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Property:Has artist

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This property has a type of Text.

This identifies the artist for the card's art, if known.

Pages using the property "Has artist"

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"Little Friend" +A.J. Nazzaro  +
... +Unknown artist  +
1nqu151t0r +Slawomir Maniak  +
A Fateful Encounter +Glenn Rane  +
A Glowing Pool +David Harrington  +
A Light in the Darkness +Zoltan Boros  +
A Mangy Wolf +Hidekaki Takamura  +
A New Hero Approaches +Unknown artist  +
A Small Rock +Unknown artist  +
A. F. Kay +Adam Byrne  +
A. F. Kay (boss) +Adam Byrne  +
Becca Abel +Grace Liu  +
Aberrant Berserker +Jim Nelson  +
Aberration +Unknown artist  +
Abominable Bowman +L. Lullabi & K. Turovec  +
Abomination +Alex Horley  +
Absolution +Raymond Swanland  +
Abusive Sergeant +Luca Zontini  +
Abyssal +Mike Sass  +
Abyssal Enforcer +Luke Mancini  +
Acherus Veteran +Luke Mancini  +
Acidic Swamp Ooze +Chris Rahn  +
Acidmaw +Andrew Hou  +
Acolyte of Agony +Brom  +
Acolyte of Pain +Dave Kendall  +
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