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Rafael Zanchetin is the artist for the cards listed here.


Grimestreet Protector(49678).png
Tak Nozwhisker(90562).png
Alley Armorsmith(49663).png
Arcane Fletcher(90678).png
Meat Wagon(62849).png
Naga Corsair(49730).png
Soldier of Fortune(90633).png
Wicked Witchdoctor(42047).png
Darkshire Librarian(35221).png
Embrace the Shadow(33176).png
Deadscale Knight(62931).png
Emerald Hive Queen(55575).png
Emerald Reaver(55568).png
Open the Waygate(55551).png
Potion Vendor(90626).png
Selfless Hero(35245).png

Uncollectible cards

Time Warp(55554).png
Nether Imp(55459).png
Ethereal Lackey.png


The following cards are seen only in boss encounters, within adventures or the tutorial.


The Crone.png

Hero Powers



Seabreaker Goliath(89552).png

Promotional art[edit | edit source]

Talan's Bar promotional art, for Mean Streets of Gadgetzan
Talan's Bar and Gadgetzan Gazette artwork of a Jade Lotus museum curator.
Talan's Bar and Gadgetzan Gazette artwork of a Kabal member.
Talan's Bar and Gadgetzan Gazette artwork of Don Han'Cho acquiring the First Bank of Gadgetzan.
Talan's Bar and Gadgetzan Gazette artwork of Kazakus (bottom left), Don Han'Cho (top left), Aya Blackpaw (bottom right) and White Eyes (top right) attending a gala.

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