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The Quest Log

The Quest Log lists the player's current quests, as well as the level of each of their heroes and their current rank, medal and number of wins for Play mode and Arena. It can be accessed through an icon at the bottom left of the main menu screen, depicting a large exclamation mark over an atlas of Azeroth.


The top portion of the Log relates the player's success in Play mode and Arena. On the left is displayed the player's current rank in Ranked Play mode, while to the right the player's best Arena medal is shown. Hovering over either will state the name of the current and next levels. Total wins for each type are also listed.

The middle portion of the Log shows the level and experience of each of the player's heroes. Hovering over a hero will list the next reward available for increasing that hero's level. The total level of all heroes combined is also listed.

The bottom portion of the Log shows the player's current quests. These are usually daily quests, as most unique quests are not shown before they are achieved. Each quest is shown along with its name, objective, reward and current progression.


The Quest Log, prior to The Grand Tournament