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The Mage icon.png Mage is one of the ten classes in Hearthstone, represented by Jaina Proudmoore, Medivh, Khadgar, and Kel'Thuzad.

Heroes[edit | edit source]

Jaina Proudmoore(320).png Medivh(14695).png Khadgar(33184).png Kel'Thuzad(211499).png

Fire Mage Jaina.png Scholar Jaina(330026).png Arcanist Jaina(389187).png Apprentice Jaina(389188).png Archmage Jaina(389189).png Kul Tiran Jaina(389190).png

Overview[edit | edit source]

Mages are the archetypal spell-casters. Masters of all things magical, they can summon balls of fire, bolts of ice and even pure arcane energy to sear and destroy their opponents. Mages excel at instant damage spells, whether blasting enemies from the field of battle one by one or wiping out whole armies with a single area of effect attack. Mages are also masters of control, able to freeze enemies in place with explosions of frost, or transform them into powerless Sheep at will.

With their unrivaled array of damaging spells, mages need as much Spell Damage as they can get, and can call on powerful magical allies to strengthen their spell-casting. However, even without their assistance, mages wield the most powerful damaging spells in the game. With devastating board-wipes like Flamestrike, game-ending nukes like Pyroblast, and a Hero Power that allows them to blast any target at any time, only a fool would take the wrath of a mage lightly.

Background[edit | edit source]

Main article: Mage

Students gifted with a keen intellect and unwavering discipline may walk the path of the mage. The arcane magic available to magi is both great and dangerous, and thus is revealed only to the most devoted practitioners. To avoid interference with their spellcasting, magi wear only cloth armor, but arcane shields and enchantments give them additional protection. To keep enemies at bay, magi can summon bursts of fire to incinerate distant targets and cause entire areas to erupt, setting groups of foes ablaze. Masters of ice can command blizzards that tear into flesh and limit movement. Should enemies manage to survive this assault, the mage can shrink them into harmless sheep in the blink of an eye.

Powerful magi can even generate enhancements and portals, assisting allies by sharpening their minds and transporting them instantly across the world.[1]

Hero Power[edit | edit source]


Hero Powers are unique abilities, specific to each class. Hero Powers cost 2 mana, and can be used once per turn.

The mage Hero Power Fireblast can be used to deal 1 damage to any target. It is useful for board control, able to remove smaller minions like Bluegill Warrior or even large minions like Boulderfist Ogre if the minion has already been weakened. It can be used strategically to remove a Divine Shield from an enemy, or to hit one of the mage's own minions to activate certain effects, such as Amani Berserker or Acolyte of Pain. As a Hero Power, Fireblast can bypass minions with Taunt, but cannot target elusive minions like Faerie Dragon. Note that it is not a spell and therefore is not affected by Spell Damage.

Replacement Hero Powers[edit | edit source]

Fireblast Rank 2(22484).png
Icy Touch(62843).png
Ascendant Scroll(90706).png
What Does This Do-(184960).png

Justicar Trueheart's Battlecry and Baku the Mooneater's Start of Game effect will replace Fireblast with Fireblast Rank 2.

Frost Lich Jaina will replace the current Hero Power with Icy Touch, as well as replacing the hero.

Raid the Sky Temple will replace the current Hero Power with Ascendant Scroll once the Quest is completed.

The Amazing Reno will replace the current Hero Power with What Does This Do?, as well as replacing the hero.

Strategy and gameplay[edit | edit source]

Mages use a large array of spells that cripple the opponents minions and damage their hero. Decks that contain minions that boost Spell Damage like Kobold Geomancer or Azure Drake will be able to strengthen the mage's numerous direct damage spells and even make weak spells into formidable nukes. Minions that benefit from playing spells like Mana Addict, Violet Teacher, or Gadgetzan Auctioneer often also fit well into mage decks.

For slower decks, mages can turtle exceptionally well, with cards like Ice Barrier and Ice Block which augment the hero's ability to survive, while their early game crowd control effects like Frost Nova and Cone of Cold prevent retaliation until the mage can play powerful cards like Pyroblast.

Common deck types[edit | edit source]

Tempo Mage is perhaps the most common mage deck type, with a number of variants. Mages can arm themselves with low-cost spells with Mana Wyrm, Flamewaker, and Vex Crow to snowball early and finish off with direct damage while never running out of steam with Aluneth or Mana Cyclone. Secret Mage relies on Secrets not only to generate useful effects but also to baffle and confuse the opponent, forcing them to delay strong plays while they dismantle the mage's unpredictable web of spells. Aggro or burn mage goes for direct damage as as often as possible instead, using aggressive but short-lived minions to push for damage early on and pelt the opponents with fireballs, a barrage of arcane missiles, and one big Pyroblast to finish them off. In Wild format, Mech Mage makes heavy use of cards from Goblins vs Gnomes for strong Mech synergy, and also spell synergy with the generated Spare Parts cards, making this a semi spell-oriented deck.

On the slower side, Mages can employ heavy spells with Dragon's Fury and Arcane Artificer for late-game control. They can also employ a deck that goes all-in on Archmage Antonidas. Once they have all the combo pieces to create four Sorcerer's Apprentices, their powers combined allows the mage to throw infinite Fireballs to end the game. This combination is known as Exodia Mage.

Mage is also known for featuring one of the slowest decks in the game - the Freeze Mage. This deck uses heavy control elements including the mage's unique Freeze effects, AoE removal like Flamestrike, and the impenetrable Ice Block to slow and delay the opponent's assault, followed by a flurry of direct damage spells like Fireball, Frostbolt and Ice Lance to destroy the opponent, often in a single turn.

Mages are also attuned with Elementals. Elemental Mages have rudimentary Elemental synergy effects that generate value, but late game Elementals can overwhelm the opponent, whether it's using Frost Lich Jaina to create an army of lifestealing elementals with her Icy Touch, or crashing down Animated Avalanches upon their opponent.

Counters[edit | edit source]

While strategy against mages depends heavily on deck type, this section describes some general pointers to bear in mind when learning to play against the class.

Mages have strong battlefield control, with single target spells like Polymorph and Fireball, and numerous Freeze effects such as Frost Nova, along with board wide removal from Flamestrike and Blizzard. These cards excel later in the game when stronger minions are played and when mana is available. It is possible to bait removal by placing threatening minions to force the mage to use them before then playing your strongest cards. Be aware of minion vulnerability when approaching turn 7, as any sizeable force of minions (especially at 4 Health or less) will offer a good reason for the mage to play Flamestrike if they have it.

A mage has a large array of powerful Secrets, but you can minimize their impact. If the mage has a Secret always try to safely determine which one it is:

  • Play a weak minion before a strong minion in case it is Mirror Entity.
  • Play weak or cheap spells before using strong and costly spells in case of Counterspell.
  • Attack the hero directly with a weak minion before a strong minion in case it's Vaporize.
  • Spellbender will replace the target of a single-target spell with a 1/3 minion. So you can use a weak spell before an important spell to negate it.
  • Ice Barrier is a powerful secret that will give the mage 8 Armor when your minion or hero attacks the mage. Spells and Hero Powers do not trigger the Secret.
  • Ice Block will delay death for at least one turn so in a close game don't be baited into using all of your cards in an attempt to kill the mage as it may allow the mage to make a comeback if you sacrificed too much.
  • When killing enemy minions, kill the weakest one first in case of Duplicate, and/or the cheapest in case of Effigy.
  • When you cast a spell, be ready for a potential Netherwind Portal. Don't spend all of your mana just in case it's a minion like Archmage Vargoth or Nozdormu the Timeless that you need to address.

Spells[edit | edit source]

For Wild format listings, see Mage/Wild format

See Spell. For a list of mage Secrets, see Secret#Mage.

Name / Desc Rarity Class Cost Description
Arcane Breath Rare Mage 1 Deal 2 damage to a minion. If you're holding a Dragon, Discover a spell.
Arcane Missiles Free Mage 1 Deal 3 damage randomly split among all enemies.
Brain Freeze Rare 1 Freeze a minion.
Combo: Also deal 3 damage to it.
Devolving Missiles Epic 1 Shoot three missiles at random enemy minions that transform them into ones that cost (1) less.
Elemental Allies Rare Mage 1 Sidequest: Play an Elemental 2 turns in a row.
Reward: Draw 3 spells from your deck.
Font of Power Rare Mage 1 Discover a Mage minion. If your deck has no minions, keep all 3.
Learn Draconic Common Mage 1 Sidequest: Spend 8 Mana on spells. Reward: Summon a 6/6 Dragon.
Magic Trick Rare Mage 1 Discover a spell that costs (3) or less.
Mirror Image Free Mage 1 Summon two 0/2 minions with Taunt.
Primordial Studies Common 1 Discover a Spell Damage minion. Your next one costs (1) less.
Raid the Sky Temple Legendary Mage 1 Quest: Cast 10 spells.
Reward: Ascendant Scroll.
Ray of Frost Common Mage 1 Twinspell
Freeze a minion. If it's already Frozen, deal 2 damage to it.
Tome of Intellect Common Mage 1 Add a random Mage spell to your hand.
Ancient Mysteries Common Mage 2 Draw a Secret from your deck. It costs (0).
Arcane Explosion Free Mage 2 Deal 1 damage to all enemy minions.
Astral Rift Rare Mage 2 Add 2 random minions to your hand.
Conjure Mana Biscuit Common Mage 2 Add a Biscuit to your hand that refreshes 2 Mana Crystals.
Cram Session Rare Mage 2 Draw 1 card (improved by Spell Damage).
Deck of Lunacy Legendary Mage 2 Transform spells in your deck into ones that cost (3) more. (They keep their original Cost.)
Evocation Legendary Mage 2 Fill your hand with random Mage spells. At the end of your turn, discard them.
Frostbolt Free Mage 2 Deal 3 damage to a character and Freeze it.
Icicle Epic Mage 2 Deal 2 damage to a minion. If it's Frozen, draw a card.
Incanter's Flow Common Mage 2 Reduce the Cost of spells in your deck by (1).
Arcane Intellect Free Mage 3 Draw 2 cards.
Combustion Epic Mage 3 Deal 4 damage to a minion. Any excess damages both neighbors.
Counterspell Rare Mage 3 Secret: When your opponent casts a spell, Counter it.
Flame Ward Common Mage 3 Secret: After a minion attacks your hero, deal 3 damage to all enemy minions.
Frost Nova Free Mage 3 Freeze all enemy minions.
Ice Barrier Common Mage 3 Secret: When your hero is attacked, gain 8 Armor.
Mirror Entity Common Mage 3 Secret: After your opponent plays a minion, summon a copy of it.
Netherwind Portal Common Mage 3 Secret: After your opponent casts a spell, summon a random 4-Cost minion.
Rigged Faire Game Epic Mage 3 Secret: If you didn't take any damage during your opponent's turn, draw 3 cards.
Spellbender Epic Mage 3 Secret: When an enemy casts a spell on a minion, summon a 1/3 as the new target.
Vaporize Rare Mage 3 Secret: When a minion attacks your hero, destroy it.
Cone of Cold Common Mage 4 Freeze a minion and the minions next to it, and deal 1 damage to them.
Conjurer's Calling Rare Mage 4 Twinspell
Destroy a minion. Summon 2 minions of the same Cost to replace it.
Fireball Free Mage 4 Deal 6 damage.
Polymorph Free Mage 4 Transform a minion into a 1/1 Sheep.
Potion of Illusion Epic 4 Add 1/1 copies of your minions to your hand. They cost (1).
Ring Toss Rare Mage 4 Discover a Secret and cast it. Corrupt: Discover 2 instead.
Apexis Blast Epic Mage 5 Deal 5 damage. If your deck has no minions, summon a random 5-Cost minion.
Rolling Fireball Epic Mage 5 Deal 8 damage to a minion. Any excess damage continues to the left or right.
Blizzard Rare Mage 6 Deal 2 damage to all enemy minions and Freeze them.
Flamestrike Free Mage 7 Deal 4 damage to all enemy minions.
Mask of C'Thun Rare Mage 7 Deal 10 damage randomly split among all enemies.
Deep Freeze Rare Mage 8 Freeze an enemy. Summon two 3/6 Water Elementals.
Grand Finale Rare Mage 8 Summon an 8/8 Elemental. Repeat for each Elemental you played last turn.
Power of Creation Epic Mage 8 Discover a 6-Cost minion. Summon two copies of it.
Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron Epic Mage 10 Cast 10 random spells
(targets chosen randomly).
Pyroblast Epic Mage 10 Deal 10 damage.
Showing all 50 cards
Arcane Breath(151359).png
Arcane Missiles(589).png
Brain Freeze(329940).png
Devolving Missiles(329865).png
Elemental Allies(151423).png
Font of Power(210792).png
Learn Draconic(127286).png
Magic Trick(90579).png
Mirror Image(30).png
Primordial Studies(329947).png
Raid the Sky Temple(90705).png
Ray of Frost(90607).png
Tome of Intellect(90140).png
Ancient Mysteries(90832).png
Arcane Explosion(56).png
Astral Rift(89915).png
Conjure Mana Biscuit(442056).png
Cram Session(329953).png
Deck of Lunacy(388957).png
Incanter's Flow(210800).png
Arcane Intellect(489).png
Flame Ward(90790).png
Frost Nova(49).png
Ice Barrier(672).png
Mirror Entity(569).png
Netherwind Portal(210799).png
Rigged Faire Game(388943).png
Cone of Cold(26).png
Conjurer's Calling(90625).png
Potion of Illusion(329937).png
Ring Toss(378831).png
Apexis Blast(210743).png
Rolling Fireball(151413).png
Mask of C'Thun(389039).png
Deep Freeze(210794).png
Grand Finale(388992).png
Power of Creation(90570).png
Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron(90692).png


For Wild format listings, see Mage/Wild format

The following spells are generated by other mage cards or effects, and are uncollectible.

Name / Desc Rarity Class Cost Description
Malygos's Frostbolt None Mage 0 Deal 3 damage to a character and Freeze it.
Mana Biscuit None Mage 0 Refresh 2 Mana Crystals.
Malygos's Missiles None Mage 1 Deal 6 damage randomly split among all enemies.
Malygos's Nova None Mage 1 Freeze all enemy minions.
Malygos's Polymorph None Mage 1 Transform a minion into a 1/1 Sheep.
Malygos's Tome None Mage 1 Add 3 random Mage spells to your hand.
Ray of Frost Common Mage 1 Freeze a minion. If it's already Frozen, deal 2 damage to it.
Malygos's Explosion None Mage 2 Deal 2 damage to all enemy minions.
Malygos's Intellect None Mage 3 Draw 4 cards.
Conjurer's Calling Rare Mage 4 Destroy a minion. Summon 2 minions of the same Cost to replace it.
Malygos's Fireball None Mage 4 Deal 8 damage.
Ring Toss Rare Mage 4 Corrupted
Discover 2 Secrets and cast them.
Malygos's Flamestrike None Mage 7 Deal 8 damage to all enemy minions.
Showing all 13 cards
Malygos's Frostbolt(127307).png
Mana Biscuit(442258).png
Malygos's Missiles(127309).png
Malygos's Nova(127310).png
Malygos's Polymorph(127311).png
Malygos's Tome(127312).png
Ray of Frost(91014).png
Malygos's Explosion(127265).png
Malygos's Intellect(127308).png
Conjurer's Calling(90984).png
Malygos's Fireball(127305).png
Ring Toss(378832).png
Malygos's Flamestrike(127306).png

Minions[edit | edit source]

For Wild format listings, see Mage/Wild format

See Minion cards. All classes can also use neutral minions in their decks.

Name / Desc Rarity Subtype Class Cost Atk HP Description
Glacier Racer Rare General Mage 1 1 3 Spellburst: Deal 3 damage to all Frozen enemies.
Lab Partner Common General Mage 1 1 3 Spell Damage +1
Violet Spellwing Common Elemental Mage 1 1 1 Deathrattle: Add an 'Arcane Missiles' spell to your hand.
Wand Thief Common General 1 1 2 Combo: Discover a Mage spell.
Apexis Smuggler Epic General Mage 2 2 3 After you play a Secret, Discover a spell.
Arcane Flakmage Rare General Mage 2 3 2 After you play a Secret, deal 2 damage to all enemy minions.
Astromancer Solarian Legendary General Mage 2 3 2 Spell Damage +1
Deathrattle: Shuffle 'Solarian Prime' into your deck.
Confection Cyclone Common Elemental Mage 2 3 2 Battlecry: Add two 1/2 Sugar Elementals to your hand.
Game Master Common General Mage 2 2 3 The first Secret you play each turn costs (1).
Imprisoned Phoenix Common Elemental 2 2 3 Dormant for 2 turns.
Spell Damage +2
Khadgar Legendary General Mage 2 2 2 Your cards that summon minions summon twice as many.
Magic Dart Frog Common Beast Mage 2 1 3 After you cast a spell, deal 1 damage to a random enemy minion.
Mana Cyclone Epic Elemental Mage 2 2 2 Battlecry: For each spell you've cast this turn, add a random Mage spell to your hand.
Mana Wyrm Common General Mage 2 1 3 Whenever you cast a spell, gain +1 Attack.
Sorcerer's Apprentice Common General Mage 2 3 2 Your spells cost (1) less.
Starscryer Common General Mage 2 3 1 Deathrattle: Draw a spell.
Trick Totem Rare Totem 2 0 3 At the end of your turn, cast a random spell that costs (3) or less.
Arcane Amplifier Common Elemental Mage 3 2 5 Your Hero Power deals 2 extra damage.
Chenvaala Legendary Elemental Mage 3 2 5 After you cast three spells in a turn, summon a 5/5 Elemental.
Dune Sculptor Rare General Mage 3 3 3 After you cast a spell, add a random Mage minion to your hand.
Firebrand Common General Mage 3 3 4 Spellburst: Deal 4 damage randomly split among all enemy minions.
Imprisoned Observer Rare Demon Mage 3 4 5 Dormant for 2 turns. When this awakens, deal 2 damage to all enemy minions.
Kirin Tor Mage Rare General Mage 3 4 3 Battlecry: The next Secret you play this turn costs (0).
Messenger Raven Common Beast Mage 3 3 2 Battlecry: Discover a Mage minion.
Azure Explorer Common Dragon Mage 4 2 3 Spell Damage +2 Battlecry: Discover a Dragon.
Ethereal Arcanist Rare General Mage 4 3 3 If you control a Secret at the end of your turn, gain +2/+2.
Kirin Tor Tricaster Rare General Mage 4 3 3 Spell Damage +3
Your spells cost (1) more.
Occult Conjurer Epic General Mage 4 4 4 Battlecry: If you control a Secret, summon a copy of this.
Water Elemental Free Elemental Mage 4 3 6 Freeze any character damaged by this minion.
Cloud Prince Common Elemental Mage 5 4 4 Battlecry: If you control a Secret, deal 6 damage.
Firework Elemental Common Elemental Mage 5 3 5 Battlecry: Deal 3 damage to a minion. Corrupt: Deal 12 instead.
Jandice Barov Legendary General 5 2 1 Battlecry: Summon two random 5-Cost minions. Secretly pick one that dies when it takes damage.
Keywarden Ivory Legendary General 5 4 5 Battlecry: Discover a dual-class spell from any class. Spellburst: Get another copy.
Malygos, Aspect of Magic Legendary Dragon Mage 5 2 8 Battlecry: If you're holding a Dragon, Discover an upgraded Mage spell.
Mozaki, Master Duelist Legendary General Mage 5 3 8 After you cast a spell, gain Spell Damage +1.
Naga Sand Witch Rare General Mage 5 5 5 Battlecry: Change the Cost of spells in your hand to (5).
Ras Frostwhisper Legendary General 5 3 6 At the end of your turn, deal 1 damage to all enemies (improved by Spell Damage).
Wyrm Weaver Rare General Mage 5 3 6 Spellburst: Summon two 1/3 Mana Wyrms.
Reno the Relicologist Legendary General Mage 6 4 6 Battlecry: If your deck has no duplicates, deal 10 damage randomly split among all enemy minions.
Sayge, Seer of Darkmoon Legendary General Mage 6 5 5 Battlecry: Draw 1 card.
(Upgraded for each friendly Secret that has triggered this game!)
Animated Avalanche Common Elemental Mage 7 7 6 Battlecry: If you played an Elemental last turn, summon a copy of this.
Archmage Antonidas Legendary General Mage 7 5 7 Whenever you cast a spell, put a 'Fireball' spell into your hand.
Dragoncaster Rare General Mage 7 4 4 Battlecry: If you're holding a Dragon, your next spell this turn costs (0).
Mana Giant Epic Elemental Mage 8 8 8 Costs (1) less for each card you've played this game that didn't start in your deck.
Tortollan Pilgrim Epic General Mage 8 5 5 Battlecry: Discover a spell in your deck and cast it with random targets.
Kalecgos Legendary Dragon Mage 10 4 12 Your first spell each turn costs (0).
Battlecry: Discover a spell.
Showing all 46 cards
Glacier Racer(442069).png
Lab Partner(329921).png
Violet Spellwing(151421).png
Wand Thief(329872).png
Apexis Smuggler(210744).png
Arcane Flakmage(90743).png
Astromancer Solarian(210717).png
Confection Cyclone(389040).png
Game Master(389038).png
Imprisoned Phoenix(442054).png
Magic Dart Frog(90637).png
Mana Cyclone(90608).png
Mana Wyrm(263).png
Sorcerer's Apprentice(4).png
Trick Totem(330009).png
Arcane Amplifier(184661).png
Dune Sculptor(90808).png
Imprisoned Observer(210681).png
Kirin Tor Mage(411).png
Messenger Raven(90576).png
Azure Explorer(127296).png
Ethereal Arcanist(125).png
Kirin Tor Tricaster(90641).png
Occult Conjurer(388944).png
Water Elemental(274).png
Cloud Prince(90742).png
Firework Elemental(389036).png
Jandice Barov(329917).png
Keywarden Ivory(442036).png
Malygos, Aspect of Magic(127294).png
Mozaki, Master Duelist(329890).png
Naga Sand Witch(90820).png
Ras Frostwhisper(329910).png
Wyrm Weaver(329948).png
Reno the Relicologist(90719).png
Sayge, Seer of Darkmoon(388956).png
Animated Avalanche(184959).png
Archmage Antonidas(220).png
Mana Giant(151419).png
Tortollan Pilgrim(90747).png

Uncollectible[edit | edit source]

For Wild format listings, see Mage/Wild format

The following minions are generated by other mage cards, and are uncollectible.

Name / Desc Rarity Subtype Class Cost Atk HP Description
Mirror Image Common General Mage 0 0 2 Taunt
Malygos's Sheep None Beast Mage 1 1 1
Spellbender None General Mage 1 1 3
Sugar Elemental None Elemental Mage 1 1 2
Firework Elemental Common Elemental Mage 5 3 5 Corrupted
Battlecry: Deal 12 damage to a minion.
Snow Elemental None Elemental Mage 5 5 5
Draconic Emissary None Dragon Mage 6 6 6
Exploding Sparkler None Elemental Mage 8 8 8
Solarian Prime None Demon Mage 9 7 7 Spell Damage +1
Battlecry: Cast 5 random Mage spells (targets enemies if possible).
Showing all 9 cards
Mirror Image(650).png
Malygos's Sheep(151510).png
Sugar Elemental(389052).png
Firework Elemental(389093).png
Snow Elemental(151474).png
Draconic Emissary(151431).png
Exploding Sparkler(389054).png
Solarian Prime(211059).png

Hero card

For Wild format listings, see Mage/Wild format

See Hero card.

Name / Desc Rarity Type Subtype Class Cost Atk HP Description
The Amazing Reno Legendary Hero card Mage 10 Battlecry: Make all minions disappear. *Poof!*
Showing the only card
The Amazing Reno(176351).png

Leveling rewards[edit | edit source]

As a hero reaches various levels they are awarded new cards, with each class having its own rewards. All cards awarded by gaining levels are uncraftable, and cannot be crafted or disenchanted.

Levels up to 10 award new Basic class cards, while levels after this award only golden versions of existing cards.

Starting cards[edit | edit source]

All mages start with the following class cards.

Arcane Explosion(56).png
Arcane Intellect(489).png
Arcane Missiles(589).png

Level 2-10[edit | edit source]

Up to level 10, reaching each even-numbered level will award the player two copies of a new Basic class card. These cards are not obtainable through any other means.


Level 2
Mirror Image(30).png

Level 4
Frost Nova(49).png

Level 6
Water Elemental(274).png

Level 8

Level 10

Level 11-60[edit | edit source]

Above level 10, reaching certain levels will award golden versions of existing Basic cards. As they are uncraftable, it is not possible to disenchant these cards, making the reward purely cosmetic. Reaching each required level will award one golden card. Levels after 10 award golden Basic class cards, whereas levels after 52 award golden Basic neutral minion cards.

Arcane Intellect(489) Gold.png

Level 15/20
Frost Nova(49) Gold.png

Level 23/26
Arcane Explosion(56) Gold.png

Level 28/30
Arcane Missiles(589) Gold.png

Level 32/34
Mirror Image(30) Gold.png

Level 36/38
Frostbolt(177) Gold.png

Level 40/42
Fireball(522) Gold.png

Level 44/46
Polymorph(595) Gold.png

Level 47/48
Water Elemental(274) Gold.png

Level 49/50
Flamestrike(44) Gold.png

Level 51/52
Dragonling Mechanic(472) Gold.png

Level 53/54
Ironforge Rifleman(41) Gold.png

Level 55/56
Archmage(545) Gold.png

Level 57/58
Dalaran Mage(388) Gold.png

Level 59/60

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • As of 2016, mage is by far the most commonly searched for class using Google. Top searches include "Freeze Mage" and "Mech Mage".[2]
  • Mage was one of the first three classes to receive an alternate hero. It is tied with Paladin and Warlock for the the most available heroes, and was the first class to have three possible heroes.
  • During the game's early development, the mage hero was Kael'thas Sunstrider. The hero can be seen in screenshots from that period.

References[edit | edit source]