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Monster Hunt is a single-player game mode to be added with the The Witchwood expansion.[1] It is similar to the game mode of Dungeon Runs featured in Kobolds & Catacombs.

Heroes[edit | edit source]

Four special heroes are featured, each having access to a special hero power and special new cards:[2]

Clearing Monster Hunt with all four classes makes them all join forces against Hagatha the Witch.

Monsters[edit | edit source]

  • Gobbles
  • Azalina Soulthief, 60 Health (Hero Power: Unfinished Business, 2 mana. Summon three 1/1 Wisps.)
  • Grum (Hero Power: Terrify. 4 mana. Shuffle a minion into its owner's deck. It costs (4) less.)
  • Face Collector (Hero Power: A New Face, 0 mana. Transform a friendly minion into a random one that costs (2) more.)
  • Lord Godfrey (Hero Power: Shotgun Blast, 1 mana. Deal 2 damage to a minion and the minions next to it.)
  • Raeth Ghostsong (Hero Power: Desecrate, 1 mana. Deal 1 damage to all minions. If any die, refresh this.)
  • Winslow Tobtock, 40 Health (Hero Power: Hypnotise, 2 mana. Each player shuffles their hand into their deck and draws that many cards.)
  • Sephira Dusktalon, 40 Health (Hero Power: Tangled Wrath, passive. Whenever your opponent casts a spell, draw a spell from your deck.)
  • Gustave, the Gutripper, 50 Health (Hero Power: Cull the Meek, 1 mana. Destroy a minion with the lowest Attack.)

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