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Ozruk(55468) Gold.png
Set: Journey to Un'Goro
Type: Minion
Minion type: Elemental
Class: Neutral
Rarity: Legendary
Cost: 9
Attack: 5
Health: 5
Abilities: Battlecry, Increment attribute, Taunt
Tags: Elemental-related
Artist: Tooth
Voice actor: Richard Epcar

Battlecry: Gain +5 Health for each Elemental you played last turn.

Between you and me, Ozruk is a bit obsessed with his body.

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Ozruk is a legendary neutral minion card, from the Journey to Un'Goro set.

How to get[edit | edit source]

Ozruk can be obtained through Journey to Un'Goro card packs, or through crafting.

Card Crafting cost Disenchanting
Ozruk 1600 400
Golden Ozruk 3200 1600

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Ozruk is a mighty Taunt as long as you've fueled it with a few Elementals on your previous turn. With only two Elementals, he becomes a 5/15, capable of blocking multiple attacks while putting out decent damage of his own. Ozruk's main ability is gaining stats, and because of that, he's extremely vulnerable to Silences and Transform effects. Try and bait out these abilities from your opponent before playing Ozruk.

Keep in mind that Ozruk counts Elementals played, not summoned. He has no synergy with Stone Sentinel or Kalimos' Invocation of Earth. However, he does have synergy with cards that add Elementals to your hand, like Fire Fly, provided you played both the Fire Fly and the generated Flame Elemental on the previous turn.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Break yourself upon my body!
Break yourself!
My... body...

Lore[edit | edit source]

Ozruk is the third boss of the Stonecore and one of the many "sons" of Therazane the Stonemother.

From the World of Warcraft adventure guide
Ozruk has served as Stonecore's guardian since Deepholm's creation. It is unknown why Ozruk has remained in the Stonecore, but it has become apparent that the guardian now believes that anyone opposed to Deathwing is a threat to Deepholm, and should therefore be destroyed.

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Gallery[edit | edit source]

Ozruk, full art

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References[edit | edit source]

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