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Rise of Shadows logo.png The subject of this article is part of the
Rise of Shadows's The Dalaran Heist.

Rakanishu (hero).png
Set: Rise of Shadows
Type: Hero
Class: Mage
Health: 30

The mischievous fire elemental from Togwaggle's lantern.

For the Dungeon Run card, see Rakanishu.

Rakanishu is a hero one can pick for The Dalaran Heist. He represents the Mage class.

Hero Powers[edit | edit source]

Burning Wit.png

Rakanishu (Mage)[edit | edit source]

BURN! Coldsnap Elements Fate's Hand Go Big Inspired Legends Multi-Cast Powered Up Summoning Technology Trade Secrets
Forbidden Flame Breath of Sindragosa Elemental Evocation Shifting Scroll Polymorph Daring Fire-Eater Archmage Arugal Babbling Book Arcane Blast Mirror Image Clockwork Gnome Kabal Lackey
Fire Fly Glacial Shard Arcane Artificer Arcane Missiles Cabalist's Tome Lowly Squire Stargazer Luna Magic Trick Bloodmage Thalnos Khadgar Annoy-o-Tron Secretkeeper
Flame Geyser Ray of Frost Fire Fly Babbling Book Dragon's Fury Fallen Hero Archmage Vargoth Ray of Frost Celestial Emissary Conjurer's Calling Flamecannon Arcanologist
Flamecannon Frostbolt Flame Geyser Open the Waygate Luna's Pocket Galaxy Garrison Commander Nexus-Champion Saraad Tome of Intellect Sorcerer's Apprentice Effigy Galvanizer Mad Scientist
Pyros Snap Freeze Lesser Ruby Spellstone Astral Rift Sunreaver Warmage Spirit of the Dragonhawk Emperor Thaurissan Bloodmage Thalnos Spellbook Binder Messenger Raven Mechwarper Medivh's Valet
Cinderstorm Snowchugger Pyros Mana Cyclone Arcane Dynamo Waterboy Sylvanas Windrunner Magic Dart Frog Tuskarr Fisherman Mirror Entity Snowchugger Counterspell
Explosive Runes Coldwraith Cosmic Anomaly Primordial Glyph Blizzard Auctionmaster Beardo Toki, Time-Tinker Mana Cyclone Arcane Watcher Splitting Image Soot Spewer Duplicate
Flamewaker Frost Nova Scorch Shimmering Tempest Meteor Blackwald Pixie Archmage Antonidas Primordial Glyph Soot Spewer Unexpected Results Goblin Blastmage Ice Barrier
Forgotten Torch Frozen Clone Steam Surger Unstable Portal Meteorologist Fencing Coach Baron Geddon Research Project Unexpected Results Molten Reflection Piloted Shredder Ice Block
Soot Spewer Ice Barrier Water Elemental Spellslinger Astromancer Pyromaniac Dr. Boom Arcane Intellect Ancient Mage Vex Crow Replicating Menace Illuminator
Vaporize Ice Block Azerite Elemental Unexpected Results Firelands Portal Dalaran Aspirant Hex Lord Malacrass Coldlight Oracle Cosmic Anomaly Faceless Summoner Mimiron's Head Kirin Tor Mage
Volcanic Potion Cone of Cold Bonfire Elemental Griftah Flamestrike Maiden of the Lake Medivh, the Guardian Conjurer's Calling Dalaran Aspirant Astromancer Wargear Mana Bind
Fireball Demented Frostcaller Servant of Kalimos Leyline Manipulator Greater Arcane Missiles Kvaldir Raider Ragnaros the Firelord Stargazer Luna Kirin Tor Tricaster Firelands Portal Zilliax Masked Contender
Molten Reflection Water Elemental Arcanosaur Cabalist's Tome Spiteful Summoner Mukla's Champion Rhonin Curio Collector Azerite Elemental Power of Creation Gazlowe Mirror Entity
Blast Wave Blizzard Baron Geddon Deck of Wonders Grand Archivist Nexus-Champion Saraad Sindragosa Ethereal Conjurer Azure Drake Sneed's Old Shredder Mechanical Whelp Spellbender
Meteor Frost Elemental Blazecaller Toki, Time-Tinker Power of Creation Kodorider Sneed's Old Shredder Aluneth Aluneth Mekgineer Thermaplugg Piloted Sky Golem Arcane Keysmith
Archmage Antonidas Frost Lich Jaina Anomalus Archmage Antonidas Dragoncaller Alanna Jan'alai, the Dragonhawk The Lich King Archmage Antonidas Violet Warden Big Bad Archmage Flame Leviathan Ethereal Arcanist
Flamestrike Ragnaros the Firelord Firelands Portal Kalecgos Frost Giant Malygos Hex Lord Malacrass Malygos Giggling Inventor Subject 9
Pyroblast Ozruk Greater Arcane Missiles Pyroblast Ysera Kalecgos Sneed's Old Shredder Kabal Crystal Runner
Big Bad Archmage Yogg-Saron, Hope's End
Yogg-Saron, Hope's End

Emotes[edit | edit source]

Type Emote
Selected I'm what you'd call a criminal element.
Thanks Thank you, future crime-spree victim!
Well Played Hot!
Greetings Hello pitiful mortal!
Wow Whoooa - explosive!
Oops It burns!
Threaten I came here for arson, but I'll settle for assault.
Attack Rakanishu!
Concede ...back to the lamp!
Opening remark Give up your treasures!
Thinking [1] Let's be bad guys...
Thinking [2] Maximum chaos...
Thinking [3] Mayhem...? Arson? Hm.
Almost out of time Faster! Faster!
Almost out of cards Low on fuel...
Out of cards I'm outta gas!
Error: Too many minions There ain't no room.
Error: Generic Can't do it!
Error: Hand already full My hand is too full! It burns!
Error: Hero already attacked I already attacked!
Error: Minion not ready Give that one a moment to get ready.
Error: Minion exhausted That one already attacked.
Error: Not enough mana I need mana!
Error: Need a weapon Can't do it!
Error: Can't play that card
Error: Can't target stealthed minions
Error: Not a valid target
Error: Must attack taunt minion Grr! There's one that's taunting me!
When Fireball is played Time to turn up the heat!
When Meteor is played Now that's a fireball you can look up to.
When Forgotten Torch is played Some of my best friends are torches.
When Blizzard is played This is way too cold for me!

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Rakanishu (hero), full art

Patch changes[edit | edit source]

Rise of Shadows logo.png Patch (2019-04-04): Added.