bed +4 Attack.
Elemental Evocation Elemental Evocation The next Elemental you play this turn costs (2) less.
Farraki Battleaxe Battle Ready +2/+2 from Farraki Battleaxe.
Gral, the Shark Blood in the Water Destroyed {0} and gained its stats.
Griftah Guess the Card! Guess the card your opponent chose to get a copy.
Grim Rally Grim Rally +1/+1.
Gurubashi Chicken Ready to Strike +5 Attack.
Gurubashi Hypemon Hype! Gurubashi Hypemon made this 1/1.
Headhunter's Hatchet Headhunter's Hatchet Increased Durability.
Helpless Hatchling Avenger Costs (1) less.
Haunting Visions Visions The next spell you cast this turn costs (3) less.
Linecracker Crazed Doubled Attack.
Mark of the Loa Mark of the Loa +2/+4 and Taunt.
Pounce Pounce +2 Attack this turn.
Predatory Instincts Predatory Instincts Doubled Health.
Serrated Tooth Carnassial Rush.
Spellzerker Power of Gurubashi Spell Damage +2.
Spirit of the Bat Hir'eek's Offering Increased stats from Spirit of the Bat.
Spirit of the Dead Prayer to Bwonsamdi Bwonsamdi made this cost (1).
Spirit of the Dragonhawk Power of the Dragonhawk Your Hero Power also hits adjacent minions.
Spirit of the Lynx Blessing of Halazzi +1/+1.
Spirit of the Rhino Protected by Spirit of the Rhino Immune this turn.
Spirit of the Shark Power of the Shark Your minions' Battlecries and Combos trigger twice.
Stampeding Roar Stampede! Has Rush.
Surrender to Madness Absolutely Mad! +2/+2.
The Beast Within The Beast Within +1/+1.
Time Out! Time Out! Immune until your next turn.
Untamed Beastmaster Warpaint +2/+2.
Waterboy High Quality H2O Your Hero Power costs (0).
Zandalari Templar Rejuvenated +4/+4 and Taunt.
Zentimo Zentimo Spellsurge Whenever you target a minion with a spell, it also targets adjacent minions.