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Petar Kordić
Nerthus trinity LAN cut.jpg
Team Information
Location: Europe
Facebook: xnerthus
Twitter: xnerthus
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Petar "Nerthus" Kordić is a Legend ranked Croatian Hearthstone player who is currently teamless.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Achieved Legend rank in Hearthstone multiple times.
  • Won the first LAN tournament ever created in Split, Croatia (Trinity).
  • Arena enthusiast.
  • Was a guild leader of a famous cross-faction PvP guild League of Heroes on a certain World of Warcraft server under the nick Andronicus, which naturally led him to try Hearthstone as a game.
  • Won around 100 tournaments in all games combined plus around 50 more relevant final or semi-final results, mostly online but also a few LAN ones and has a four digit 'Total Earnings' $ number.

Interviews[edit | edit source] Interview with Nerthus and other top players of the GBG platform by GBG Ivana of the .

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