Lord Barov (Battlegrounds)

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Battlegrounds logo.png The subject of this article is part of the
Battlegrounds mode.

Lord Barov

Lord Barov(339669).png

Set: Battlegrounds
Type: Hero
Health: 40
Artist: Zoltan Boros

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For the minion of the same name, see Lord Barov.

Lord Barov is a hero that the player can pick in the Battlegrounds game mode.

For more information, see Battlegrounds.

Hero Power[edit | edit source]

Friendly Wager(339671).png

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • After pressing a Hero Power, the player "discovers" two other opponents that will be fighting each other on current turn.
  • The player can choose himself or his own opponent only if they are both the last remaining players.
  • It is possible to choose Kel'Thuzad if there is an uneven number of players.
  • If the combat ends in a tie, the player will be refunded with 1 coin.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Knowing your opponent's warbands can easily give you a huge edge, as the three coins you get is well worth the gamble. Even better, in the early game you can get a power spike, because some matchups in the early game can be predictable (Characters that have a strong early game like The Curator or Rafaam over characters that gain more value over time like Alexstraza or Aranna).

General tip: use the Hero Power at the end of your turn, when you finished managing the minions. It's better to miss on a bet than to mess up a board.

Using Hero power on the very first turn is usually a mistake because of so many ties. However, if you found Deck Swabbie, play it and on the second turn use the Hero Power, knowing not only the Heroes but also their starting minions.

If you have no time to think, bet on a Hero who won last round as opposed to the one who lost. If both won or lost, bet on the one who played against the stronger opponent.

When there are odd number of players left, prefer using Hero Power in the hope of getting a match against Kel'Thuzad.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Lord Barov, full art

Patch changes[edit | edit source]