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The following page lists all known enchantments related to the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion. For basic information on enchantments, see Enchantment.

Note that some of the associations between enchantments and their related cards may be incorrect, since there is no way to determine this for certain without extensive in-game testing. Because of the way the wiki imports data, some enchantment data may also be out of date, and may therefore not match the stated effects of the related card, or that shown on the enchantment in-game. Corrections to out of date information are welcome, but should only be made if the up to date information has been clearly witnessed in-game.

Regular play[edit | edit source]

Related cards Name Class Description
Backroom Bouncer Cut Off Any Increased Attack.
Bloodfury Potion Demonic Draught Any +3/+3.
Bloodfury Potion Demonic Draught Any +3 Attack.
Small-Time Buccaneer Equipped Any +2 Attack.
Naga Corsair Extra Sharp Any +1 Attack.
Kabal Talonpriest Fortitude Any +3 Health.
Inkmaster Solia Free Spell Mage The next spell you cast this turn costs (0).
Unknown Get Big Any +2/+2.
Goldthorn (10 mana) Goldthorn Any +6 Health.
Goldthorn (1 mana) Goldthorn Any +2 Health.
Goldthorn (5 mana) Goldthorn Any +4 Health.
Kooky Chemist Kooky Chemistry Any Attack and Health have been swapped by Kooky Chemist.
Luckydo Buccaneer Looted Blade Rogue +4/+4.
Potion of Madness Madness Potion Priest This minion has switched controllers this turn.
Red Mana Wyrm Mana Heist Any Increased Attack.
Raza the Chained Raza Enchant Any Your Hero Power costs (0).
Mark of the Lotus Savage Mark Any +1/+1.
Seadevil Stinger Seadevil Enchant Any
Unknown Serrated Shadows Any +1/+1.
Pint-Size Potion Shrunk Priest -3 Attack this turn.
Blubber Baron Size Increase Any Increased stats.
Trogg Beastrager Smuggling Hunter +1/+1 from Trogg Beastrager.
Hidden Cache Smuggling Hunter +2/+2 from Hidden Cache.
Stolen Goods Smuggling Any +3/+3 from Stolen Goods.
Smuggler's Crate Smuggling Any +2/+2 from Smuggler's Crate.
Don Han'Cho Smuggling Any +5/+5 from Don Han'Cho.
Grimestreet Smuggler Smuggling Any +1/+1 from Grimestreet Smuggler.
Smuggler's Run Smuggling Paladin +1/+1 from Smuggler's Run.
Grimscale Chum Smuggling Any +1/+1 from Grimscale Chum.
Grimestreet Pawnbroker Smuggling Any +1/+1 from Grimestreet Pawnbroker.
Brass Knuckles Smuggling Any Increased stats from Brass Knuckles.
Hobart Grapplehammer Smuggling Warrior +1 Attack from Hobart Grapplehammer.
Grimy Gadgeteer Smuggling Any Increased stats from Grimy Gadgeteer.
Shaky Zipgunner Smuggling Any +2/+2 from Shaky Zipgunner.
Grimestreet Enforcer Smuggling Any Increased stats from Grimestreet Enforcer.
Grimestreet Outfitter Smuggling Any +1/+1 from Grimestreet Outfitter.
Daring Reporter The Scoop Any Increased stats.
Shadow Sensei Trained Rogue +2/+2.
Celestial Dreamer Visions of Hypnos Any +2/+2.
Cryomancer We All Scream Any +2/+2.
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