Nithogg (boss)

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Descent of Dragons Galakrond's Awakening logo.png The subject of this article is part of the
Galakrond's Awakening adventure.



Set: Galakrond's Awakening
Type: Hero
Class: Shaman
Health: 30
Armor: 30 Armor.png (Heroic)
Artist: Peet Cooper
Voice actor: Travis Willingham

Hagatha seeks to defeat a storm dragon to unlock a legendary weapon.
Make like Hagatha and tame this Storm Dragon!

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Nithogg is a boss encounter in Galakrond's Awakening adventure. It is the third and final encounter of Chapter 2 of E.V.I.L. campaign: Clash at Wyrmrest.

The boss for this encounter is Nithogg, while the hero the player controls in Story mode is Hagatha the Vengeful.

Boss Hero Power[edit | edit source]

Story Heroic

Boss special cards[edit | edit source]

From Hero Power
Storm Egg(151435).png

Boss decks[edit | edit source]

The below classes are listed purely for reference, and have no effect on the boss' use of the cards during the battle.

Story Heroic
Class Card Quantity Class Card Quantity
Boss Dragonstorm 1 Boss Dragonstorm 2
Shaman Beakered Lightning 2 Shaman Surging Tempest 2
Air Elemental 2 Tunnel Trogg 2
Surging Tempest 2 Ancestral Knowledge 2
Ancestral Knowledge 2 Crackle 2
Crackle 1 Lightning Breath 2
Maelstrom Portal 1 Lightning Storm 2
Stormcrack 2 Unbound Elemental 2
Elemental Destruction 2 Squallhunter 2
Lightning Breath 1 The Fist of Ra-Den 1
Squallhunter 1 Thunderhead 2
Storm Chaser 2 Cumulo-Maximus 2
Thunderhead 1 Eye of the Storm 1
Cumulo-Maximus 1 Neutral Azure Drake 2
Eye of the Storm 1 Cobalt Scalebane 2
Neutral Twilight Guardian 2 Malygos 1
Azure Drake 2 Ysera 1
Big Ol' Whelp 2
Dragonhatcher 2

Story mode[edit | edit source]

Player's hero[edit | edit source]

Hagatha the Vengeful(184735).png
Swampqueen's Touch(184737).png

Player's special cards[edit | edit source]

Wail of the Shudderwock(184739).png

Player's decks[edit | edit source]

Class Card Quantity
Boss Wail of the Shudderwock 2
Shaman Sludge Slurper 2
Witch's Apprentice 1
Ancestral Knowledge 2
Devolve 1
Explosive Evolution 2
Witch's Brew 1
Bog Slosher 2
Feral Spirit 2
Haunting Visions 1
The Fist of Ra-Den 1
Rain of Toads 1
Bogshaper 2
Neutral Waterboy 2
Blackwald Pixie 2
Dragonmaw Poacher 2
Lifedrinker 2
Troll Batrider 2
Shu'ma 1

Notes[edit | edit source]

Heroic mode

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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Rewards[edit | edit source]

Rising Winds(184660).png
The Fist of Ra-den(184668).png

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Story mode[edit | edit source]

Before encounter

Hagatha - get down from there! That's a storm dragon!


Hagatha the Vengeful
I've corrupted MUCH more powerful monsters. Watch me work.

Turn 2

You seek to corrupt me?! Bah! Your swamp magic has no place here.


Feel the full might of the dragonflights!
Hagatha the Vengeful
You will regret that, overgrown fool.

Nithogg[edit | edit source]

Nithogg, full art


You will NOT take Wyrmrest!

Hero Power

The storm rages!
Lightning is mine to control!
Do not dare to stand before me!

Emote Response

Where did you learn to speak such evil?


You soil this place with your presence.
Such foul magic in the air… disgusting.
Have you already given up?



Hagatha the Vengeful[edit | edit source]

Hagatha the Vengeful, full art

All of the emotes are the same as Hagatha the Witch's.

Type Emote
Greetings Welcome to my domain.
Mirror Greetings Let us go then, you and I.
Well Played Well played.
Thanks Thank you.
Wow By the night!
Oops Unwise.
Threaten The curse take you!
Attack My curse on you!
Thinking [1] Hmm...
Thinking [2] Perplexing...
Thinking [3] A path dimly lit...
Concede You win this time.
Running out of time I must decide!
Almost out of cards I'm almost out of cards!
Out of cards I'm out of cards!

Patch changes[edit | edit source]