Looming Presence (Heroic)

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The League of Explorers logo.png The subject of this article is part of the
The League of Explorers adventure.

Looming Presence
Looming Presence(27480).png
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Looming Presence(27480) Gold.png
Set: The League of Explorers
Type: Spell
Cost: 3
Abilities: Draw, Gain Armor
Artist: Blizzard Entertainment

Draw 3 cards. Gain 6 Armor.

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For the Normal mode version of this spell, see Looming Presence (Normal).

Looming Presence is a boss spell used by various bosses in The League of Explorers and later adventures.

For more information, see individual boss pages.

Bosses[edit | edit source]

Sun Raider Phaerix.png
Lord Slitherspear.png
Lady Naz'jar.png
Prince Malchezaar (Prologue boss).png
Silverware Golem (boss).png
Magic Mirror.png
The Crone.png
Shade of Aran.png
Nazra Wildaxe.png
Lady Deathwhisper(63175).png
Blood-Queen Lana'thel(63128).png
The Lich King(63150).png
Chronomancer Inara(77340).png
The Darkness(77328).png
Vustrasz the Ancient(77271).png
Jythiros of Questions(92694).png
Vesh, Plague Lord of Murlocs(92623).png
Icarax, Plague Lord of Wrath(92633).png
Rafaam, Prime Evil(184744).png
Gruul the Dragonkiller(211314).png
Lady Vashj(211418).png

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Looming Presence, full art

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