List of Powercreeped Cards

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Silly.jpg    This is a silly article.
While related to a real Hearthstone topic, it should not be taken too seriously.

This is a list about cards which are powercreeps, or cards which are effectively better than other cards in every way.

Some may believe that these cards listed do not constitute as powercreep, however, they will still be listed as such due to the lack of a better term for them. Powercreep may be defined differently from what is defined in this article, if any confusion is caused from the name, this article is listing all cards which are objectively better than other cards. A name change can be considered if anyone is still confused.

This article will list cards which have been powercreeped, and list below them the cards which are better than them.

Class cards are designed to be more powerful than neutral cards, however they will be listed. Cards from different classes will also be compared with each other. Only collectible cards will be listed.

This is a work-in-progress list, feel free to expand it.

A powercreep defined here would have to fulfill one or more of the following criteria when compared to another card:

  • It has exactly the same card text, and more attack or health
  • It has exactly the same card text, and costs less mana
  • It has exactly the same mana cost and stats, but has more beneficial card text
  • It has exactly the same mana cost and stats, but has less counteractive card text

For the sake of this article, the actions listed below are beneficial:

Any card needs to have the ability to always do one of the above for it to fulfill that criteria. Avenging Wrath will always deal damage to an enemy, but having a possibility to gain an effect listed above is always better than not having any effect or have effects listed below. Having the chances to be both good and bad effectively cancels out its effectiveness over cards with the same stats, cost and no card text at all.

Listed below are counteractive, or negative effects:

Listed below are ignored:

  • Having Tribes, such as Murloc Tinyfin and Deathwing
  • Being of a high rarity, such as Legendaries and Epics
  • Belonging to different classes
  • Being an only wild format card

Onto the main part of this article, the list.

Silverback Patriarch

Silverback Patriarch(611).png

This is likely the first card people think about when they hear the word powercreep, this card is powercreeped so many times even cards which powercreep this card are getting powercreeped. This card even has its own article talking about the list of cards which powercreep it. Find it here. This, however, will not be the card with the most powercreeps.

Squirming Tentacle

Squirming Tentacle(35243).png

This is the powercreep which was power creeped, still better than Silverback Patriarch though.

Fierce Monkey(27255).png
Hot Spring Guardian(55564).png
Druid of the Scythe(89428).png
Phantom Militia(89337).png

Magma Rager

Magma Rager(362).png

This card is known for being one of the worst cards in hearthstone, however, unlike Silverback Patriarch, Magma Rager is not powercreeped that often. The one upside Magma Rager does get is that it is in Standard Format and will be forever in Standard.

Faceless Rager(90670).png
Ice Rager(22392).png
Druid of the Flame(14457).png
Duskhaven Hunter(89485).png
Elder Longneck(55541).png
Shadow Rager(49752).png

Murloc Raider

Murloc Raider(55).png

Everyone has used this card a couple of times, at least in the tutorial. The list of cards which are powercreeped here is quite long, even longer than the one for Silverback Patriarch:

Acherus Veteran(62948).png
Arcane Anomaly(42043).png
Clockwork Gnome(12200).png
Glacial Shard(55485).png
Mistress of Mixtures(49646).png
Southsea Deckhand(103).png
Swamp Leech(89477).png
Tournament Attendee(22350).png
Worgen Infiltrator(112).png
Young Priestess(123).png
Air Elemental(55549).png
Brave Archer(22310).png
Enchanted Raven(42024).png
Fiery Bat(35214).png
Grimscale Chum(49685).png
Kabal Lackey(49692).png
Pit Snake(27221).png
Raptor Hatchling(55502).png
Selfless Hero(35245).png
Twilight Whelp(14460).png
Brazen Zealot(90714).png

Am'gam Rager

Am'gam Rager(35238).png

The less known Rager in the family of Ragers, this one somehow becomes even worse than the original Magma Rager. This is the list:

Upgradeable Framebot(89801).png
Bronze Gatekeeper(89896).png
Drakkari Enchanter(62929).png
Tar Creeper(55456).png
Druid of the Swarm(62905).png
Druid of the Flame(14457).png
Carrion Grub(35218).png
Crypt Lord(62860).png
Darkshire Councilman(35224).png
Duskhaven Hunter(89378).png
Nethersoul Buster(89906).png
Paragon of Light(89433).png

River Crocolisk and Arcane Servant

River Crocolisk(535).png
Arcane Servant(90677).png

This is another underwhelming basic card, and is in fact not bad in arena, unfortunately too many cards compete with it.

Beckoner of Evil(31114).png
Bloodsail Raider(637).png
Sunfury Protector(372).png
Amani Berserker(641).png
Flame Juggler(22292).png
Friendly Bartender(49645).png
Garrison Commander(22274).png
Gilblin Stalker(12249).png
Golakka Crawler(55453).png
Plated Beetle(76995).png
Rockpool Hunter(55574).png
Ship's Cannon(12258).png
Stonesplinter Trogg(12266).png
Tuskarr Fisherman(62937).png
Anodized Robo Cub(12219).png
Savage Striker(90154).png
Steamwheedle Sniper(12242).png
Medivh's Valet(42048).png
Mana Geode(49705).png
Radiant Elemental(55543).png
Murkspark Eel(89343).png
Omega Mind(89885).png
Alexstrasza's Champion(22333).png
Sunreaver Spy(90643).png
Keeper Stalladris(90585).png
Underbelly Fence(90565).png
Underbelly Angler(90648).png
Questing Explorer(90691).png

War Golem

War Golem(323).png

This is another example of the basic set being to simple; ironically it's outclassed even among Basic set.

Dr. Boom(12182).png
Star Aligner(89842).png
Ironhide Direhorn(90170).png
Prophet Velen(228).png
Bwonsamdi, the Dead(90169).png
Obsidian Destroyer(27222).png
Blastmaster Boom(90567).png

Faceless Behemoth

Faceless Behemoth(35249).png

This card is basically the amplified version of War Golem.

Deathwing, Dragonlord(33177).png
Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound(33156).png

Bloodfen Raptor and Puddlestomper

Bloodfen Raptor(576).png

Bloodfen Raptor was good enough that Blizzard printed what is effectively the same card, but definitely not good enough for the following, at least Wild Pyromancer technically doesn't powercreep the two.

Acidic Swamp Ooze(74).png
Boneguard Lieutenant(22352).png
Faerie Dragon(213).png
Huge Toad(27219).png
Pompous Thespian(42034).png
Spellbook Binder(90662).png
Anodized Robo Cub(12219).png
Crackling Razormaw(55500).png
King's Elekk(22370).png
Trogg Beastrager(49660).png
Cult Sorcerer(35239).png
Fallen Hero(22268).png
Sorcerer's Apprentice(4).png
Goblin Auto-Barber(12212).png
Lab Recruiter(89823).png
Undercity Valiant(22371).png
Eternal Sentinel(35231).png
Whirling Zap-o-matic(12231).png
Tiny Knight of Evil(22386).png
Sparring Partner(22354).png

Booty Bay Bodyguard

Booty Bay Bodyguard(27).png

This is straight up powercreep by design for being too weak.

Evil Heckler(22390).png
White Eyes(49726).png

Lost Tallstrider

Lost Tallstrider(12284).png

This card is very similar to Booty Bay Bodyguard, but it has many more cards which powercreep it.

Evil Heckler(22390).png
Gentle Megasaur(52595).png
Naga Corsair(49730).png
Savage Combatant(22293).png
Professor Putricide(61819).png
Goblin Blastmage(12195).png
Steam Surger(55585).png
Tomb Pillager(27229).png
SI-7 Infiltrator(90688).png

Argent Squire

Argent Squire(473).png

This is in fact a very popular card used in Odd Rogue, Quest Hunter, Odd Paladin, but it still manages to be beaten by this one card.

Righteous Protector(62864).png

Fossilized Devilsaur

Fossilized Devilsaur(27235).png

This might be a more straightforward chain of powercreeps than Silverback Patriarch.

The Lich King(62922).png
Ironbark Protector(238).png

Spider Tank and Nightmare Amalgam

Spider Tank(12184).png
Nightmare Amalgam(89353).png

This is another case of being too simple, and Fierce Monkey is on top again. Although Nightmare Amalgam has way more tribes than Spider Tank, it is more vulnerable to Hungry Crab, Golakka Crawler, Dragonslayer, Hemet Nesingwary, etc.

Auctionmaster Beardo(49659).png
Augmented Elekk(89871).png
Blackwald Pixie(89366).png
Eydis Darkbane(22295).png
Fjola Lightbane(22296).png
Twilight Elder(31112).png
Untamed Beastmaster(90187).png
Bloodsail Cultist(35204).png
Cloaked Huntress(42050).png
Fierce Monkey(27255).png
High Priest Thekal(90199).png
Kabal Talonpriest(49620).png
Manic Soulcaster(49637).png
Omega Medic(89834).png
Spellward Jeweler(90550).png
Unearthed Raptor(27220).png

Kobold Geomancer

Kobold Geomancer(479).png

There were many similar cards which were better than Kobold Geomancer, but only one was a powercreep.

Cult Sorcerer(35239).png

Dalaran Mage

Dalaran Mage(388).png

Half time more cheap and half time improved Duskboar is


Evolved Kobold

Evolved Kobold(35254).png

Even after evolving, Evolved Kobold did not escape the fate of being powercreeped.

Cosmic Anomaly(89861).png

Pit Fighter

Pit Fighter(22375).png

At least this is still a good pick in the Arena.

Prince Malchezaar(42031).png
Drakonid Operative(49638).png
Ethereal Peddler(42023).png
Usher of Souls(35242).png

Blowgill Sniper

Blowgill Sniper(49672).png

Both of these cards are as unremarkable as it can get, but one is still better than the other.

Cheaty Anklebiter(90269).png



Stegodon is the minion one would know as "the thing that's summoned from Spikeridged Steed." Being powercreeped the expansion it is released.

Omega Defender(89809).png
Tortollan Shellraiser(55446).png
Bloodhoof Brave(35205).png
Proud Defender(90634).png

Sen'jin Shieldmasta

Sen'jin Shieldmasta(326).png

Everyone should remember this guy from their Hearthstone beginning; yeah it's powercreeped, but it is still a very good budget option.


Fen Creeper

Fen Creeper(476).png

Fen Creeper was outdone by Sen'jin Shieldmasta in usefulness, as he does the same job better for 1 mana less.

Crazed Worshipper(35212).png
Direhorn Hatchling(55524).png
Druid of the Claw(587).png



This card was powercreeped when released.

Goblin Auto-Barber(12212).png

Frostwolf Grunt

Frostwolf Grunt(663).png

There was no good reason for Blizzard to release a card like this.

Anodized Robo Cub(12219).png
Pompous Thespian(42034).png
Sparring Partner(22354).png

Ironfur Grizzly

Ironfur Grizzly(519).png

Another card for Fierce Monkey to shine!

Hired Gun(49671).png
Fierce Monkey(27255).png

Goldshire Footman

Goldshire Footman(564).png

Some Control Warlocks are actually willing to play Wax Elemental and Goldshire Footman rather than a small demon because of Bloodreaver Gul'dan although what this might show.


Deadscale Knight

Deadscale Knight(62931).png

Very insignificant.

Swamp Leech(89477).png



This is a smaller Magma Rager, but better.

One-eyed Cheat(12255).png

Dire Mole

Dire Mole(76996).png

This is comparable to Enchanted Raven, but neutral.

Northshire Cleric(600).png
Tunnel Trogg(27246).png
Malchezaar's Imp(42027).png
Eternium Rover(89851).png

Salty Dog

Salty Dog(12263).png

Pirate decks would take a pirate, even if it was powercreeped.


Chillwind Yeti

Chillwind Yeti(31).png

Basic cards just have to be powercreeped, no matter how good they are.

Klaxxi Amber-Weaver(33121).png
Leyline Manipulator(76932).png
Master of Evolution(33160).png
Omega Devastator(90559).png

Silvermoon Guardian

Silvermoon Guardian(634).png

Once the only 4-drop with Divine Shield is now powercreeped; it looks like guardians were not enough for Alliance.

The Glass Knight(89411).png

Twisted Worgen

Twisted Worgen(35223).png

This abomination was powercreeped the expansion it's released.

Druid of the Saber(22307).png

Upgradeable Framebot

Upgradeable Framebot(89801).png

At least Upgradeable Framebot powercreeps Am'gam Rager.

Druid of the Swarm(62905).png

Spring Rocket

Spring Rocket(89926).png

There are a number of players in Wild who heavily rely on C'Thun to have any chance of winning. If you are one of these players, you're better off using this card...

Disciple of C'Thun(35196).png

Fearsome Doomguard

Fearsome Doomguard(22391).png

Rather weak for its cost, it has been overshadowed by many new cards, just like other cards of its generation.

Bog Creeper(35240).png
Arch-Villain Rafaam(90546).png
High Inquisitor Whitemane(90686).png

Bog Creeper

Bog Creeper(35240).png

It feels as though Rafaam was intentionally designed to be overpowered. At least Bog Creeper powercreeps Fearsome Doomguard.

Arch-Villain Rafaam(90546).png

Murloc Tidehunter

Murloc Tidehunter(357).png

With the release of Whispers of the Old Gods, what was once a trivial Basic minion is now slightly more powerful.

Bilefin Tidehunter(35219).png

Arcane Explosion

Arcane Explosion(56).png

Finally this basic card, known from tutorial has been powercreeped.

Maelstrom Portal(42045).png



This actually does not affect the game at all, Darkbomb is for Warlock and that is what makes it special.

Quick Shot(14459).png

Mortal Strike

Mortal Strike(345).png

Blizzard might have nerfed this card too much to the point where it is worse than a basic card.


Arcane Shot and Holy Smite

Arcane Shot(167).png
Holy Smite(409).png

Blizzard printed many more cheap spells, and they were never the best.

Totemic Smash(90216).png
Living Roots(22329).png

Holy Light

Holy Light(108).png

This card might have been played if it was a priest card.

Divine Hymn(89461).png

Wild Growth

Wild Growth(282).png

Once one of the best ramp cards in Hearthstone somehow got powercreeped after a nerf. You can get a Excess Mana by playing this after turn 10, though.

Jade Blossom(49703).png



Blizzard thought that Shatter would be too weak, so they printed it again.

Snap Freeze(89475).png



Convert fits thematically, and that's why it got reprinted with different card art.




Another card that was powercreeped when released. While a good choice in Standard Heal Decks, it's hopelessly outclassed in Wild.

Flash Heal(22328).png
Binding Heal(55540).png
Crystal Power(90601).png
Iron Hide(55572).png

Fiery War Axe

Fiery War Axe(632).png

Once one of the best weapons in the game, after the nerf, many weapons became better.

Eaglehorn Bow(363).png
King's Defender(22286).png
Necrium Blade(89872).png
Rallying Blade(35246).png