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Magni Bronzebeard(14693).png
"My brothers say I spend too much time in the forge. They think it ain't befitting a king. Hah! You don't forge legendary weapons like mine while sitting on a throne. The lands of Khaz Modan are mine, and when I bring the pain, lads, it's hammer time!"[1]

Magni Bronzebeard is an alternate hero for the Warrior icon.png Warrior class in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

Background[edit | edit source]

Magni Bronzebeard, by Wei Wang

For extensive background on Magni Bronzebeard, see Magni Bronzebeard on Wowpedia.

From Wowpedia:

Magni Bronzebeard was the king of the dwarven kingdom of Khaz Modan, Thane of Ironforge and head of the Bronzebeard clan, until he was turned to diamond during a ritual in the heart of Old Ironforge.

How to get[edit | edit source]

Magni Bronzebeard is temporarily unavailable for purchase. The skin will be available again in the future.

Previous availability[edit | edit source]

June 15, 2015 - December 9, 2019[edit | edit source]

Previously, as an alternate hero, Magni Bronzebeard can be purchased using real money in order to be unlocked. Once unlocked the player can choose to use Magni Bronzebeard in place of Garrosh Hellscream whenever playing with a warrior deck. It is not possible to purchase Magni Bronzebeard using gold.

$9.99 €9.99 £8.99 $12.99 599.00

Purchasing Magni Bronzebeard also unlocks a unique card back (see below), which can be used with any deck.

Functionality[edit | edit source]

Once unlocked and selected for use, Magni Bronzebeard replaces Garrosh Hellscream whenever playing with a warrior deck. Magni comes with his own portrait, emotes, and hero tray art, as well as featuring a special animation when using his Hero Power, Armor Up! (or its upgraded version, Tank Up!).

For more information, see Alternate heroes.

Flavor text[edit | edit source]

When viewed in the Collection, Magni has the following flavor text:

Lord of Ironforge. King of Khaz Modan. Grand Explorer. Moira’s Dad. Most Huggable Leader.

Emotes[edit | edit source]

Each hero has their own selection of audio and written emotes that are produced in response to specific events. For more information, see Emote.

Type Emote
Thanks Thank you!
Well played Well played.
Greetings Hello there.
Mirror Greetings Hello, yourself.
Wow By my beard!
Oops That's not right.
Threaten Feel the fury of the mountain!
Attack It's hammer time!
Concede You got me.
Opening remark For Khaz Modan!
Mirror start Yeah! Khaz Modan!
Thinking [1] Hmm...
Thinking [2] Maybe... No, no, no, no...
Thinking [3] So many choices...
Running out of time I gotta move!
Almost out of cards I'm almost out of cards.
Out of cards I'm out of cards!
Error: Too many minions I have too many minions.
Error: Generic I cannot do that.
Error: Hand already full My hand is full!
Error: Hero already attacked I already attacked.
Error: Minion not ready Give that minion a turn to get ready.
Error: Minion exhausted That minion already attacked.
Error: Not enough mana I don't have enough Mana.
Error: Need a weapon I need a weapon.
Error: Can't play that card I can't play that.
Error: Can't target stealthed minions I can't target Stealthed minions.
Error: Not a valid target That's not a valid target.
Error: Must attack taunt minion I must attack the minion with Taunt.
Selection in Arena I'm ready! Let's do it.
Lunar New Year Greetings Hello there.
Winter Veil Greetings Happy Feast of Winter Veil!
Noblegarden Greetings Happy Noblegarden!
Midsummer Fire Festival Greetings Hip hip, hooray!
Pirate's Day Greetings Hip hip, hooray!
When you play Upgrade! Heat of the forge

Unused[edit | edit source]

Type Emote
Sorry I'm so sorry friend.
Good game Good game.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When the card Brann Bronzebeard is summoned against Magni, Brann will say "Oh, brother! Have you heard from Muradin lately?" instead of his usual summoning dialogue.

Card back[edit | edit source]

Purchasing Magni Bronzebeard unlocks the following card back.

Card back-Magni.png
As the eldest of the three Bronzebeard brothers, Magni always got the coolest toys. He always shared, though!

Artist[edit | edit source]

Glenn Rane [2]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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