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"Passive" is an official term used to refer to cards that have no active use, but creating an Aura which provides a helping effect. Passive hero powers are also the main source of an Aura.

The ability is only found in the Dungeon Run game mode introduced with the Kobolds and Catacombs expansion. Passive Hero Powers also can be encountered in the regular play mode.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Passive cards are casted on the start of a Dungeon Run match, and their effect will last until the end of the game.
  • Passive cards have no mana costs to help them distinguishable from normal cards while viewing the Dungeon Run deck.
  • Passive cards have their effect via a specific enchantment.

Cards[edit | edit source]

Death's Shadow(62877).png

Boss cards[edit | edit source]

Below are all current boss cards with the Passive ability.

Battle Totem(77224).png
Battle Totem(77252).png
Beam Me Up!(77280).png
Boon Reaper(90448).png
Captured Flag(77197).png
Cloak of Invisibility(77205).png
Crystal Gem(77168).png
Cult of the Wolf(89528).png
Digest Magic(77257).png
Double Time(89602).png
Dragonfire Ammo(89547).png
Echoes of the Witchwood(89677).png
Everlasting Devotion(90445).png
Favor of the Gods(90443).png
First Aid Kit(89521).png
From the Swamp(89613).png
Glyph of Warding(77203).png
Greed is Good.png
Grommash's Armguards(77183).png
Justicar's Ring(77169).png
Khadgar's Scrying Orb(77191).png
Lunar Signet(89500).png
Maddest Science(63147).png
Made of Coins.png
Metabolized Magic(77294).png
Monstrous Aura(89666).png
Mysterious Tome(77208).png
Pact with the Loa(90446).png
Pillage the Fallen(89548).png
Poisoned Drink(89664).png
Potion of Vitality(77167).png
Robe of the Magi(77193).png
Sacred Ritual(90442).png
Scepter of Summoning(77171).png
Small Backpacks(77173).png
Sticky Fingers(89527).png
Tactical Reinforcements(89545).png
Tangled Wrath(89707).png
The Floor is Lava(77324).png
Together Forever(89650).png
Totem of Chaos(77326).png
Totem of the Dead(77250).png
Totem of the Dead(77223).png
Victorious Rally(89544).png
Windfall Blessing(90450).png
Wrath of the Loas(90447).png